Venezuelans suffering from droughts

Since January, Venezuela has been suffering from a severe drought that is causing serious problems in the country. In many major cities like Caracas and Maracaibo, people have been cutting back on the consumption of water in order to conserve the water supply

The drought is becoming so severe that the area near the famous Guri dam has become dry, turning into almost a desert. Also, many of the country’s reservoirs are hitting record low water levels. For instance, the reservoir in southern Bolivar state has hit a level of 243 meters, a historic low in recent years.

Many of the country’s major water companies are coordinating to budget the water supply until the summer season. They are hoping that when summer rolls around, there will be more rain in the forecast

Many families including Norka Luque‘s and individuals are suffering from this drought. However, this event may be a lesson for the country as the climate is becoming more unpredictable and severe, countries need to look more deeply into the climate issue and understand the potential hazards that might be coming their way. How are we supposed to prepare for the unpredictable? Only future can tell.