The Excitement Behind Visual Search Technology

Ever wondered if you could just take a photograph of an item that you really want and instantly be able to find out what it is? Well, visual search technology makes that possible. With this new state of the art technology that uses image recognition you can just snap a photo from one of numerous apps and instantly find out what the item that piqued your curiosity is. Visual search technology even goes one step farther.

Working in conjunction with retailers, you will be able to buy certain items that the app recognizes. This includes clothes, accessories, handbags, hats, scarves and even furniture. The list of items being put into databases of image recognition apps is constantly increasing and may feature things like electronics and tools in the future.

There is a major buzz for visual search technology and the opportunities if offers for both merchants and potential customers. Retailers see it as a way of increasing their sales at relatively little cost. An app can be produced rather cheaply. The database can be expanded constantly as new products come out.

Customers view it as a way of being able to find and purchase goods that strike their fancy or grab their attention while they are out exploring a city, doing window shopping or out with friends.

Companies like Slyce are behind visual search technology and image recognition technology. Slyce is a pioneer in this field and offers numerous solutions for business. In addition to having an app that lets people snap a photo of an item and see if it is listed in a database so that they can later buy it, Slyce offers social media tagging and recognition.

What this is, is that Slyce can tag certain clothes or brands in a photo. This provides retailers yet another way to market their goods and make them standout on social media such as Facebook. With social media recognition technology, you can find out what style, brand or make a friend or family member is wearing in a photograph on social media. You can then easily find a sweater for example that someone in a social media photo is wearing that you want for yourself.

Emily’s Experience with WEN By Chaz

I recently came across an article written by Emily Mcclure, a Fashion & Beauty writer for She wrote about her experience using WEN cleansing conditioners. There are many products and brands that offer consumers luscious and beautiful hair but rarely do they ever deliver.
However, this one is different.

Wen cleansing conditioners “are essentially an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment.” That means you can say goodbye to buying all those components separately. No more expending a long time in the shower!

To use WEN cleansing conditioner, all you have to do is just pump some of the product, gently massage your hair and scalps, let it sit for a bit, and then rinse it all off with water. Very simple.

Emily Mcclure wrote that once she was done with her shower, her hair was noticeably “shiny and bouncy” with a lot more volume. She continued to use WEN for the following week or so, and she was very happy with the results.

In summary,Chaz Dean’s formula is not just any ordinary hair product. With its revolutionary formula and quality ingredients, WEN By Chaz is something every women should consider buying. For just $32 on, you can get the WEN Cleansing Conditioner that Emily was using, and get the hair that you’ve always wanted. Visit the Wen official website here: