Des Perez and Roc Nation

There are few industries in the world that make more revenue than the music industry. In 2016, the music industry earned an eye-popping $17.2 billion and is poised to more than that in the future.

Hard Working Music Mogul

Contrary to common belief, the music industry is very competitive and succeeding here requires uncommon diligence an hard work. The road to entertainment success is especially arduous for a female which is why so many young women feel inspired by the story of the self-motivated Desiree Perez. Also known as Des Perez, this young woman from New York is one of the best-known movers and shakers in the industry.

Behind the Woman Behind the Scenes

If you start a brief conversation about Jay-Z someone will eventually mention Des Perez. Miss Perez had been associated with the Brooklyn born rapper for more than 2 decades and she has been instrumental in Mr. Carter’s endeavors to expand his business. Jay-Z is one of the most successful recording artists to ever grace a stage. However, the most interesting recent news about the a-list celebrity has been his success in business. However, people in the know will tell you that Des Perez has been Jay’s secret weapon. She has a natural knack for business and she’s one of the most important people in Roc Nation. She has been responsible for everything from organizing tours to handling production. She also reportedly negotiated the $25 million tour deal between Rhiana and Samsung. No one can predict what the future holds for this ambitious young woman but we can be sure her Midas touch will continue the music industry.

David Farbary Steers Aloha Construction towards Excellent Project Delivery

Aloha Construction has grown to be one of the best firms within Lake Zurich in offering home repair projects. The company is headed by David Farbary who is the current President and Chief Executive Officer. David Farbary runs the small business in the light of promoting the name of his family. Despite being a family owned enterprise, he has steered the firm towards delivering thousands of projects to the communities in Washington D.C., Illinois, Wauconda just to mention a few.

The standards that the David Farbary has employed for the company’s operations are unmatched. The services that the company offers include installations, repairs, and even constructions. For these services to be delivered, the firm has employed a competent team of staff which includes professionals with expert knowledge in specific fields of operations. They include contractors, installers, sales representatives, construction managers and many others. Besides, the company is also involved in philanthropy through donations and outreach programmes. Recently, they fuelled a shopping spree to buy toys for needy children.

Nonetheless, their services cover installation of gutters, repair of doors and windows, repair and installation of HVAC systems for households and much more. Their services are delivered on time while still maintaining quality. In most cases, the company does installations for free. Most clients have managed to replace their roofs maintain drainage systems within their homes by acquiring gutters from the firm.

Moreover, the company is committed to ensuring that their customers are served well to maintain relationships with their clients. Their prices are also easily affordable. Consequently, they have managed to attract more clients hence expanding their branches. The amount of professionalism and reliability in their services has also played a role in building the company’s reputation.

Additionally, the company’s CEO, Mr. Farbary has an effective system which drills employees upon recruitment to assess their levels of qualifications. For those who are not well equipped, he provides high levels of training for the mastery of the company’s operational standards. Some of the things new employees are enlightened about are how to build on customer delivery.

Indeed, David Farbary has promoted the delivery of home repair projects for the people of Lake Zurich.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Bring More To The Front Lines With New Technology For Conference Calls

Talk Fusion CEO and President is working to make sure that users know about the Live Meetings platform that is using the WebRTC development to create meeting places for internet based meetings where 15 people can host a meeting with more than 500 participants in one set meeting. The individuals who are attending the conference meetings can connect to the conference by either tablet, mobile device or laptop. There is no need to download any further software such as Adobe Flash Player.


It has been Talk Fusions main goal of providing sophisticated technology that is both modern and versatile to the front of the internet based applications for conference meetings and to continue to bypass the competitors who remain in the software development scene.


Through use of new promotional methods to attract new users to Live Meetings as well as to Video Suite attendees, the new methods for promotional purposes, Talk Fusion is leading the way for more conference calls to take place as well as with using new technology to meet the expectations of users.


The WebRTC application is increasing the potential of benefiting users and the professionals in marketing. It will allow for people to be able to communicate with one another through voice when using a modern browser platform. Through the use of the new platform, users are able to have improved video communication as well as audio communications.


With the help of WebRTC, the newest system has improved the efficiency as well as creating a hassle-free meeting place. With the lack of requiring plug in downloads, WebRTC is allowing for the streamline of setup by avoiding downloads and installations as well as corrupted data that can occur during download times. Learn more:


The newest version of Live Meetings has a number of benefits to include in the process of connecting for conference calls. The video is sharp when connected and the audio that you will hear is going to be impressively clear compared to other platforms.


Savoring the Best of Brazil in Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian businessman and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, one of Brazil’s largest mall. The business titan is also a sports enthusiast. The Manaira Shopping Mall is described as the best investment decision an entrepreneur would have made in Brazil. It is among the best places you can hang out in Brazil. His peers describe him as a hardworking and persistent man. Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa in 1958. He pursued a degree in business administration at the University of Joao Pessoa. Later, he furthered his studies and graduated with a master’s degree from Pio X-Marist College. Roberto started his career at a restaurant. Later, he ventured out and started a carton company. The company specialized in the manufacture of cardboard and folding cartons. His entrepreneurial skills enabled him to source a market for his products. As a result, he would supply its products straight to other organizations.


Roberto Santiago later ventured into the real-estate industry. After purchasing land in Joao Pessoa area, he started his investment in Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall stands on 75,000 square meters of land. It is strategically located and acts as a one-stop shop for the local community and tourists. The mall offers a wide range of commodities. Whether you need clothes, electronics, drinks, or entertainment, Manaira Shopping Mall is the place to be. It contains just about anything under one roof. It prides itself on a series of food courts and restaurants. It has the perfect environment for visitors who want to relax. Whether it a couple on honeymoon or a young-star in search of a thrilling adventure, Manaira Shopping Mall has it all.


