Jason Hope Writes About What To Expect With The Future Of Technology

Jason Hope is a tech-savvy entrepreneur that enjoys learning more about how each piece of technology communicates with each other. It is referred to as the Internet of Things.

Hope frequently commentates and writes about the areas in which technology is headed.

The Internet of Things focuses in on how things connect. A lot of appliances and machines we use every day are part of the studies of how things run in sync. Lots of machines can run on the same network leading to greater efficiency and less waste.

The Internet of Things is changing the way businesses are operating. It is one of the biggest advancements the tech industry has ever seen. Several companies have to work even harder to keep up. Jason Hope is predicting that soon we will live in a world where every thing is constantly communicating with each other.

Right now smart home technology is a luxury for people that can afford it but in the future it will become essential for every home. Using voice commands to turn of the coffee machine or lights in the morning will become a routine.

Technology companies have to continue to compete by making the most powerful app for a variety of devices. It is time to start embracing the smart home technology now. Technology has made us safer in many ways. Technology helps monitor maintenance issues and give directions when lost.

Jason Hope got his bachelors degree in finance at Arizona State University and then went on to get a MBA in business at Carey School of Business. He has a particular interest in philanthropy. Hope started the SENS foundation which helps come up with anti-aging solutions. The goal is to live a better quality life. The goal is to eventually be able to treat Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease.

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The Kennedy Center Donation and the other great works of Dick DeVos

I recently read an article on the Kennedy Center expansion project in the Washington Business Journal. The article discussed many aspects of the projects and gave a list of donors who had given 1 million dollars or more. The article was informative and interesting to read. http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/breaking_ground/2015/09/whos-giving-the-kennedy-center-millions.html

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performance Center, or Kennedy Center as it is more commonly known, was opened in 1971. There is a planned expansion of the center that was originally estimated to cost 125 million dollars. The building of the expansion was going to cost 100 million and the funding and expansion of programs to the new area was going to cost 25 million.?

The expansion is set to include expansion of the main building to include more pavilion spaces, more educational space, more rehearsal space and increased space for dining. There will be a new riverfront pavilion that is linked to the main center by a foot bridge. The project had already been approved. The goal was to raise all the funds needed by getting contributions.?

The article explained the amazing amount of support the projects fundraising had received from philanthropists like Dick DeVos. It was amazing that they had already surpassed their original goal of 125 million. They have raised 135.9 million already and just increased their goal. They have added another 50 million to the original goal based on the amazing response that they have received.

Among the large donors that I read about in the article were the Boeing company and The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. DeVos has long been a philanthropist. The former president of Amway’s foundation works towards helping to fund various charities and causes. In fact, they have donated to the Kennedy Center before. In 2010, they donated 22.5 million to the center. At that time is was the center’s largest private donation in history.

The DeVos also have established scholarships for business students and fund an aviaition high school that Dick founded to give opportunities for underpriviledged kids to pursue their dreams of flying. DeVos is highly engaged in his community as you can see from his social media accounts such as his Twitter where he often posts messages encouraging members of his community in their efforts and successes.

Glad to see so many great West Michigan companies making the list of Michigan’s “50 Companies to Watch!”

Posted by Dick DeVos on?Monday, December 28, 2015

The Kennedy Center will continue to grow with the help of generous people like Dick DeVos. The philanthropy of the DeVos foundation?will help the center continue to be a place were arts are cherished, developed and appreciated.

Business Lessons As Learned From Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin is leading investor and professional, who has managed to grow different businesses form the lowest point to being the best ventures of all times. Ken Griffin on valuewalk has scooped different awards for maintaining much zeal and dedication to his work. He has also been instrumental in offering young entrepreneurs information that has proved invaluable to their success. Ken Griffin is also a great father and husband. He has also been identified in projects that are geared towards offering support for humanity. He is a well established expert in the financial world, with a clear educational background in the same area.

Ken Griffin began laying strategies about the establishment of his businesses at an early age. While in high school, he showed interest in topics that touched on different business tricks that could be applied in the competitive world. His dedication was noted by many and he always sought for information from different people and this has been helpful to the creation of a successful business. Succeeded perfectly in areas that touched on business as this was his passion and has remained something he has grown to love to date. His dream was to one day create a business empire that could help create jobs.

After he successfully completed his high school education, Ken Griffin joined the Harvard University, where he chose to pursue economics. This was another chance he had secured to hone his skills further and to gather more information that could help him understand more about business. He was able to come across an article in the Forbes Magazine, which offered insight on tactics students could apply to manage a successful business while learning. He got much motivation upon reading this information, something that led him to resolve that he would establish a business while in campus. During his first year, Ken Griffin came up with an idea of starting a hedge fund. This is something that was great and some though he was being too ambitious, but he could not drop the thought.

He organized the business and called friends and classmates to invest in form of shares, which was a way he used to raise capital for the business. His success in the venture inspired many and made him to believe even more in himself. It offered him encouragement to start something bigger in the near future.

So, he graduated from the university and drafted a model that he could use for his business. He wanted to come up with a more stable venture but the biggest problem was financing the business. He approached Frank Meyer, who allowed him to receive $1 million on condition that he would offer a portion of the total returns made by the company. In 1990, he thought about creating a better business and this saw the birth of Citadel, LLC. This would be the biggest hedge fund, which managed to beat stiff competition within a short duration. As of 1998, the company employs more than 300 people. His dedication and great support has allowed the company to rank among the best in the world.