Doe Deere Inspires other Women to Use Their Talents and Gifts to become Successful in Business

Makeup is often considered to be nothing more than a creative mechanism to reveal women’s’ inner identity. For most women that is a correct assumption. For women like Doe Deere, makeup is even more. While she has used it herself as a way to express herself, is is first and foremost an avenue of prosperity for her and women she works to inspire. Deere has used her success with her cosmetic brand, Lime Crime, to serve as an example to be viewed by other women as a way to be successful in business while following their passions and not limiting their imagination.

Doe Deere is no stranger to business. She started her first business and much of the same way that she started lime crime. When she was a middle school she wanted to start her journey to entrepreneurship by selling temporary tattoos. At the time, temporary tattoos were not popular and were considered simply a novelty but nothing you will consider wearing in public. In order to cultivate interest in the temporary tattoos so that she can make sales, Doe Deere begin wearing the tattoos. Once the other students saw how cool she was by wearing the temporary tattoos, they began to purchase them from her and wear them like she did. It was not long before her tattoo business became established and she was officially a business owner. Read more:

Lime Crime was birth through dears curiosity of the abnormalities as well as her eagerness to be entrepreneur. At a time when cosmetic brands were producing neutral tone to make up, dear got the idea to create eye shadows, lipsticks and other forms of makeup and bold and vibrant colors. Even though she claimed to be horrible at applying makeup at that time, dear begin making YouTube videos that displayed her creating different looks and styles using her homemade makeup products. Needless to say, her audience fell in love with her products immediately. In what seems like an overnight experience, Lime Crime experience a high volume of sales and a strong attraction of Internet traffic. from there the business entity became solidified and things keep getting better for Deere from there.

With more business women engaging in the creation of cosmetic lines, Doe Deere works to inspire and motivate other businesswomen to continuously pursue their dreams and while doing so, tap into their gifts and talents. Deeres’ skill and talents was in taking something that is restricted or not widely available and creating a way to deliver that missing elements in a way that positions her as a businesswoman, earning her profits. Even though makeup was not her specialty it did not stop her from utilizing it to complement her ambitions. She encourages women to think out-of-the-box in regards to their capabilities in order to find the most successful path to entrepreneurship.

Doe Deere is more than a brand owner. Lime Crime is more than a cosmetic line. the courage and motivation that was required out of deer in order for her to succeed in launching Lime Crime is a testament of what talents and innovation can do for a woman who was properly inspired. That is why she worked so diligently to be the inspiration for other women, hoping to mobilize them into greatness.

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The Fashion Revolutionary| Doe Deere

Doe Deere has been hailed as the new fashion, style and makeup revolutionary. In plain English, this girl loves to break the rules. Every year the magazines publish rules for ladies all over the world that some fashion guru decided was the right thing to do. But then there’s Doe Deere. The firebrand who started her brain child Lime Crime. That’s just the basis for the makeup line– “Makeup for Unicorns”. Her persona is that of a style rebel. There have been a few others here and there but the difference Doe has to them is they are reckless and she is focused.

Doe Deere’s Style

Having a method to her madness which in-turn is her rebellion–is what sets Doe apart from the rest of the fashionista nation. There is no chance that you’ll get away with following any amount of style dogma with Doe.

She has a strong drive and entrepreneurial spirit which allows her to come up with the colors and cruelty-free makeup line that she has. She is earth and wildlife conscious and it shows.

Rules to Break According to Doe

Here are some of the rules you may have heard about fashion and makeup that Doe obliterates just so her following can be free!

Don’t wear two bolds No bold lips and eyes gets thrown out the window with Doe. Accent your eyes and lips!

Don’t Mix Patterns Are you kidding! As long as the colors are coordinated mix it up baby!

Don’t Mix too many Colors Again, as long as they all go together you are in like flint!

No Open Toes with Sox Hmm then how do you show off the great sock patterns? Go for it! And show who you are! You have a ticket to ride!

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Doe Deere Changes The Image Of The Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry has traditionally been dominated by the major companies that have a long history of producing the makeup and beauty products used by the majority of people around the world. The start of the 21st century and the rise of the Internet made a vast change in the way the cosmetics industry was perceived by large numbers of consumers. Many who feel they are not represented by the cosmetics industry are now looking to create their own makeup using the ingredients that can be found through Online stores, that are designed to provide the base materials for creating cruelty free and unique makeup options for an individual.

LimeCrime founder Doe Deere was one of those who felt she was not represented by the cosmetics giants of the world because of her own approach to fashion and style. Deere had already launched the LimeCrime brand as a clothing range following the successful completion of her fashion based education in New York. The LimeCrime founder has already created a unique and innovative personal style, but felt the makeup on offer did not match what she hoped to achieve in terms of fashion. In a bid to market her own fashion range and remain happy in her own personal style Doe Deere looked to create her own makeup that quickly became the focus of people who viewed her LimeCrime brand.

