Wikipedia Writing for Artists

People who are creative love Wikipedia. Not only can they contribute to the overall Wiki community, Wikipedia writers, musicians, and other talented people also use Wiki as a promotional vehicle. An artist definitely is going to like all the traffic Wiki delivers to a page associated with the work the artist creates. Creating a free website is an “okay” way of developing a presence on the web. However, the traffic that Wiki entries receive is usually going to be solid. Plus, there are not the same issues associated with being de-indexed from the search engines or being ranked very low in the listings. Wikipedia is considered a prestigious online encyclopedia. The search engines are not exactly going to frown upon a page on the site.

The most positive thing about Wikipedia is also a very common drawback. The online encyclopedia is based on community contributions. That means anyone who wants to lend a proverbial hand to help build up the content on Wiki may do so. This creates a wonderful benefit to those who wish to add entries about themselves or their work on the site.

As long as the right buttons are engaged, anyone can add content and save it. The content may also be edited at any time. Simply clicking a mouse over the “edit” button and then saving the changes ensures the content is always growing and always updated. No charges or fees are associated with being able to put a new page up.

What is the drawback? Basically, anyone can edit a page. For an artist, this can be troubling because non-factual information that derides the work of the artist may be entered. Putting up a report about a bad review is unfortunate. Actually writing a bad review into the content of the site is a whole different matter and extremely unfair.

Hiring Get Your Wiki could aid in eliminating the chances for such problems emerging. Get Your Wiki provides comprehensive writing, editing, and monitoring services to make sure the current version of a Wiki page is acceptable to readers and whomever may be the subject. Artists might not be up to date on what is required to make a Wiki page look good. A Wiki writing service such as Get Your Wiki knows all.

Wiki pages are read by millions of people. Anyone concerned about how the content of the page looks to these readers should take clear steps to ensure the highest levels of professionalism is maintained.

Simple Wikipedia Editing Rules

Wikipedia contains well over 3.3 million English-worded articles. Due to its easy accessibility and the vast knowledge, it is considered the worlds most successful online encyclopedia. A survey by Nature in 2005 showed that most scientific based articles were accurate when compared to those that are professionally edited. Wikipedia is a number one priority for people when searching for detailed information about a particular topic. If unsure about the daunting editing process, then this article is for you.

1. Registration Of An Account

As much as anyone can edit Wikipedia articles comfortably without creating or registering an account, those with registered accounts enjoy a boatload of benefits. With a registered account, one gets access to enhanced editing features like the Watchlist, which you can use to monitor your previously edited articles. Wikipedia account registration ensures your privacy and security jus to name but a few.

2. Mastering The Five Pillars

All the editors and Wikipedia writers on Get Your Wiki are supposed to abide by these broad pillars when contributing to Wikipedia.

3. Remember To be Bold, Not Rude

Its the volunteers that contribute to the continued success of Wikipedia through their participation. Every editor is requested to correct minor errors in bits before going for the complete rewrite of an article.

4. Identify And Know Your Audience

Contents at Wikipedia should be understandable by everyone; technical terms that can only be understood by experts should be minimized.

5. Copyright Infringement

Materials in violation of copyright are consequently taken down when identified. As much as Wikipedia articles are free for use, ensure that your article is unique and original.

6. Referencing And Citations

Materials should be supported by reliably-sourced references to be accepted by Wikipedia. Scientist should base their citations from secondary sources such as book chapters.

7. Self-Promotion Should Be Avoided At All Cost

Wikipedia articles about oneself should be avoided, if you are worth noting in the encyclopedia, somebody else will write about you. If you already have a Wikipedia Biography but has some issues with accuracy that you wish to correct, check the Wikipedias guidelines on how to do so without violating the rules.

8. Seek Assistance

If you are just getting started as an editor, Wikipedia can be a bit challenging. Worry less the Wikipedia community will guide you through the daunting Wiki-make up. One can also find help from the help desk, through the adoption of a User Mentorship Program and one on one assistance by a Wikipedian through a special template otherwise known as the {{helpme}}.

More Tips: Get Your Wiki

If unsure how to create or edit existing or new articles then the good news is here. Veteran Wikipedia editors will help you with this as they will ensure that the pages they create for you are properly referenced with reliable sources. These professional editors will also go out of their way to ensure that the article they create for you is properly formatted and adheres to the Wikipedias manual of style. They guarantee you that the page they create will not be flagged and in an event of such cases, you will be refunded your money fully.

Due to the open source nature of the Wikipedia community, anyone can edit parts of an article, most of the times by good faith but some of these alterations can be bad for your reputation and business image. These professionals will ensure that the edits are accurate and add value to Wikipedia. In the event that you want a page translated into any language, these translators are here at your service just reach out for them, and they will deliver their fast class services.