Academy of Art University on the Runway for New York Fashion Week

The Academy of Art University is based in San Francisco, California. Richard S. Stephens and his wife Clara founded the university in 1929 under the name of Academie of Advertising Art. By 1951, the school had over five thousand students and offered a range of instruction in varying design modalities. In 1966, the Academy started awarding Bachelor’s Degrees in Fine Art. Master of Fine Arts began being awarded in 1977. The Academy of Art University went online in 2002. By 1992, the university became fully digital with a vast array of course offerings and a student body in excess of fourteen thousand students.


The Academy of Art University presents many opportunities to aspiring artists. The university has relationships with many local San Francisco art galleries and holds more than seventy art shows in these venues annually. The students hail from all around the world, including representatives of over one hundred countries. Many of the alumni of The Academy of Art University have distinguished themselves in their respective design fields. Graduates of the university have been hired by a host of top-tier employers, such as Christian Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.


On September 9, 2017, The Academy of Art University held a runway show at Skylight Clarkson Square. The show featured original designs from the top graduates of The School of Fashion. The designs were exquisite, sublime and quite eclectic, since the fashion design students at The Academy of Art University incorporated their diverse backgrounds in their unique designs. Each designer drew upon his or her own personal best to create the stunning presentation for the New York Fashion Week collection.


Each designer at the New York Fashion Week show held their own individual focus that related strongly to their values. For instance, one of the designers used recycled fabrics in order to promote the importance of sustainability. Some were motivated by significant life events, and still others looked to their great love of nature in the creation of their designs. Whatever the inspiration, each Academy of Art University designer lived up to their highest ideals on the runway for New York Fashion Week.


Fabletics Appeals to the Masses

Fabletics is growing in leaps and bounds and Kate Hudson can hardly believe that she has been in business as long as she has. She has talked about the way that the company has grown at the Fortunes MPW Summit, and she is well aware that her business is fascinating to the young millennial crowd. She has done a lot to take this business to new levels, and it is evident that she is working hard to compete against other companies like Amazon and Walmart.


Kate Hudson is an actress that started promoting the brand, and many first time consumers of Fabletics were not aware that she was as involved as she is. They may have assumed that she was simply promoting a brand the same way that other celebrities do. She has appeared in the commercials, and she has elevated this brand to new heights on social media. Still, many consumers may not have been aware of her role until she became more vocal.


In the world of Fitness Gear for women it can be difficult because there are so many other brands out there. It is hard to get noticed when one is promoting a brand that is different from what is sold in department stores. What Kate Hudson has done as the co-founder of Fabletics is promote this brand in a way that gives her access to a whole new demographic. She is not looking for consumers that have been content with the same old fitness gear that they have been accustomed to. She is more in tune with the consumers that are trying to find new clothing that is very comfortable for their work out process. That is what she advertises with fabletics, and that is how she plans to compete with other powerhouse companies like Amazon.


Fabletics has already made a mark in the industry as one of the hottest brands in social media, and more people are taking an interest in what Kate Hudson is doing now that other celebrities are also endorsing her brand. She has been able to captivate a wide number of consumers in the United States and beyond because she has gained a following of people that even post videos of themselves working out in clothes from Fabletics.


Some might even say that there’s a fan craze that is going on with the Fabletics brand that has allowed many people to discover this company. There are a lot of young women that are pleased with what Kate Hudson is doing, and they are cheering on this young entrepreneur that is also a double threat in the entertainment world as well. She has proven that she can still star in movies and successfully run a business. She is opening as many as 100 stores in the next five years so her work ethic is impeccable.


Women are becoming appreciative of what Kate Hudson is doing. She presentedid a line of clothing that it’s much more comfortable then what has been available.

NFL Team Rolls Out New Merchandise Line For The Fashion Forward

The Pittsburgh Steelers rolled out a new line of fan merchandise that’s wearable on the couch, at the game, and even in the street when you’re going out for a cup of coffee. As the new director of strategical planning for the Steelers, Susan McGalla listened to what fans were saying and then created an entirely new line of merchandise to suit everyone’s needs. Instead of the traditional jerseys the new line of fan fashion offers up bold, bright colors including neon pinks and yellows for younger fans as well as jewelry and clothes for women that have a bit more of a feminine flare. They’ve also thrown in the merchandise players tend to wear on the sidelines like team sweatshirts and hoodies, and created an entire line for young kids and babies outside of the traditional black and gold onesie or small jersey. Popular fashion is no foreign subject to Susan McGalla who had spent fifteen years working for the American Eagle Outfitters brand. After working in various managerial and marketing positions at the Joseph Horne Company McGalla took the job at American Eagle as a divisional merchandise buyer women’s clothing. Like her previous job she was bounced around various management positions until she became the company’s flagship CMO. This promotion led her to becoming CMO and president of the entire company, and in her reign she developed brands like Aerie and Kids77. In 2009 McGalla left American Eagle and took the position of CEO for Wet Seal. After a year she left Wet Seal and opened up her own consulting firm P3 Consulting as well as taking up the job offer with the Steelers. Not only has McGalla made a name for herself in her field she also takes the time to speak out to young girls and women looking to enter a career in business. She speaks firmly about both her successes and failures, and she urges women to push hard for what they want and deserve. McGalla’s fan on oriented merchandise line proves her career is far from over and the Steelers are in good hands.