Fabletics A New kind of Woman’s Active Wear Store


The hottest thing in fashion today is Kate Hudson’s new clothing store Fabletics. Fabletics is an exclusive clothing store co-founded by Hudson that focuses on active wear and athletic brand outfits for women. Even though the main focus is on women’s fashion they have also launched a new clothing line for men called the FL2 line. This is so the brand can have a line for men’s activewear that will compliment all of its potential customers nationwide. Fabletics is also one of the first national retail stores of its kind to offer not only in-store sales but also a monthly subscription service for its customers. The subscription service sends the customer discounted outfits once a month and then charges their credit cards accordingly. To help explain the service on-line the company has beefed up it FAQ page and its customer service telephone operations. Adam Goldenberg co-CEO of the company has stated that the subscription program is a big hit with the company’s customers. The store plans to build and open up to 100 stores in the next 3-5 years.

But Adam Goldenberg just didn’t fall into this space by accident. He, like Kate Hudson, is no stranger to the fashion industry. He founded his first company at the age of 15 and sold it three years later. He then joined Intermix Media, an American Internet marketing company, and by the age of 30 was promoted to its Chief Operating Officer making him the youngest COO ever of a publicly traded company. He then co-founded a company similar to Hudson’s Fabletics operating under the name of JustFab. JustFab, like Fabretics, was a subscription based online fashion company where members could receive shoes, clothing accessories, and handbags, for a recurring monthly credit card charge. To sell this vision to its customers, Goldenberg set out to create a highly personalized sales platform for JustFab. He accomplished this by making the service fun and addictive too. He did this by hiring the best designers and style consultants in the fashion field to create an attractive and affordable monthly subscription model. This was done in record time and the end result was a wildly successful business model that perfected Goldenberg’s subscription model while highlighting the websites personality and focusing the buyers attention on its quality products. JustFab has since turned into a wildly successful on-line retailer with a present value of over one billion dollars. Like all successful companies who want to continue being successful, JustFab recently acquired and is the parent company of Kate Hudson’s company Fabretics. The reason for this acquisition is fairly apparent because on a closer look at each companies operations you will notice that they are all but identical other than Fabretics having a major Hollywood movie star as its official spokesperson.