Paul Mampilly- An American Financial Wizard

Paul Mampilly has more than twenty years of experience in the evolving investment field. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst who graduated from Montclair State University, New Jersey in 1991 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting, then he earned an MBA from Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University, New York City. He worked as a portfolio manager for international banks and as an analyst in the healthcare industry. Paul began his career as a research assistant managing multimillion dollar account in 1991 at the prominent Deutsche Bank and ING.

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In 2008 he won the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition sponsored by The Templeton Foundation. In 2009 having entered the competition again, he won first prize by turning $50 million into $88 million. The prominence of this win was that this was the year that a fiscal crisis had loomed. Earlier career choices also included founding the Capuchin Group in 2003 to 2006, serving as its editor and publisher. He worked for Kinetics Asset Management as Portfolio and Managing Director, then at Stansberry Research as its editor of Professional Speculator. Mr. Mampilly has always had a gift for finding small companies with innovation and investing in them as they rose on the stock market.

Other careers included Money Manager at a Scotland and private Swiss banks. Today, with his Midas touch, Mampilly helps people grow their investments in technology, small-cap stocks, and other financial contingencies. With 25 years of hedge fund and Wall Street experience, Mr. Mampilly currently manages wealthy European clients, Fortune 500 companies, private banks in Switzerland, and the Templeton Foundation, and Paul’s Website.

In 2016 under the auspices of the Banyan Hill Publishing company (independent publisher and research house), he manages two trading services, ‘Extreme Fortunes’ and ‘True Momentum.’ He writes a popular weekly column called ‘Winning Investor Daily,’ while also producing a newsletter ‘Profits Unlimited’ for subscribers to recognize profitable investment stocks. With Profits Unlimited listings, the subscribers can go to Mr. Mampilly’s website on a weekly basis and watch how their stocks are performing. Subscribers create their own accounts and buy their own stocks. His insight has been right much of the time which is why investors continue to follow his advice, and

Agora Financial – Leading Independent Investment Company

Securing your funds and assets is a big decision. At times, it can be difficult to decide what to do and confirm a decision. Let Agora Financial help make your decision easier by securing your assets and investigating their instructive advantages. Agora Financial works diligently to offer money related data through online distributions, recordings, online writing, telephone calls and several other choices. They work to ensure that they can offer a reasonable yet profitable market to help those discover financial independence. Agora is glad to promote that they are 100% independent, which demonstrates that they never acknowledge money from speculators.

Agora Financial and its representatives have been creating feasible money related instructions for quite a long time. They initially began the organization in 1979. US history has brought numerous monetary challenges, for example, the housing market crash and the unfortunate bankruptcies of many companies. Their expert analysts and executives have enabled Agora and their investors to flourish through the troublesome money related circumstances while many others lost their investments and more information click here.

Mount Vernon is currently the home to the headquarters of Agora Financial. Throughout the years, they have had the opportunity to open about a dozen other offices in the surrounding areas. Bill Bonner is the founder of Agora Financial and has set quite a bit of his work and commitment into the monetary profitability of the business along with the location of each business. Agora Financial and their exceptionally experienced investigators are prepared to guarantee that you get the proper training that pertains to your area of investments. They are committed to working with every customer to guarantee that they comprehend the systems, exchanges and all of the transactions that take place. Some of the topics that they cover are learning the value of precious metals, beneficial stocks and assessing the necessary investments in a protective process and their Facebook.

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Succes Stories: Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is one of the most successful businessmen in Maryland. He has achieved a lot of success following his passion for the real estate industry. His success was not handed to him on a silver splatter, but had to be earned. Lubar’s success story is very inspirational and should be an encouragement to entrepreneurs who are struggling to follow their passions.

Like most successful men, Todd Lubar has a great education background. He was intelligent enough to get to college and lay a foundation for his career. Lubar attended Syracuse University and was a speech communications major. His education experience helps him in his day to day business as you need good communication skills in order to win clients.

Soon after graduating from college, Lubar got his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. As an employee of Crestar Mortgage, he worked really hard to climb up the career ladder and his efforts soon began to pay off. He stayed with the company for four years, before leaving in the year 1999.

