Clay Siegall — Eclectic CEO With Boundless Energy


Clay Siegall is this incredibly interesting CEO in the biotechnology world. You can head on over to his blog on to see some of the disparate thoughts that the man has. The CEO of Seattle Genetics is a big-time NFL football fan and much of his blog reflects that. Most of his new seems to be centered around the Los Angeles Rams. The NFL off-season is in full swing and Clay Siegall seems to be very interested in player movements.

But that is not all that the interesting CEO has to offer on his blog. He seems to be very interested in the new Republican administration’s repeal of Obama care. One of his blog features advice and news and how couples can deal with the repeal and replace of the health care act. Clay Siegall seems to think that the repeal and replace of the law is going rather awkwardly and his advice on the blog reflects that. It is pretty cool to see a CEO of a biotechnology company that is involved with healthcare freely giving out advice on how to navigate the healthcare world.

Clay Siegall cofounded his genetics business back in 1998. He was originally a scientist that was laser focused on cancer and the many treatments that may be innovated through genetic technologies. His company is rigorously committed to scientific principles and Clay Siegall continually shows that through unabashed research and drug development. Despite the obstacles, he is committed to helping patients with cancer.

Clay Siegall has guided Seattle Genetics to a global market where the company’s drugs are approved in more than 65 countries. The government has been issuing proprietary patents and licenses to Seattle Genetics for cancer research with much help from Clay Siegall. The company also seems to be soaring financially. Through different capital raising efforts, Clay Siegall has managed to pull in over $1.2 billion in public and private financing since the company originally went public back in 2001.

According to, Clay Siegall powerful medications to help cancer patients. They have quoted the CEO saying that his company is studying all moving parts and pieces.


Adam Sender-How Creativity Drives Success

Adam Sender is one of the most successful art investors in the world. His tireless ability to spot out winning companies has made him the sweetheart of Wall Street. His knowledge of marketplace psychology gives him the foresight to create winning investment strategies that are very groundbreaking by nature. His intimate relationship with the art world is something that thousands of art collectors have learned to respect him for and his excitement about art has led him to gain a thorough understanding of who he is and what is the what message he wants to send through the pieces he collects.

It has always been his passion to support artists that show promise and artistic integrity because he sees himself as an artist as well. Tons of people admire his ability to choose winning companies and thrive on his words of wisdom as they are guided by his expertise.

He started his career as an art investor by investing in a photograph taken of a woman in the bed covered in bed sheets. By investing $100,000 in this photograph of this woman startled and befuddled investors all around the world because he so early on, had the passion and foresight to allow his feelings to guide his decision-making, as opposed to the typical Wall Street exec that typically gravitates towards the most expensive thing.

Sender has purchased over 400 pieces of work from various artists all around the world with the focus of expressing himself through the artwork that he invests. He has plans to open a few museums of his own filled with his artwork in the near future, as to promote his vision for what beauty really is and what it means to him.

It is extremely gratifying for him to focus on the cultivation of so many art careers. It is extremely difficult to succeed as an artist without someone with lots of capital to back your work as Adam sender has. As it is one of lifes great mysteries how to properly invest in art, Adam Sender has mastered this craft and has the money to prove it. Not only is he a board member of some of the worlds most powerful art based companies, he is also a leader in the world of cultivating businesses that drive the free world.

As it is becoming increasingly difficult to innovate in the world that is as fast-paced as the one we live in today, Adam Sender has established a powerful, innovative leadership role within several companies that enable him to indulge in all of the worlds finest art, not only having the first pick at the worlds best art, but being able to shape the ideals of people in society.