Gooee Is Leading the Smart Lighting Industry Into the Future!

In today’s world, we engage with smart technology more every day. At the top of this industry are smart homes to have these, of course, you need smart lighting. The leader in the smart lighting industry is Gooee. Titled, “one of the hottest lighting companies in 2015” by Lux. Gooee has received awards and recognition throughout the smart technology industry.

Gooee created an operational platform that integrates Internet of Things (IoT) with lighting. Sensors placed inside luminaries, referred to as “Gooee-Inside”, create a series of wireless connections. Giving us, the ability to use wireless devices to control lighting systems.

Gooee Smart Lighting

Gooee leaped, into the smart technology action, during 2015-2016. Partnering with Aurora group, September of 2015. Then, a live demonstration of their technology, at LuxLive in November. That same month, six more major lighting manufacturers added their technology to their products. In 2016, they partnered with Nordic Semiconductor and EnOcean.

Today, you will find smart lighting technology everywhere. We can thank lighting manufacturers for installing, Gooee technology into their product lines. This makes, buying, installing, and using, smart lighting in our homes, and businesses convenient.

Manufacturers like: Phillips, Samsung, GE, and LG, have smart lighting products available. Of the many reasons why you want to use smart lighting, is the fact that they are extremely energy efficient. Why not, save money on your utilities right? All you need to do now is, decide what system you want. Remember, they work with your smart devices, such as tablets and smartphones.