After Crestar, Todd Lubar began working for Legacy Financial Group, which was based in Arlington. He stayed with the company till the year 2005. During his six years tenure, Lubar managed to grow the company to generate hundreds of millions in loans on a yearly basis. Visit geeksnews to know more.

In a report by The Bro Talk, in the year 2005, Lubar accepted a job with Magnus Financial Corp. He was employed at one of the company’s divisions, Charter Funding, where he was the senior vice president. This new job added to his mortgaging knowledge. Therefore, when he set out to start his own company, he had both the experience and the contacts to get him going.

Today, Lubar is the founder and CEO of TDL Ventures, a reputable real estate company that employs some of the best professionals in the industry. To stat TDL, Lubar was inspired by the desire to help people achieve their dreams. He had been working in the mortgaging industry for so long and knew that there were so many obstacles for people to get mortgages. His business was founded to reduce these obstacles and make it possible for people to live their dreams of owning homes.

Scott Rocklage: From Healthcare Professional to Investment Superstar

In 2003, Scott Rocklage left a 30-year career in the healthcare industry to join 5AM Ventures as a Venture Partner. Having a Ph.D. backing his name helped him get his foot in the door, but it was his unique style and a talent for business that helped Scott Rocklage turn the opportunity into a lucrative career that led him on the fast track to success.

With a year, Scott had impressed the 5AM Ventures management team enough that he had been named a managing partner in the firm. The promotion made sense for the firm, because the combination of education and healthcare experience Scott brought with him was invaluable for the type of investments upon which 5AM Ventures focuses.

Rocklage attended the University of California, earning a Bachelor of Science in chemistry, before earning his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and learn more about Scott.

Promoting Scott was a move that benefited 5AM Ventures almost immediately. Under Rocklage’s leadership, the company secured F.D.A. approval for three new drugs: Cubicin, Teslascan and Omniscan and more information click here.

Overall, Scott has helped 5AM Ventures to rise to the top of venture capital companies with a focus on life sciences. Rocklage’s education and healthcare background gives him an edge in ensuring 5AM Ventures maintains a cutting edge in bringing medical and technological breakthroughs to the healthcare field. As the firm’s name suggests, companies supported by 5am Ventures has access to new and untraditional treatments for a variety of illnesses and injuries and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

While 5AM Ventures maintains offices on the east and west coast, Rocklage is located at the Waltham, Massachusetts campus, where he takes a hands-on approach. In addition to simply providing investment capital, Scott lends a helping hand in guiding his clients’ companies on a road to success. Building companies from the ground up helps Mr. Rocklage keep an ear to the ground in the scientific and medical fields, while his position with 5AM Ventures gives him the power needed to back promising yet risky new business ventures.

Proving he’s never one to stand idle, Mr. Rocklage is listed as an inventor or a co-inventor on more than 30 U.S. patents. Scott Rocklage’s philosophy for success can be found in the 100 or more publications he has authored, which are all available for peer review and his resume.

Scott Rocklage and His Life Sciences Businesses

Scott Rocklage is a managing partner of 5AM Ventures, and he is one of the most-dedicated people in all of the life sciences community. This article explains how Scott Rocklage has come to create a better place to work, a better place to learn and a better place to manage the sciences. There are many businesses that benefit from what Scott has done, and he continues to be involved in the science community on a daily basis.

#1: Building Better Companies

The life science companies that are working with Scott and 5AM Ventures were learning how to build their brands, and they are given opportunities to build their ideas into profitable ventures. His company works alongside a firm to show them how to make better use of their resources, and he remains a partner while that company navigates the tricky world of medical and life sciences.

#2: High Business IQ

Scott has a high business IQ that he uses to ensure all his clients are given the best services possible, and he will offer personal service to everyone who calls on him. It is far easier for companies to grow when they have a partner that is willing to do much of the legwork, and Scott steps up to ensure his partners know how to make their companies better and learn more about Scott.

#3: Committed To The Cause

Scott Rocklage is committed to the cause of life science companies. They make some of the most-important technology in the world, and they are building brands that will save lives for many years to come. Someone who is not familiar with he life sciences must remember that all their medical treatments and medications come from companies such as this, and they will benefit greatly when these companies are improved.

The work that is done by Scott Rocklage and his team at 5AM Ventures ensures that many more treatments reach the market every year. He has made a lasting commitment to all those who wish to bring new products to the market, and he is willing to partner with these companies when they are ready to go live with their ideas and more information click here.

