Adaptability At Its Finest


Tom Hanks is arguably one of the greatest and most versatile actors that Hollywood has ever known. He has been an actor in approximately fifty movies, as well directing in many of those same films. According to ” The Hollywood Reporter” , some of Tom Hank’s best films included, but are not limited to ‘Captain Phillips’, and ‘Saving Private Ryan’. Captain Phillips is the most recent one out the two , and it has a special place in American society due to the severity of the incident. Tom Hanks portrayed Captain Richard Phillips, who was traveling on a U.S. Cargo Ship that was hijacked by Somali Pirates, the first U.S. hijacking of a ship in over two centuries. Tom Hanks did an extraordinary job at depicting what this Captain and his crew went through in order to save each other’s lives. Action packed, and more exciting than ever was the ending to this movie. U.S Navy Seals were called upon, and executed accordingly.

Saving Private Ryan is amongst the best all-time ancient war movies ever produced. The storyline begins with the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944. Tom Hanks plays 2nd Ranger Battalion Captain Miller who is just a teacher back at home, and is trying to survive along side of his fellow soldiers. There are a group of four brothers, the Ryan’s, three of which are Killed in action. To save the final brother, Captain Miller’s battalion was sent on a search and rescue mission. What ensued from the time of the given assignment, to those men reaching him was literally, devastating.