Company Uses Their Own Reputation Problem to Better Serve Their Clients

Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, located in Austin, Texas, has had their own reputation management problems. The company suffered some reputation problems when a former executive caused some problems at the company. The issue went from being a local story to a national story and the company’s reputation was damaged. They needed to do a lot to repair their reputation.

Status Labs has helped over 1000 businesses and individuals repair damaged online reputations since they started in 2012. A company’s online reputation is an important issue these days when everyone looks for products and services online before they even go out to a brick and mortar location. As more and more information is available online, the role of managing a business’s reputation has become an essential part of the business plan. People surfing the Internet for products will pass a company by if there are negative issues posted about them.

Status Labs, started their own steady rebuilding process by changing its leadership. The executive that caused the problem was terminated. The public relations department took the information to the media. They included photos of the employees. With faces to go with the names, it helped people understand that their anger was directed at the wrong people. Status Labs is involved with some local charities in an effort to give back to the community.

The company started a stock option plan, allowing employees develop equity in the business. They now have scheduled outings for employees as well. They started a company newsletter to keep everyone informed about what was happening in the company. Status Labs has taken their own experience and is using it to help other companies correct reputation damage.

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It’s Easy As One, Two Three

Very attractive to the eye of a young, engaging entrepreneur is an article written about bettering ones company with the satisfaction of the employee being a strong variable. A recent article by Darius Fisher, the President/Co Founder of the premier online reputation firm Status Labs, goes on to break down, in three sections, the idea of reducing costs from employee turnover rates by utilizing a unique goal structured program that involves incentives.

Darius, who can be found on Twitter, starts off to point out how important it is to learn what your employees even consider a reasonable incentive. This is fundamental in generating the result needed from the employee. It has to do with mustering the momentum needed to go after tasks with a sanctioned, ulterior purpose. While on a macro level, deepening the trust between employee and employer which is all too lacking in the business environment today. To continue this momentum, Darius focuses in on giving credit where credit is due. Out of the three principles outlined in the article, giving acknowledgement to employees, by far is the most practical. As the leader of a staff of employees, making it known you are visually aware of hard work goes much further than one would assume.

Darius wraps it up by tackling a problem we see popping up all the time in the business world; communication. Fisher transmits his knowledge on the subject by offering advice through the perspective of his own experience. Keeping the flow of pertinent information from experiencing traffic congestion is a topic that has long interested business owners. Darius explains the importance of keeping everyone in the loop and how this is key to keeping the office staff working as a team with less resistance in time management and deadlines. Promoting a sense of family and community is a vital part in the overall success of pulling staff together to complete objectives in one accord. Communication is always a winning factor in business endeavors so it is no surprise that Darius sums up this article with advice on the subject. Visit his website for more information and news.