Your Dog Might Be Honing a Sophisticated Gourmet Palate

A recent article in the Daily Herald caught a lot of people by surprise. On the surface the article begins by describing a fairly normal scene. Some executives within a small gourmet food company are providing a tour to the reporter. But the moment of shock comes after one of them takes a bite of their product. Because the meals the company creates are aimed at dogs. But this highlights a surprising trend among dog food companies. More and more companies are aiming to make a name for themselves by creating organic and high quality meals for dogs. One example of this is a campaign centered around the phrase “he’ll have what you’re having.” Some of the doggy highlights of that campaign include lasagna and beef stroganoff based dishes. This might be a surprising trend for some dog owners. But those people might be caught even more off guard by the fact that their dogs might already be eating the kind of high quality foods that one normally only expects to see in specialty preparations. One of the reasons for this is a high quality dog food brand called Beneful. While it is a high quality dog food brand, it’s also something that can be found on the shelves of most supermarkets. There’s no need to schedule a trip to the nearest large city to find it, unlike many of the other brands of gourmet dog food. It’s ubiquitous in distribution, but singular in terms of dedication to quality. This is especially true given the fact that it was created right from the start with a mission statement centered around providing only the highest quality ingredients. What sets Beneful apart from other brands can be seen by imagining the perfect meal for oneself. There will usually be a wide assortment of different foods on the plate. One might like some vegetables to the side, some sauces, and one or more meat options. The main point is that people like to have a variety of different foods and flavors on the plate to compliment each other. And realized the same holds true for dogs. And as a result the brand contains only the freshest ingredients, mixed and matched to provide a rush of flavor with every bite. And because of the freshness one can be sure dogs are also getting all the vitamins and minerals they require.