A Gladiator of the Downtrodden: Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorrsen has been making rounds in the political arena of many countries with his belligerent stand against authoritarians and tyrants across the globe. The founder and current president of Human Rights Foundation (HRF), Thor has been instrumental in voicing human rights violations and promoting liberal democracy across the globe.

Coming from a family of activists, Thor is no secret to courting controversies. He is half-Venezuelan and half-Norwegian, Thor’s paternal grandfather Oystein, was the Norwegian king’ s adviser in Venezuela when World War II was at its peak and has directed Norway’s shipping fleets to Venezuela when the Germans invaded Norway.

Thor’s mother, on the other hand, is the direct descendant of the first president of Venezuela, Cristobal Mendoza who was responsible in helping the country win its independence from Spain. Thor seems to have surely taken the activist’s blood from his lineage. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Huffigton Post

HRF has its presence in many countries and has helped countless people with advocacy campaigns over the years. Thor himself has been bloodied and bruised for great causes. An incident in 2010 where he was jailed and detained without further notice when he and his cameraman interviewed the founding father of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Thich Quang Do who has been placed under house arrest for the past 28 years. Thor and his partner had snuck the taped video card in their rectum to get the tape out of the police’s hands. This only goes to show that neither Thor nor his organization is willing to get their hands dirty for a cause.

Thor Halvorssen has been accused of being a right-winger for his sheer disdain and criticism of left-wing Latin American dictatorships and receiving of funding from conservative foundations which he adamantly refuses to be called. He terms himself more as a classic liberal from the John Stuart Miller tradition.

About Thor Halvorssen

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is the full name of Thor Halvorssen. Born on March 6, 1976, he took to advocating human rights from an early age. His first stint came when he was still and adolescent who organized the opposition to South African Apartheid in the year 1989. Thor took to promoting human rights as a full-time job after his father was made a political prisoner in Venezuela. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: http://www.forbes.com/sites/thorhalvorssen/

The founding of HRF bears a special place in his heart and was founded soon after his mother was shot in a political protest in the year 2004. His organization is committed to promoting democracy and tolerance all around the world. Thor is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual global gathering of human rights activist.