A New Way to Buy Gold: The US Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve has a new website that makes it even easier to purchase gold and other precious metals. The website was completely redesigned with a new and easier user interface, a new coin photo gallery, and a special section for Phillip Diehl. Diehl is the former U.S. Mint Director and the current President of the U.S. Money Reserve. The new website is important because it is meant to both educate consumers on the benefits of owning gold and to enhance and simplify the experience of purchasing gold.

It was important for the U.S. Money Reserve to continue to standout in what is becoming a more competitive investment market. People are turning towards gold and silver as safer investment products compared to the volatility of the market and other investments. Because of increased competition and potential growth, it was important to offer the consumer low prices, information and education, and an easy and secure buying experience. The new website does each of these things and positions the U.S. Money Reserve to maintain its position in the precious metals market.

Maybe the most important thing that the website does is to offer programs to assist consumers in their attempt to invest in precious metals. There is a free “gold information kit” available for consumers who are interested in finding out general information prior to investing. There is a knowledge center with basic information about investing in precious metals including coin minting, grading, and purchasing. Finally, there is full headline newsroom that is available for current information so that consumers can stay current on the precious metals market. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.cbs8.com/story/32745176/us-money-reserve-ceo-angie-koch-earns-contributor-profile-on-the-huffington-post-blogger-platform

Once a potential customer becomes a client, there are even more advantages to the new website and the services offered there. The “Client-Connect Advantage” has revolutionized communication between the U.S. Reserve and its clients. Through this interface, the U.S. Money Reserve can offer one-on-one consultations, special offline releases, and purchasing assistance, and secure offline transactions. On top of that, the U.S. Money Reserve offers one of the best return policies in the industry by allowing a 30-day full refund on certified coin purchases. The new website will allow the U.S. Money Reserve to remain a key player in the precious metals market.


U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors of gold, silver, and platinum in the world. With over 400,000 satisfied clients, U.S. Money Reserve is the place to go for customer service, variety of products, and industry expertise in precious metals investment. Their stated goal is to be the most trusted professionals in the business and they strive to reach that goal every day.