The World Of North Korean Activist Yeonmi Park

Global activism has become increasingly important in recent decades. People have come to realize that they can make a real difference in their lives as well as the lives of others. They have also come to realize that it is now easier than ever to share their stories with others. In recent decades, a global community has arise that makes it easier to also do important tasks such as bring pressure to bear in places that are less than responsive to concerns in other ways.

North Korea remains one of the world’s most closed off places. It is hard for people to get permission to visit here. The government of this nation has done much to block attention from abroad here as well to make it harder for natives in this are to visit other parts of the world or tell their stories once they do. However, despite all odds, some people have been able to leave this part of the world and tell the world what is going on here. One such parson is Yeonmi Park. Park is an extremely courageous young woman who has spent a great deal of her time working closely with activists around the world to help bring light and attention to the many failures of the North Korean government and the suffering of people living here.

Yeonmi Park of grew up in this part of the world along with her family. While growing up here, she and many members of her extended family faced intensive hardships including the complete lack of things to eat in many cases, an issue that often forced them to resort to drastic measures just to survive such as eating grass that is not nutritious and barely allowed them to remain alive. She has also spoken out about the kind of terrors routinely infected on ordinary members of North Korean society such as lack of access to shelter that would protect them from the elements and constant indoctrination in the schools designed to force children here to view other societies as vast wastelands where nothing good exists. As a result of such teachings, many members of North Korea have little understanding of the world outside of North Korea and do not have the means to learn anything else.

Her tales of the actual conditions of this deeply secretive society have attracted a great deal of interest from people and human rights organizations around the world. Many have admired her bravery in continuing to speak out about all that she personally witnessed while growing up here. Her story also continues to be used as people attempt to put pressure on this government and publicize the terrible way that most people living here are treated in this part of the world. She and her family will continue to tell their story.