Jason Hope Writes About What To Expect With The Future Of Technology

Jason Hope is a tech-savvy entrepreneur that enjoys learning more about how each piece of technology communicates with each other. It is referred to as the Internet of Things.

Hope frequently commentates and writes about the areas in which technology is headed.

The Internet of Things focuses in on how things connect. A lot of appliances and machines we use every day are part of the studies of how things run in sync. Lots of machines can run on the same network leading to greater efficiency and less waste.

The Internet of Things is changing the way businesses are operating. It is one of the biggest advancements the tech industry has ever seen. Several companies have to work even harder to keep up. Jason Hope is predicting that soon we will live in a world where every thing is constantly communicating with each other.

Right now smart home technology is a luxury for people that can afford it but in the future it will become essential for every home. Using voice commands to turn of the coffee machine or lights in the morning will become a routine.

Technology companies have to continue to compete by making the most powerful app for a variety of devices. It is time to start embracing the smart home technology now. Technology has made us safer in many ways. Technology helps monitor maintenance issues and give directions when lost.

Jason Hope got his bachelors degree in finance at Arizona State University and then went on to get a MBA in business at Carey School of Business. He has a particular interest in philanthropy. Hope started the SENS foundation which helps come up with anti-aging solutions. The goal is to live a better quality life. The goal is to eventually be able to treat Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease.

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Eric Pulier Shows How Business, Technology And Philanthropy Work Together

Eric Pulier works with XPrize, a non-profit organization that encourages young people to use technology to tackle scientific challenges. The focus areas of XPrize include alternative energy, environmental safety and space and ocean exploration. Pulier has been working with computers and software developers throughout his career and has also worked with the Clinton administration both in campaigns and at various forums. Pulier also enjoys helping young people and has made them the focus of some of his philanthropic endeavors including at Starbright World and the Painted Turtle summer camp. He believes in the positive power of technology to improve the quality of life.

Eric Pulier has both a gift for computer programming and writing. As a young man he programmed computers all the way back in 4th grade, and as a top student in his class he earned acceptance to Harvard University. While attending Harvard he majored in English and American literature while also contributing to the Harvard Crimson newsletter. He also got an IT degree from nearby MIT and graduated magna cum laude from both universities. Not long after graduating, Pulier started digital media company Digital Evolution which was later acquired by US Interactive. He later developed network managed system platforms and cloud enterprise technology in Desktone, Akana and ServiceMesh. He also served as an executive at the Computer Sciences Corporation for a number of years.

As a member of the Clinton campaign, Pulier received the honor of heading up the Presidential Technology Exhibition. The event was a celebration of President Clinton’s reelection in 1996 and Pulier took a television audience through displays on how new developments would change American lives in the next century. He also streamed a live video to the space shuttle that had launched not long before. Pulier has also lent his expertise to the Clinton Global Initiative. In 1998 Pulier joined Starbright World, a virtual reality program for young children with various illnesses that showed them how to fight against the diseases. The event also had videoconferencing sessions for participants to communicate with others in children’s hospitals across the nation. Pulier is also the author of Understanding Enterprise SOA.

The Excitement Behind Visual Search Technology

Ever wondered if you could just take a photograph of an item that you really want and instantly be able to find out what it is? Well, visual search technology makes that possible. With this new state of the art technology that uses image recognition you can just snap a photo from one of numerous apps and instantly find out what the item that piqued your curiosity is. Visual search technology even goes one step farther.

Working in conjunction with retailers, you will be able to buy certain items that the app recognizes. This includes clothes, accessories, handbags, hats, scarves and even furniture. The list of items being put into databases of image recognition apps is constantly increasing and may feature things like electronics and tools in the future.

There is a major buzz for visual search technology and the opportunities if offers for both merchants and potential customers. Retailers see it as a way of increasing their sales at relatively little cost. An app can be produced rather cheaply. The database can be expanded constantly as new products come out.

Customers view it as a way of being able to find and purchase goods that strike their fancy or grab their attention while they are out exploring a city, doing window shopping or out with friends.

Companies like Slyce are behind visual search technology and image recognition technology. Slyce is a pioneer in this field and offers numerous solutions for business. In addition to having an app that lets people snap a photo of an item and see if it is listed in a database so that they can later buy it, Slyce offers social media tagging and recognition.

