Who is Kenneth Griffin? Let us get to Know Him

For one to be a great leader in the world of business, educational background is paramount. It was no different for the 47 years old American born. His educational background at Harvard University had a huge influence on his success. He is estimated to be worth 6.6 billion US dollars according to a survey conducted in May, 2015. According to the investment magazine Forbes, Kenneth Griffin is among the top hundred billionaires in the United States of America. This is a major achievement considering his age and background.

As the chief executive officer, he is the force behind the growth of Citadel which has been ranked as among the largest among hedge funds. It is estimated as of March 2015 to have investment capital of 25 billion dollars. He is known to be a self-motivated who settles for only the best which explains his success right from the beginning.

Ken Griffin on turtletrader started creating wealth way back in 1987 when in Harvard University when his tools of trade were his computer and a fax machine. His entrepreneurial skills were so outstanding that he received funding of one million US dollars to by Frank Meyer to start a business. That marked the beginning of his journey to wealth and success. At the age of 22, he founded Citadel Group of companies which dealt with various services such as asset management, provision of securities for start-ups, investment management technology among others. The companies grew in both the number of employees and capital to become among the leading in the United States of America. The company’s capital grew from 4.6 million dollars to over one billion dollars. Citadel Group of companies has also been able to employ more than 1,250 people in all its departments.

Griffin success in his business is mainly influenced by his value for human resources. He is known for his good treatment of people who work in his businesses. This ranges from good remuneration to promotion of employees’ welfare in various ways. Through promoting the welfare of his employees, they in return give their best in their inputs making his company’s performance exemplary. In his address during the Milken Institute Global Conference 2015, he noted the importance of promoting the welfare of the employees. He has been recognized severally for advocating for the well-being of employees.

Griffin is also popular for giving back to the community through various activities aimed at improving the living of the society. He has made donations to various programmes such as one run by Harvard University to assist the financially disadvantaged children. He is a strong believer of how education changes people’s life and as a result he gives willingly to any course that is aimed at advancing education.