George Soros Gets Back Into Political Investments


George Soros is an affluent investor and the chairman of his group, Soros Fund Management. The businessman has been known to invest large amounts to liberal political campaigns, but is currently receiving attention for making one of the largest donations in American political history by donating a record 8 million dollars to the campaign of democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. The 8 million dollar sums is a combination of the 6 million dollars donated by Soros’ private company and the 2 million dollars that was donated by Soros’ partner investor groups. The money has been donated to various super PACs in support of Hillary Clinton.

George Soros has always been known in the political world as an investor whose patterns are indicative of what other investors will do. Throughout his career, Soros has displayed a fervent desire to contribute to the campaigns of politicians who were in sympathy to the causes he believed in. Soros has, in fact, donated a combined 20 million dollars to groups that strived to remove former republican president, George W. Bush, in 2004. The attempt by the group to remove the president from office failed on a massive scale. After donating such a large amount of money to a project and having it fail, George Soros slowly cut back on his large financial contributions to presidential and political campaigns. He still gave contributions to campaigns, but they were considerably smaller than his usual donations. In 2012, during the reelection campaign of the current president, Barack H. Obama, the political action committee known as Priorities USA solicited funds from the investor. Although this campaign was what George Soros would have traditionally invested a large sum of money in, he donated only 1 million dollars because of his previous failed investment. Soros had previously supported Barack Obama in his initial campaign, when the president ran against the then senator, Hillary Clinton. Later, the investor stated that he regretted investing his funds in the Obama campaign and would like to support Hillary Clinton in her future endeavors.

Because of George Soros’ reputation and financial capability, he is often a prime target for solicitation by Super PACs during election cycles. One of these groups was enormously rewarded for their tenacity and perseverance when asking for a donation from George Soros. Soros maintains the school of thought that investors must support groups who hold the interests of business and people. For more information about the donations of the investor, George Soros, and the effect these investments have on political campaigns around the world, please visit this website.