How Securus Technologies Keeps Corrections Officers Safe

I work as a corrections officer, and without a doubt this is the most dangerous job that I have ever had. There is not a day that goes by without the inmates trying to hurt one another, visitors, or fellow corrections officers. The fact the inmates have us outnumbered adds another element of danger to the mix, but we have some resources we use to help keep us safer each day.


First, we have a very strong police presence in the visitors center. Each person that enters the jail is informed that if they have anything illegal on them that they will be arrested on the spot. That does not deter certain gang members who feel they could earn some credibility in the gang by taking such a risk.


Secondly, we are always performing surprise cell inspections on the inmates. While we have limited success in finding cellphones, drugs, and weapons, it still has to be some sort of deterrent. Inmates who are serving lengthy prison sentences tend to ignore the risks, so we still have one more resource at our disposal.


Lastly, we have been monitoring the calls inmates make using a dated system that does yield some results. Recently, Securus Technologies updates our inmate call system and trained us how to use the software. Now when inmates talk on the phone, the software can alert us to chatter that the inmates are trying to disguise. Each day, we are able to hear conversations about inmates directing others to bring in weapons or drugs, hide contraband in the yard, or unique places to hide things inside the cells.


Although the inmates know we are listening, they do not realize how Securus Technologies has changed what we hear now when they are speaking to one another. Our crime rate has dropped significantly as a result.


Securus Technologies Allows Communication From Home

Securus has been at the forefront of institutional communications for the past 25 years. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus has been a leader in the field of supplying modern, up-to-date communications capabilities to corrections institutions, law enforcement agencies, inmates, and families over a wide area in North America.

Securus serves over 2,200 correctional facilities all over the United States and 1.2 million inmates. The ease of operation of the communications system allows convenient methods of communication between inmates and family members.

Securus offers a variety of phone plans that allow inmates and their families the ability to communicate with a broad base of methods, all designed for convenience and functionality. Choice of plans includes prepaid plans where inmates pay their phone bills, direct billing to the family, inmate debit plans, and collect calls.

The system is set up so that Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and PCs are capable of calling and receiving calls along with other phones and landlines.

A very popular plan is the video system where inmates and families can get plugged into video calling. All it takes is a webcam on both ends of the phone line and families can see each other as the call is made. It is next to being right there, and at times when it is inconvenient for a personal visit, the video line is available.

The email feature is very handy for times when people are not available to come to the phone. Perhaps one party is in a hurry or they are behind schedule and they can jot an email to give the main idea and catch up later over the phone. There is also the jail voicemail system which can serve the same purpose with the capability of leaving a voicemail message.

Securus provides a seamless and convenient service which keeps the lines of communications open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is very much appreciated by inmates and families who have the opportunity to stay in touch at all times.

Control over Security

Securus Technologies is a state-of-the-art communications firm based out of Dallas, Texas. This is a relatively well-known company within the United States and produces security, communications and project management applications for use in the United States penal system. Most of their products are aimed at offering communication solutions to their customers, which are primarily inmates serving time with in prisons scattered throughout the different states. These individuals, like many other American citizens need to have opening forms of communication with family members and loved ones. Due to their living circumstances though this could prove to be difficult to accomplish and Securus Technologies has produced several free applications for use on mobile devices in order to reach these goals. These applications are free to download and use, being supported on both Apple and Android devices. They offer seamless streaming technology for crystal clear and high-definition video feeds to transfer from one device to the other through Wi-Fi signals. While these products are very high quality and are in use with over 1.5 million customers at this point in time Securus Technologies itself as a company has been put under fire from information technology giant GTL.


GTL claims that multiple patents for Securus products have recently expired, which means that the company itself no longer owns the rights to these products any longer and have become open source for anyone who wishes to use them. These claims have recently been proven inaccurate, as Securus personnel, alongside third-party agents, have discovered that the patents are still valid and Securus still controls all of them. This is good news for Securus as I can continue to develop and innovate its services and applications for the customers, who still show loyalty to the company despite what the media has been reporting.