What this is, is that Slyce can tag certain clothes or brands in a photo. This provides retailers yet another way to market their goods and make them standout on social media such as Facebook. With social media recognition technology, you can find out what style, brand or make a friend or family member is wearing in a photograph on social media. You can then easily find a sweater for example that someone in a social media photo is wearing that you want for yourself.

North American Spine: Minimally Invasive Treatments For Neck And Spine Pain

North American Spine is an industry leader when it comes to minimally invasive spine care. The company is known for their conservative and holistic approach to addressing spine-related pain. They offer patients a range of innovative treatment options to help them recover from spinal stenosis, herniated discs, degenerative spine and neck ailments and more. Some treatments require surgery while others utilize non-operative options. An important key to North American Spine’s success is their commitment to providing patients with all the information they need to understand their treatment options.

At North American Spine each patient receives a treatment plan which is tailored to the needs of the individual. Following the company’s continuum of care, conservative therapies like chiropractic care, physical therapy, and pain medications are recommended first. If these therapies do not provide them with the relief they need, the physicians then move on to epidural steroid injections and eventually surgery will be considered. Should back surgery become necessary, North American Spine offers the best options when it comes to minimally invasive spinal surgery including the very effective AccuraScope Procedure.

What makes North American Spine an industry leader and beloved by their patients is their ability to eliminate the pain that people endure with spine and neck problems and promote fast, effective healing. A major reason for this is their physicians. The North American Spine reviews mention that the network includes physicians that are some of the best when it comes to pain management, orthopedic spine surgery, and neurosurgery. Their goal is to help patients enjoy the highest quality of life in both the short and long term. They consistently work to help provide people neck and spine conditions with improved strength, range of motion, and lasting pain relief.

North American Spine works with a network of the best physicians and medical facilities nationwide. They have facilities and staff in Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Hackensack, New Jersey. That means no matter where in the United States you live or work you have easy access to the award winning treatment methods North American Spine has to offer. Even if your spinal treatment with another company was ineffective, the company offers free MRI reviews and can provide you with a range of proven, minimally invasive treatment methods.

The North American Spine Wellness Health Center can help with both the prevention and treatment of back, neck, and spine problems. Through it the company provides information about getting and staying healthy. It can help patients craft a balanced diet, make positive lifestyle choices, do the appropriate exercise, the right type and amount of physical activities, and get restful, healing sleep. The information is available on message boards, and through videos and articles. They teach about topics like ergonomics, exercise, massage therapy, weight loss, diet, nutrition, sleep, smoking cessation, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Yoga.


Tune In or Tune Out With These Cool New Apps

I love social media and the internet, providing ways to keep in touch with family and friends worldwide as well as an answer to nearly an question or dilemma I can think of. It has become am invaluable asset to myself and many others, the social media has taken off and infiltrated our daily lives, I am always on the lookout for ways to simplify the experience and find the newest way to keep in touch. Whether you use the Google Play Store or iTunes, I have stumbled across a couple that are noteworthy.

The coolest app I have come across lately is Flipora, an app that learns what you like and do not like and recommends web content based on your preferences. I cannot tell you how many nights I lay there in bed, too tired to know what I want to see or do, but too awake to fall asleep. Fifteen minute breaks at work can be consumed just looking for something of interest, then before you know it, I’m back on the grindstone. Flipora is my new best friend. Once it has a good idea of your likes and dislikes, there is literally no need to search further, because content you wish to see is already at your fingertips. This is

Nuzzle is a very close runner up for my new favorite app, streaming you only friend feeds and news from facebook and twitter thus reducing the clutter and unwanted click bait posts and advertisements. It is clever, as you will never miss out on an important post from friends and there is even a way to follow friends to see what their friends are posting. Facebook and Twitter have become so user unfriendly, I applaud Nuzzle for coming up with a workaround and bringing back the parts of social media that I signed up for to begin with.

The commonality, I believe, is the ability for them to bring me exactly what I want to see at the moment, and their ability to run alongside apps I already know and use such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram without being bogged down with ad content and unwanted fluff. Way to trim the fat, two thumbs up from me.