When the Time Comes

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin own the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund. This fund speaks when it is time to speak. It acts when it is time to act; the fight for human rights has never been so crucial to human history as it is now.

Speaking of human rights, when the time comes to act, that is precisely what any nation’s residents must do – before there is no more time to act. When the disaster hits, it will be too late. That’s why the moment of truth is now, especially for countries like North Korea and even Venezuela, where the rights of millions of citizens are being trampled upon every day. It is no joke but sad to witness; the worst part is that many other nations, such as the U.S. and China, are not even stepping in to help.

Venezuela has seen the hand of evil more than it ever has before in this last half decade: Nicolas Maduro has forced his hand and then forced it some more. After removing almost every single item of purchase, food and beverage under the sun, he has then managed to escalate wage and labor laws to his communistic advantage, thus leaving room for no one to advance – or even survive. Read more: Phoenix New Time and  Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

People like this must not be gently argued with but rather forced out of their position from an outside authority, perhaps one as powerful as U.S. President Donald Trump or Russian President Vladimir Putin. People like Maduro are an immediate threat and can serve as a reminder to all of us, slave or free, that human rights are no light matter; people this evil allow all others to see the importance of voting and of fighting for their country’s rights altogether – before it is too late to do so.

Nicolas Maduro and his pirate band of communists in power have stolen billions of dollars in wealth and resources from the dying country and only plan to steal billions more; if they are permitted to continue, then God only knows how much time will be needed before the country falls apart on itself once and for all, with no hope of return or reinstitution.

That is a scary fact, but for those who are informed and passionate about human rights there, anything is possible, and I do mean anything: The people of Venezuela who are allowed to vote have spoken, and they have said that they do not want Nicolas Maduro behind the Venezuelan presidency any longer, and that every day with him in office becomes one day less of their hope and freedom.

More than seven million Venezuelan citizens, those living in Venezuela and even those in other countries of the world, have firmly voted “no” to Maduro, and it all took place this last month. It is only a matter of time, then, until the votes kick in and this communist is thrown out with the dogs; the world has now witnessed his cruelty.

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Family History Plays A Role In The Human Rights Career Of Thor Halvorssen

The image most people have of a human rights activist does not usually include personal experience of how a loss of human rights can affect family members. Thor Halvorssen has spent the majority of his teenage and adult life handling the fact members of his own family have been stripped of their human rights purely because of their political beliefs; coming from one of the best-known political families in both Norway and Venezuela has been no guarantee of safety for members of the Halvorssen family.

The issues surrounding human rights began for Thor when he was studying at the University of Pennsylvania and saw his own father imprisoned and tortured by Venezuelan law enforcement officials. Thor’s father had earlier been appointed to diplomatic status as he investigated rumors of corruption within law enforcement agencies and Venezuelan drug gangs; the illegal act of imprisoning the elder Halvorssen lasted 74 days and resulted in bringing Thor closer to human rights groups when he began working to free his father with the aid of Amnesty International. Although the best-known incident surrounding the Halvorssen family may have been the imprisonment of Thor’s father the New York-based activist was also affected when his mother was shot by Venezuelan officials when she attended a protest against then-Socialist leader Hugo Chavez.

In becoming involved in the human rights community Thor Halvorssen has continued a long family tradition of looking to protect others from the issues they may face with human rights abuses. An incident of World War II is well known among the members of the Halvorssen family when Thor’s grandfather was working as the head of the Norwegian Merchant Navy and hoped to keep ships out of the hands of the occupying Nazi forces by sending them to Venezuelan ports following a physical fight with German officials. Thor himself has placed his own body on the line in the name of human rights when his interview with a Vietnamese political prisoner held under house arrest was discovered by local authorities; in order to protect the video of the interview held with the Vietnamese religious leader Thor and his camera operator refused to hand over a copy despite a severe physical assault.


Nicki Minaj Departs For Angola Trip After Human Rights Foundation Intervention

Anaconda star Nicki Minaj has recently become the focus of the Human Rights Foundation after she agreed to appear at a Christmas Festival in Angola. The festival is sponsored by Unitel, a telecommunications induistry company thought to be part of the business empire of President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos; the Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has written an open letter to Minaj and fellow performer Gilbert Arenas calling upon them to pull out of the concert.

Halvorssen has recently been looking to highlight the trips and performances of many of the top stars of Hollywood and the wider entertainment industry paid for by tyrants from around the world. Halvorssen has been involved in the publication and highlighting of the human rights abuses of people from around the world in his bid to assist those who are abused by government officials. The Human Rights Foundation has been at the forefront of bringing noteriety to those who support regimes from around the world, with Minaj and Arenas the latest to feel the wrath of Halvorssen as he looks to explain why they should not follow through with their planned performances.

Thor Halvorssen is a well known Hollywood film producer who has worked in the genres of documentary and science fiction. The work in Hollywood is coupled with the human rights advocacy Halvorssen has undertaken in recent years in his bid to create a fairer world for all. The personal nature of the work of Halvorssen comes after members of his own family were subjected to various abuses of their rights throughout their life in Venezuela.

One of the major problems the Human Rights Foundation founder has with the planned performance of NIcki Minaj and Gilbert Arenas is the sponsorship of the performance by a President Dos Santos owned company. The President is accused by Thor Halvorssen of growing rich off the diamond and oil industries of Angola as his own people starve; coupled with accussations of human rights abuses by the President, Halvorssen has called upon Nicki Minaj to give up her performance to support the human rights of the people of Angola.