After embarking on a period of research and development in the field of cosmetics design Doe Deere began creating her own cosmetics designed specifically for herself and the models used for her clothing range. The innovative designs created for the LimeCrime marketing options were quickly placed into production as the followers of the brand on social media began asking to purchase the products to recreate the looks seen in marketing materials.

Since the shift in focus to cosmetics production for LimeCrime the innovative nature of the cosmetics and marketing options created has seen many larger cosmetics companies look to match the products produced. Doe Deere also uses her own persona as a marketing tool through her use of blogs and social media activities, which use her own fairytale inspired style to inspire others to follow her designs and personal style. LimeCrime and Doe Deere have also recently explained just how the brand and founder are evolving into the future. Alongside the bold, strong colors used in the majority of LimeCrime products the latest additions to the LimeCrime brand will feature a more muted mature look ideal for daytime wear.

Doe Deere Creates LimeCrime For Makeup Enthusiasts

Bright colors are hard to come by in the makeup world, and every makeup line tends to remain subdued by smoky tones and dramatic eye shadows. Doe Deere became frustrated by the lack of bright colors she found in traditional makeup lines, and she began her own makeup brand. LimeCrime started small, but the business is soaring today as makeup enthusiasts flock to Doe for bright colors and bold statements of style.

#1: Why Is LimeCrime A Necessity?

LimeCrime is the makeup brand that helps you find the colors you never thought you could find elsewhere. Doe was a seamstress who knew how to make clothes, but she did not have makeup that would match her brand. She opened her eBay account, called the account LimeCrime and began selling her makeup. She has kept the shop open since 2008, and her line has expanded over the years to offer women colors that are desperately in the fashion world.

#2: She Is Advancing Her Brand

Doe Deere has been advancing her brand with new offerings every year.  Her plans for the brand are bold, and she has created items that other makeup lines have yet to perfect.

The most amazing creation is the liquid-to-matte lipstick that does not crumble once it dries. You will apply the lipstick wet to your lips, but the lipstick dries in this gorgeous matte finish that is perfect for haute couture and casualwear. Doe is working on other creations to this day, and her business continues to support her clothing creations.

#3: She Meets Challenges Head-On

There was an unfortunate breach of security on her website in 2014, and some customer information was stolen. Large businesses often brush off security breaches as the cost of doing business, and customers are not respected in the process. Doe took the security breach personally, and she created a crisis response team that helped educate her customers about the breach. Customers were taught to the trust the brand again, and Doe’s passion for her creations became even more evident than before.

#4: Vegan And Cruelty-Free

Doe has had LimeCrime certified cruelty-free, and her Velvetines are vegan for ladies who wish to life a clean lifestyle. Her advancements in this area far outpace larger makeup brands, and her commitment to remaining as responsible as possible makes her cosmetics line one of the few to commit to such a process.

Comfortable clothing and cosmetics have met one another in the offices of LimeCrime, and Doe Deere’s vision for a makeup brand that serves a woman’s every need is on display at their website. LimeCrime is the sort of makeup you wear when you are frustrated with designer brands Doe had to give up years ago, and you may match her cosmetics to her clothing.

Doe Deere of Lime Crime: Colorful Innovative Make-Up for Women Who Live Unapologetically

The Makeup Industry Changes As Doe Deere And Others Create New Lines

The makeup industry has been filled with the same providers as the traditional markets have dominated the industry for many years. However, a new range of providers are looking for a change in the way the industry is run and the products that are being offered. From major retailers through to independent makeup developers, the way the cosmetics industry is being run has changed forever. Much of the change can be put down to the growth o9f the Internet and social media, which has allowed entrepreneurs like Doe Deere to take advantage of new technologies to create an independent makeup company with a huge reach around the world.

Doe Deere began life as a clothing designer after moving from her native Russia to New York to learn more about the fashion industry. Deere began selling unique designs of clothes via her own Lime Crime label via the Internet, but found more interest from consumers in her own line of makeup. Like many fashion thinking individuals, the world of traditional cosmetics was a little too staid for Doe Deere, who decided to create her own using the ingredients that are readily available over the Internet.

A major marketing tool on that Doe Deere has taken advantage of for her Lime Crime brand of makeup has been the use of blogs and social media, which has created a free form of marketing linking Doe Deere directly to her followers. The growth of the Internet has gone hand in hand with the growing number of individuals looking to create their own cosmetics for themsleves or for others. Doe Deere is one of the best known of this new generation of makeup entrepreneurs who have created an image for themselves that is backed up by the products they sell.

The same process is being undertaken by a number of entrepreneurs who are largely looking to follow the work of Doe Deere in creating a brand of cosmetics. The cosmetics industry itself is changing and evolving as the major brands are looking to merge with smaller, independent producers or create lines in the styles they are pushing forward. For Doe Deere the chance to head her own cosmetics company, which has already grown into a large success is a dream come true. The chance to stay in control of her own company and make it an even greater success is something she has decided to do from the position of CEO at Lime Crime that still allows her time to work on new products she and her followers will love.