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Anthony Petrello: One of the Specialists in oil and Boring Industry

When people are oil and drilling industry, they think of Anthony (Tony) Petrello. That’s an achievement which is very to come. But he has made it due to his expertise, dedication, and devotion and turned his into a reliable, trustworthy individual who can be a trusted one when it is about oil and drilling management. Anthony (Tony) Petrello is currently working as CEO and president for one of the most renowned and leading companies in oil and drilling sector.

He has an outgoing establishment in oil and drilling industry especially in neighboring countries to the US. Nabors Industries is one of the best oil & boring contractual companies that are working these days globally. Following being chosen as President and CEO, Anthony serving this company as a member of Executive Committee of the company since 1991. And made due to skills and imposing little innovative and modern system, he took Nabors to a new height, a height that many of its rival companies are only dreaming and more information click here.

By his devotion, not just his company is soaring high in the sky but also leading the oil and drilling sector since decades and that’s all is becoming possible due to his hard work, his expertise and leadership skills that he earned through extensive vigorous working experience and education in a similar category. He and his team believe that a satisfied customer is worth a lot that’s why even though they are working on the oil rig and that’s a challenge, but still they care for their customer and help them to achieve their goals and learn more about Anthony.

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Don Ressler the Successful Fashion And Beauty Entrepreneur

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur who has some companies that are multi-million dollars in worth. Among his companies is an intelligent beauty that is well known globally and he owns all its subsidiaries. Fitness heaven also was his company too, but in 2001 he sold it off to Intermix Media. After selling the company, he formed Alena media which undertakes e-commerce advertising. From the time it came to existence, it has recorded humongous profits.

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Intelligent Beauty Company by Don Ressler is a direct-to-customer online shop. Its very first brand in business was DERMSTORE which is an online shop where customers get a wide variety of skin care products and cosmetics. The shop has grown in the number of customers it serves because of commitment to quality and cost effective products. The DERMSTORE is also very efficient and reliable once a client places an order for a product it takes the shortest time possible to reach them in the best condition. Exactly two years after DERMSTORE formation Don Ressler diversified to offer weight loss services. He is a keen entrepreneur who easily learns the gaps in various segments and by filling the gaps he is in business. Don Ressler noticed many people were struggling with heavy weight and this was the inspiration that saw him launch SENSA a system that has been helping many people to cut weight to their desired standards. To ensure the products he offered were of high standards Don brought on board Dr. Alan Hirsch who works as the company product developer, he has vast knowledge in weight reduction products, and he is very dedicated to his work. The two companies SENSA and DERMSTORE are very profitable. In 2008 intelligent beauty got a funding of forty-three million dollars from Technology Crossover Ventures.

The funding Don got came at the best time, and it saw Intelligent Beauty launch a third company in 2010 JustFab which is an e-commerce fashion store that deals in retailing fashion products. In 2011 the company got more funding of thirty-three million US dollars from matrix partners. By April 2012 the company had increased membership to around six million people. Having recorded good growth in the first two years of operations, the company JustFab got geared to explore more markets in the world. The company growth was not stopping, and on January 18, 2013, it bought FabKids an online shop that deals in children fashion. Don Ressler star as an entrepreneur wasn’t stopping to shine and on the same year his company acquired The Fab Shoes this brought more members from France and Spain. Don Ressler advice entrepreneurs to always be keen on the people they work with because business growth depends on a lot of them.

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Bruce Levenson Career

Bruce Levenson has had a great career in many areas. He has a lot of experience in turning around companies and taking them to the next level. If you want to invest in the future of your business, looking at his life is a great place to start. He has always been interested in business, and this has helped him in a variety of ways. Even in his failures, he was able to learn things that would help him later in life.

Bruce Levenson

From the time he was young, Bruce Levenson has always been interested in business. He started the UCG company while he was still in school. Although it did not succeed, he learned a lot from the experience that would help him later in life. There are a lot of people in the industry who look up to the success that he has had in this area. If you want to start and run a business, you have to be ready to work hard and take a big risk.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of people who are looking to see what Bruce Levenson is ready to do in the future. ESPN experts says with his departure from the Atlanta Hawks, there are a lot of people who want to see him stick around in Atlanta. He is passionate about taking things to the next level for people who do not have a lot of money. Bruce Levenson knows how to help companies figure out what they can do to drive profits into the future. There are many people who ask his advice on a variety of subjects. His work with the Atlanta Hawks helped to save the team from leaving the city of Atlanta, so he will always have a special place there.


