Billy McFarland- The Image Bearer of Magnises

Magnises comes in the form of a black card. However, the community is a social club which offers access to exclusive deals and events out there. The black card can be linked to your credit card for payment purposes. The main feature of the card is the ability to have a larger community and receive several offers.

The Magnises card is made of black metal. Holders of the card can receive discounts at their favorite restaurants, clubs, and bars. You can even get exclusive experience to places like getaways and private concerts. According to the card founder Billy McFarland, Magnises helps to bring millennials together and connect them to new businesses. The idea is that everyone carries their credit card and debit cards at all times. Such a black card was to ensure that everyone retains the card with them at all times.

Magnises was officially started in 2013; the black card was created the following year. Ever since its first day of operation, the card has turned to be a beneficial program. According to The Guardian, under the competent leadership of Billy McFarland, the card has grown to become the best in the globe. The creativity of Billy McFarland has seen several news reports call him a tech-wiz. He is innovative and has incredible leadership qualities.

Under the guidance of Billy McFarland, Magnises has successfully launched its Magnises application. The app makes users feel like they have every information with their hands. The app assists one to know events taking place in the city. It connects one to the best restaurants and best places for dinner. Magnises has always shown a strong dedication to ensuring that members live comfortably in their city.

Magnises has been in operation for two years now. The card is destined for greatness as it already has thousands of members. The card features 10,000 members. Members have to pay an annual fee of $250 to be able to use the card and access the mobile application. The application links members to several events and deals. The sign-up process for the card is simple and straightforward. One has to fill out an online application form and wait for approval from the Magnises team.