OSI Industries Was Built From The Ground Up

OSI Industries is a privately owned organization that started from humble beginnings. It began in the early 1900s as a meat market. A German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky founded the small business and began to establish himself as a solid businessman around the Chicago area. He called his meat market Otto and Sons. Over the years Otto developed a network of clientele that set his operation apart from other meat manufacturers. By the 1950s Otto Kolschowsky had turned over the business to his children. They were continuing the legacy of excellent service when the company was discovered by McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was looking for a meat manufacturer in the Illinois area and chose Otto and Sons to support his business. Before long the relationship between the two organizations grew into an international success.

Otto and Sons introduced several innovations to meat manufacturing that set them apart. McDonald’s had hundreds of other service providers. Yet Otto and Sons stood with their creative business practices. Members of the McDonald’s organization decided that they wanted them to be in charge of their meat service operation. The Kolschowsky family introduced technology such as the meat patty cutting machine and cryogenic freezing chambers. Otto and Sons built a factory that was completely dedicated to cryogenic freezing tunnels and patty’s ready-made for the McDonald’s operation. The company eventually became known as OSI Industries and was designated the exclusive supplier of meat to the McDonald’s organization.

OSI Industries is now a worldwide organization. There are 65 factories operating in 17 different countries. The United States plants include Oakland, Riverside, California, Utah, Wisconsin and Chicago. There are also operations conducted in regions of Asia and Europe.

OSI Industries business practices reflects its hiring methods. Leaders at the company are proud to display a diverse employee base that includes representatives from all regions of the globe. Hiring centers are based in the United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Poland, the Asia-Pacific and the Americas. OSI believes that sustaining an environment of creativity and positive thinking is the way to expand its reach throughout the industry.

OSI continues to expand its reach within the food manufacturing industry. It has a client base that has grown beyond McDonald’s. Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Subway all receive the services from OSI Industries. The company specializes in pizza, ground beef, poultry, bacon and vegetable products.

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What Makes OSI Group Top 100 Food And Beverage Companies In The US?

Serving as the parent company for different meat and vegetable production brands. OSI Group recently appeared among the largest private businesses in America by Forbes. The recognition came shortly after the company featured in the FoodProcessing.com list of top 100 food companies in Canada and the United States.

Interestingly, these aren’t the only recognitions and honors the food and beverage company has gained in the recent past. So what sets the company apart from its competitors? How does it remain relevant in the face of its product consumers across different parts of the world?

By remaining efficient and reliable

The company is widely known for their ability to provide their consumers with custom food options time and again. Additionally, each of the OSI Group products holds excellent touch of culinary expertise that goes into their production and packaging. They are also made available in different global flavors thereby appealing to various members of the community regardless of their cultural grounding.

By adhering to safety in its food production

In 2015, the OSI Group England branch received both the sword of honor and Globe of honor by the British safety council. The two awards were in recognition of the group’s adherence to quality health standards in the production of food products.

Through innovativeness

While awarding the food company these awards, the council mentioned that they were also in appreciation of the company’s efforts in embracing innovative production technology. Notably, OSI is continually exploring and trying out policies, procedures, and systems aimed at improving mode of food production and packaging.

Rooting for sustainability

Apart from providing reliable services to their consumers and adhering to safety standards in their food production and delivery, OSI group also has solid sustainability goals. This target both their food industry and international supply chain sustainability.

Bottom line

There is a reason the OSI Company continually tops the national food industry through commanding a significant market share as well as scoping an excellence award after another. It has summoned the art of remaining innovative in its production and delivery of healthy consumables as well as consistently rooting for its sustainability.

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