Patty Rocklage is an expert in Marriage and Family therapy, with exceptional communication skills, and has a keen interest in home renovation:

Patty Rocklage is a psychotherapist, who specializes in matrimonial and family relations. Her wide set of skills, including community outreach, teaching, and communication skills, have allowed her to reach out to people and assist them in solving their personal issues. Based in Massachusetts, Patty Rockalge is an expert in psychological issues which are faced by married couples and families, to sort out their communication issues through counseling. Through her expert guidance and session, people can not only resolve their personal dilemmas that are caused by some psychological issue or trauma, but also receive proper psychological help for communicating well with their family and other people. Like Patty Rocklage, a certified family and marriage therapist has the professional training and expertise to treat many serious psychological issues, like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and other mental disorders. This treatment is not confined to individual psychological issues. Rocklage also has experience in providing therapy for marital conflicts, distress, children’s behavior disorders, and any family conflicts. For this purpose, short-term sessions, marital or couples therapy, and family therapy are offered. Having a significant amount of clinical experience has allowed Mrs. Rocklage to offer services in family relationships, partner relationships, community involvement, and emotional health along with living a fulfilling social life.


Scott Rocklage, Patty’s husband, received his education from MIT with a Ph.D. in chemistry in 1982. Both of them have even made charitable donations to the Department of Chemistry. These donations were made as a gift, for the renovation and development of the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab space of that department. The lab space is under the supervision of the dedicated professors of the department, namely Professor Lestor Wolfe and Moungi Bawendi. In that same lab, a plague has also been implanted, to honor the contributions of Patty and Scott Rocklage. This gift was presented to the department in 2016, and tributes were given, as a result, by the esteemed Head of Department Timothy Jameson, former Department Head Sylvia Ceyer, and Professor Moungi Bawendi.


Apart from being an expert in her profession, Patty and her husband Scott Rocklage have also excelled in the art of home renovation. They have proven their interest by re-building their beautiful home, with the expert hired the help of the Ed Freedlander and the Sadbury Construction Company. The interior of the house was renovated according to the exemplary vision which Patty and Scott Rocklage had. The end product turned their property into a modern house with a three season porch, front foyer, huge front door and a traditional farmer’s porch. Moreover, the exterior of the house included Stonewall, walk ways and driveways. The interior included a living area designed for accompanying guests and family members. This area also included a bar and an open kitchen area. This home project, which was designed by the expert, helped the clever planning of Rocklage family, and not only visualized it into a beautiful end product but also made it a budget friendly and eco-friendly endeavour.