Andy Wirth Named New CEO Of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation

Squaw Valley Resort CEO Andy Wirth was recently named CEO of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC), according to an article in the Squaw Valley/Alpine Valley News. Kimberlee Tolkein was named Vice Chair and Secretary and Andy Chapman treasurer.

The RASC creates new flight prospects and promotes air service for the Reno-Tahoe Regional Airport. The RASC board includes representatives from casino and tourism entities in the Reno and Lake Tahoe area.? Read more: andy wirth | POWDER Magazine and Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth appointed chair of Reno airport board

Andy Wirth says he is very happy with the appointment and honored to serve the citizens of Reno, Lake Tahoe and Sparks. “It is the board’s goal to create more opportuinity and keep our econony thriving,” said Wirth.

Wirth has been instrumental in helping secure air service from Colorado to Canada. It was recently announced that Jet Blue service would be provided from Reno-Tahoe Regional Airport to JFK International Airport.? Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

Wirth says the RASC will continue to be at the forefront and continue to work with other airlines to provide direct flights. “We are currently working on a deal with Alaska Airlines to secure flights from Boise, Idaho and Orange County, California,” said Wirth.

Andy Wirth was named CEO of Squaw Valley Resort in 2010. He has over 25 years in the hospitality/resort industry, having worked with Steamboat Springs Resort since 1989. Wirth is considered a visionary in the industry. When he came in, Squaw Valley was one of the worst resorts in the U.S. with low morale, poor customer service and outdated equipment. Through Wirth’s leadership, Squaw Valley is now one of the best resorts in the U.S.

Halvorssen Breaks Down Socialism

In an interview for Fox Business Network’s show “The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan,” Human Rights Foundations (HRF) founder and president, Thor Halvorssen explained his take on the democratic socialist principles that have been the central points of the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen said that countries can have socialist governments without violating human rights, such as in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. However, Halvorssen warns that it is far more likely that socialist policies will allow a government to take far more control than what it should be allowed to wield over its citizens.

Halvorssen explains that his real sticking point with socialism and how it is typically implemented around the world is that it allows the government to control the price of certain goods and resources. Of course, this is in the name of making sure that the lowest classes in society have access to what they need, but it can turn the government into a looter of goods and resources in reality. Halvorssen says that the government can set prices at whatever number suits it and then manipulate the market through price controls and resource management. Thor Halvorssen explains that it then follows that there is a real humanitarian crisis at the hands of the socialist government because people do not have access to things that they need to survive. Halvorssen thinks that this is the basis of massive human rights violations at the hands of socialist and authoritarian governments around the world.

Halvorssen also made clear that even though he has general concerns regarding many socialist policies promoted by Senator Sanders, he still made the largest individual campaign contribution allowable by U.S. law to Senator Sanders’ campaign. Halvorssen explains that he did that because he thinks that even with his differences in policy opinions from Senator Sanders, the alternative Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton, poses a greater threat to the protection of human rights around the world because of her known ties to various dictators and historical support of several authoritarian regimes. Halvorssen holds the protection of human rights as his core goal and value.