The Fashion Revolutionary| Doe Deere

Doe Deere has been hailed as the new fashion, style and makeup revolutionary. In plain English, this girl loves to break the rules. Every year the magazines publish rules for ladies all over the world that some fashion guru decided was the right thing to do. But then there’s Doe Deere. The firebrand who started her brain child Lime Crime. That’s just the basis for the makeup line– “Makeup for Unicorns”. Her persona is that of a style rebel. There have been a few others here and there but the difference Doe has to them is they are reckless and she is focused.

Doe Deere’s Style

Having a method to her madness which in-turn is her rebellion–is what sets Doe apart from the rest of the fashionista nation. There is no chance that you’ll get away with following any amount of style dogma with Doe.

She has a strong drive and entrepreneurial spirit which allows her to come up with the colors and cruelty-free makeup line that she has. She is earth and wildlife conscious and it shows.

Rules to Break According to Doe

Here are some of the rules you may have heard about fashion and makeup that Doe obliterates just so her following can be free!

Don’t wear two bolds No bold lips and eyes gets thrown out the window with Doe. Accent your eyes and lips!

Don’t Mix Patterns Are you kidding! As long as the colors are coordinated mix it up baby!

Don’t Mix too many Colors Again, as long as they all go together you are in like flint!

No Open Toes with Sox Hmm then how do you show off the great sock patterns? Go for it! And show who you are! You have a ticket to ride!

Learn more about Doe Deere here

The Top Up-and-Coming Business Executives In Chicago Today

Non profit superstar, Greg Aguilar works alongside medical students in a rigorous transfer program in Nicaragua where they work under the demanding conditions of real hospital work. He has also ran several time for high offices and is currently the head, regional director of the Illinois Department of Commerce.

Also of note is marketing executive and investment trader, Majeed Ekbal. Ekbal has made many different successful investment ventures in the United Arab Emirates and teaches others about finace, business and investment on his blog, “Majeed Ekbal’s Daily Blog,” online. Ekbal also shares his music interests through his Soundcloud page.

Next up is the ace up and comer, Miguel Blancarte; born to Mexican immigrants his upbringing was a harsh one but his drive and ambition remained undeterred. He graduated salutatorian from the prestigious university of Cristo Rey Jesuit School and has interned at various major corporations such as UBS Global and Norther Trust as well as the Law offices of Cynthia Soto and Rosalba Pi-a. In 2012 he founded his flagship project, Blancarte Consulting, a law firm dedicated to easing the plight faced by legal immigrants into the US.

Another notable business executive working in Chicago today is the multi talented women’s right’s advocate and business owner, Eloise Diaz Bahrmasel. With her co-collaborator, Anna Valencia, Bahrmasel founded the well known Power Pump association, a organization focused on improving the working conditions of woman in every Chicago industry where they face inequalities. She has also a executive board member on the Chicago Scholars board and frequently works with politicians who fight for equality in the workplace and benefits for students.

And lastly, no list of rising stars in Chicago’s vibrant business industry today would be complete without the addition of award winning social justice advocate and educator, Dominica McBride, the founder and head executive of Become. Become works as a community engagement center that strives to educate, empower and unify the Hispanic, African american, East African and Native American communities of Chicago. In conjunction with Become, McBride works along side various Chicago community leaders and various other outreach programs with a prominent focus on youth education and participatory learning and community building. In addition, the company also provides substance abuse counseling, HIV prevention counseling and clinical therapy services. McBride graduated with a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Arizona State and also currently works as a diversity professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.