Desiree Perez: Roc Nation’s super girl

Desiree Perez, also known by her close as Dez Perez is one of the executive producers at Roc Nation, one of the Jay-Z’s mega-million music production company. She is also a leader of SC Enterprises and has been doing business with Jay-Z for over 20 years.

Dez has proved her executive prowess when it comes to closing business deals and running companies. She helped Rihanna win the Samsung deal. She is a member of Hova Circle of Influence, a management team that’s tasked with running Roc Nation’s entire business activities. See

Dez experience with Hova Circle has shaped her believes in the music industry where she has worked for decades. She believes that music is a career that can only be successful through determination and willingness to wait. With her strategies, she helps musicians earn a living through album sales and tours. Dez advice upcoming artists to sign recording deals with music pioneers who have experience on how things are done.  For update of her recent timeline activities, hit on

Desiree Perez is helping her boss Jay-Z in selling a stake of Roc Nation to Universal Music Group. This move is speculated to have been made by Jay-Z with the aim of getting enough resources to nurture upcoming artists since Roc Nation ten year deal with Live Nation is coming to an end soon. UMG will be benefitting from the larger part of Roc Nation’s artist business if this deal goes through.   Related article on

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A close associate of UMG company commented that their business relationship with Roc Nation would be significant since Jay-Z is an icon in the music industry. Live Nation’s $150 million deal with Roc Nation is coming to an end after it was signed in 2008. The company is reported to be relinquishing the copyright of all songs recorded by Roc Nation since they are moving away from purchasing already recorded music but hopes to enjoy still going to tours with Jay-Z.  Check for related article on

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