Doe Deere Inspires other Women to Use Their Talents and Gifts to become Successful in Business

Makeup is often considered to be nothing more than a creative mechanism to reveal women’s’ inner identity. For most women that is a correct assumption. For women like Doe Deere, makeup is even more. While she has used it herself as a way to express herself, is is first and foremost an avenue of prosperity for her and women she works to inspire. Deere has used her success with her cosmetic brand, Lime Crime, to serve as an example to be viewed by other women as a way to be successful in business while following their passions and not limiting their imagination.

Doe Deere is no stranger to business. She started her first business and much of the same way that she started lime crime. When she was a middle school she wanted to start her journey to entrepreneurship by selling temporary tattoos. At the time, temporary tattoos were not popular and were considered simply a novelty but nothing you will consider wearing in public. In order to cultivate interest in the temporary tattoos so that she can make sales, Doe Deere begin wearing the tattoos. Once the other students saw how cool she was by wearing the temporary tattoos, they began to purchase them from her and wear them like she did. It was not long before her tattoo business became established and she was officially a business owner. Read more:

Lime Crime was birth through dears curiosity of the abnormalities as well as her eagerness to be entrepreneur. At a time when cosmetic brands were producing neutral tone to make up, dear got the idea to create eye shadows, lipsticks and other forms of makeup and bold and vibrant colors. Even though she claimed to be horrible at applying makeup at that time, dear begin making YouTube videos that displayed her creating different looks and styles using her homemade makeup products. Needless to say, her audience fell in love with her products immediately. In what seems like an overnight experience, Lime Crime experience a high volume of sales and a strong attraction of Internet traffic. from there the business entity became solidified and things keep getting better for Deere from there.

With more business women engaging in the creation of cosmetic lines, Doe Deere works to inspire and motivate other businesswomen to continuously pursue their dreams and while doing so, tap into their gifts and talents. Deeres’ skill and talents was in taking something that is restricted or not widely available and creating a way to deliver that missing elements in a way that positions her as a businesswoman, earning her profits. Even though makeup was not her specialty it did not stop her from utilizing it to complement her ambitions. She encourages women to think out-of-the-box in regards to their capabilities in order to find the most successful path to entrepreneurship.

Doe Deere is more than a brand owner. Lime Crime is more than a cosmetic line. the courage and motivation that was required out of deer in order for her to succeed in launching Lime Crime is a testament of what talents and innovation can do for a woman who was properly inspired. That is why she worked so diligently to be the inspiration for other women, hoping to mobilize them into greatness.

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Michael Zomber Is a Man with Many Talents

Michael Zomber says it is hard to describe to people what his job is. This is because he has so many of them. Michael is a man who has been able to do what so few people have been able to accomplish. He has been able to make a living doing things that he is truly passionate about. This has led him to become a success in several different fields.

Michael began his life in a regular family. He was always good when it came to his academic studies. However, he did not know at that early age what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. It was not until Michael was just about ready to enter college that he became interested in something that would change the direction of his entire life. One of Michael’s best friends took him to a gun show. He had no particular interest in guns before this. He had certainly never considered buying one. However, his attitude towards guns changed on that fateful day. Michael found himself drawn to the older guns that were made more than 50 years ago. He loved the artistry and craftsmanship that went into the creation of these antique firearms. This began his passion for collecting antique firearms that has continued to this day.

However, that is not the only hobby that Michael is passionate about. He has also developed a love for samurai swords. Michael has done a great deal of research into the ways that these ancient warriors lived their lives. He became fascinated with the sacrifices that a samurai would make in order to serve his master. His collection of samurai swords is considered to be one of the best in the world.

Michael has authored several books about collecting antique weapons. He has also given dozens of lectures about this subject to many colleges, museums and historical societies. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts when it comes to antique guns and samurai swords. He has stated that his collections will never be finished. He is always looking for his next great piece.  Check out Michael’s Facebook to continue following his career.