Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Have Helped Make InnovaCare Health One Of The Leaders In The Healthcare Industry

InnovaCare Health is based in North America and has become one of the leading companies in the healthcare field. Their specialty areas include Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and physician services. InnovaCare is dedicated to the quality of health care and their services and their models are sustainable, profitable, and technologically advanced. They offer MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice in Puerto Rico with a membership consisting of 200,000 individuals. InnovaCare Health has additionally established a partnership with the government pf Puerto Rico’s Medicaid plans.The position of CEO of InnovaCare Health is filled by Richard Shinto. He worked for AVETA Incorporated for four years as the CEO before he came to InnovaCare Health.He left AVETA when the company was sold in 2012.

Dr. Rick Shinto has been building his experience in healthcare for twenty years and has also served NAMM in California as the CMO. He has been published in numerous articles for clinical medicine and healthcare. He was educated at California University-Irvine where he was rewarded with his BS. He also achieved an MBA from Redlands University and a degree in medicine when he attended the State University of New York-Stony Brook. Rick Shinto’s efforts have earned him the Access to Caring Award during the annual Tribute of the University of Health Sciences. His achievements in helping the poor obtain healthcare services also made him the deserving winner.InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administrative Officer is Penelope Kokkinides. She had previously served InnovaCare Health and the company was delighted to see her return in June of 2015.

Her experience working with government health care including Medicare and Medicaid is extensive. She is additionally experienced in developing clinical programs and in all facets of healthcare operations management. Her expertise is in the organizational infrastructure in relation to the improvement of healthcare. Part of Penelope Kokkinides experience came from her work with Centerlight Healthcare. As the COO and Executive Vice President she was responsible for the direction and strategic operations of the company. She additionally served as the CEO for Touchstone Health and handled the services for care management and disease management. Penelope Kokkinides received her education from Binghamton University where she graduated with honors and studied biological sciences and classical languages. She also studied at the University of New York where she received her post master’s advanced degree in substance abuse and alcohol. Her education was concluded upon receipt of her public health master’s degree from The University of Columbia.

Life Line Screening Company Provides Services For Prevention And Wellness

Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening Company provides services for prevention and wellness. They have been privately owned and were begun in 1993 and can now be found in Austin, Texas. They facilitate health screening services that are community based for many adults around the United States.

General Information

This company first began in 1993 around Florida. They have expanded greatly since then. They had expanded across America offering some screenings to over 500,000 people. They added blood testing by finger sticking to screen for over a half million people. Cholesterol counts, diabetes, and inflammation is screened for during this test.

Services Added

Preventative health screening was added to Life Line Screening’s services that launched in the UK. Atrial fibrillation screenings were part of the next expansion. In 2012 the organization started to offer their services in Australia.

What They Do

This company has completed more than 8 million screenings all over the world since it began and has conducted more than a million screenings each year including ultrasounds, blood screens, and electrocardiographs. Some diseases that are detected by these screenings are atrial fibrillation, abdominal aortic aneurysms, and peripheral arterial diseases.

They total more than 16,000 local events in communities that provide these services. They have earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. They got such a high rating because of how long it’s been in operation, how few complaints they have received, for how big it is, how they have handled past complaints, and by the amount of background information that’s provided to BBB.

Life Line Screenings is an innovative and successful company providing many types of tests to help stop the spread of or eliminate many diseases. Check them out at a local event and maybe you will receive a screening free of charge.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden

When a person wants to make sure that they are able to get the most out of the way that they look, sometimes the best thing to do is reach out to a cosmetic surgeon that offers great service. Anyone in the state of Texas will be glad to touch base with Dr. Jennifer Walden, a licensed and insured cosmetic surgeon who owns her own practice. Dr. Jennifer Walden owns and operates Jenner L. Walden, MD Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center.

To learn a little bit more about why doing business with Dr. Jennifer Walden is a great way to go about getting a cosmetic procedure, read on.

What kinds of surgeries does Dr. Jennifer Walden perform?

When a person wants to get cosmetic surgery, it is important to learn every surgery that the doctor performs. Doing so provides the opportunity to receive any sort of treatment, under the guided hands of a licensed and insured professional and learn more about Jennifer.

In terms of Dr. Jennifer Walden, she is a cosmetic surgery professional who specializes in treatments like facelifts and breast augmentations. She offers high quality service and has been in practice and the city of Austin doing so for the last eight years.

She got her degree from the University of Texas, where she was the salutatorian of her class. After getting her experience starting as an ear, nose and throat doctor in New York City, Dr. Jennifer Walden decided to head back home to Austin and set up shop. She is one of the rare things in the medical industry — a female doctor who practices cosmetic surgeries. Because of this, she is also one of the most noteworthy surgeons in her field and continuously provides people with high quality service no matter what sort of procedure they are looking for and more information click here.

Consider this review of Dr. Walden and give her a call today.

Other Reference: https://www.youtube.com/user/drjwald

North American Spine: Minimally Invasive Treatments For Neck And Spine Pain

North American Spine is an industry leader when it comes to minimally invasive spine care. The company is known for their conservative and holistic approach to addressing spine-related pain. They offer patients a range of innovative treatment options to help them recover from spinal stenosis, herniated discs, degenerative spine and neck ailments and more. Some treatments require surgery while others utilize non-operative options. An important key to North American Spine’s success is their commitment to providing patients with all the information they need to understand their treatment options.

At North American Spine each patient receives a treatment plan which is tailored to the needs of the individual. Following the company’s continuum of care, conservative therapies like chiropractic care, physical therapy, and pain medications are recommended first. If these therapies do not provide them with the relief they need, the physicians then move on to epidural steroid injections and eventually surgery will be considered. Should back surgery become necessary, North American Spine offers the best options when it comes to minimally invasive spinal surgery including the very effective AccuraScope Procedure.

What makes North American Spine an industry leader and beloved by their patients is their ability to eliminate the pain that people endure with spine and neck problems and promote fast, effective healing. A major reason for this is their physicians. The North American Spine reviews mention that the network includes physicians that are some of the best when it comes to pain management, orthopedic spine surgery, and neurosurgery. Their goal is to help patients enjoy the highest quality of life in both the short and long term. They consistently work to help provide people neck and spine conditions with improved strength, range of motion, and lasting pain relief.

North American Spine works with a network of the best physicians and medical facilities nationwide. They have facilities and staff in Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Hackensack, New Jersey. That means no matter where in the United States you live or work you have easy access to the award winning treatment methods North American Spine has to offer. Even if your spinal treatment with another company was ineffective, the company offers free MRI reviews and can provide you with a range of proven, minimally invasive treatment methods.

The North American Spine Wellness Health Center can help with both the prevention and treatment of back, neck, and spine problems. Through it the company provides information about getting and staying healthy. It can help patients craft a balanced diet, make positive lifestyle choices, do the appropriate exercise, the right type and amount of physical activities, and get restful, healing sleep. The information is available on message boards, and through videos and articles. They teach about topics like ergonomics, exercise, massage therapy, weight loss, diet, nutrition, sleep, smoking cessation, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Yoga.