It boasts of a state of the art movie theatre where customers can watch movies in 3D. Additionally, it has a section where kids can have fun by playing games. There are Brazilian bars for customers who are looking for a place to unwind with a drink. It consists of a bowling alley where people in search of fun and adventure can have fun. Additionally, a variety of delicacies are offered under the same roof. The mall also hosts several financial institutions like banks. The banks make it easier for an individual to have fun without worrying about finances. Manaira Shopping Mall has a section that is occupied by the Higher Education College of Paraiba.


Movie lovers are treated to a popcorn dispenser. Additionally, there is an ice cream point that goes further to enhance your experience in Joao Pessoa. On the roof of the building is the Domus Hall that is stocked with Brazilian cultural artifacts. It was completed in 2009 and acts as a host to local and international artists. The Domus Hall has a capacity of 10,000 people. A visit to the mall is a ticket to having an exceptional experience.


Jason Hope Expounds On How the Internet of Things Has Transformed the Airline Industry

The Internet of Things is no longer a science fiction excerpt but an operational concept in the current world. Soon, your toaster will be able to inform you when your slice of bread isn’t brown evenly. This, of course, follows a progressive tide that will see the Internet of Things take over merely every aspect of manufacturing and processing and learn more about Jason Hope.

In essence, the seamless wireless connection of everyday appliances and the Internet of Things is widely considered to be a marvelous transformation. This essentially means that medical equipment, toothbrushes, and even cars have dramatically shifted in how they operate. As a testament to the rapid change taking place, Gartner Inc., recently predicted over 25 billion appliances would become connected to the Internet of Things by 2020.

The key to making this transformation a success lies in harnessing Bluetooth beacon technology, a prerequisite of the IoT, which significantly makes it possible for appliances to communicate with each other and with people. The beacon primarily acts as a transmitting device which collects and relays information to other parties. With advancement in technology, most beacons have been configured with sensors tiny enough to stick anywhere and transmit data. As much as the Internet of Things has been lauded for its benefits, it’s crucial to analyze the broad implications it could have for the airline industry and read full article.

Safety Concerns

Airline companies have taken adequate steps to safeguard their airplanes with numerous tech-enabled devices. For instance, Boeing 787s, which are synonymous with Virgin Atlantic, have fully adopted internet-enabled devices as they come. From the nose to the rudder, each component is dependent on a wireless network which collects and conveys real-time data. More importantly, scheduled maintenance procedures are automatically configured and tracked. Operation wise, news regarding a poorly performing engine instigates a rapid response from the ground staff leading to a highly efficient team of mechanics on standby in the plane to take necessary actions and his Linkedin.

Efficient Customer Service

The Internet of Things has enabled swift customer communication via email regarding boarding passes at least 24 hours before take-off. Alternatively, there is no need for logging in on websites or apps to receive such information.

Jason Hope

Aside from being an avid fanatic of IoT, Jason Hope is also known for donating to the SENS Research Foundation through its ambitious plan to reduce the aging process with the aid of stem cells. It’s just a matter of time before concrete results can be obtained. Jason Hope is an alumnus of the Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s of Business Administration from Carey School of Business.

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Why Omar Yunes Remains the Best Franchisee in the Mexican

Food Industry

Omar Yunes’ rise as from a little-known Franchisee to his immense recognition as the Best Franchisee Globally is no mean feat. As early as his 21 years of age, Omar led a Japanese food outlet which he spurred its growth to over 13 units. Speaking at the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Awards in Florence, Italy, he asserted “the growth of the franchise represents 400 employees of the 13 outlets.” he meant that the recognition was an evidence of long dedicated hours of innovation and resourcefulness coming from the employees’ side. The statement became an evidence of a bond he has created with his team in seeing the growth of the company and contact him.

His Fete at BFW

In the last edition, the BFW became a source of inspiration to the over 30 countries that graced the occasion with the sole purpose seeing to evaluate its influence, effect of the event on motivation levels of employees and many other aspects. More importantly, the BFW also sought to know how improvements could be integrated into its model. Even as the organizer of the event, Diego Elizarraras awarded Omar, he also noted the need for improvement of relationship that existed between different franchises operating in the franchise industry. Still, he opined that fast-tracking reliable control boards and overall management of the BFW would rely on the competitiveness of the players in the industry and more information click here.

His Game-changing Tactics

In the competitive Mexican franchise industry, the name Omar Yunes is adversely mentioned courtesy of his innovativeness and shrewd business skills. In the art of brand marketing, he has accumulated vast experience through dedication to delivering professional branding services that sets him apart in the food affiliated industry. Coupling professional services and innovative techniques have resulted in an increase in his clientele base since most of omar’s clients have remained loyal to his brand, and even recommending his services to other clients. In this regard, Omar has perfected his art of putting his clients’ needs ahead of any other need giving rise to the increased demand for his services. Subsequently, he has also felt the need to remain steadfast in his operations and thus relying on a properly motivated workforce that is in love with his industriousness and learn more about Omar Yunes.

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Agora Financial – Leading Independent Investment Company

Securing your funds and assets is a big decision. At times, it can be difficult to decide what to do and confirm a decision. Let Agora Financial help make your decision easier by securing your assets and investigating their instructive advantages. Agora Financial works diligently to offer money related data through online distributions, recordings, online writing, telephone calls and several other choices. They work to ensure that they can offer a reasonable yet profitable market to help those discover financial independence. Agora is glad to promote that they are 100% independent, which demonstrates that they never acknowledge money from speculators.

Agora Financial and its representatives have been creating feasible money related instructions for quite a long time. They initially began the organization in 1979. US history has brought numerous monetary challenges, for example, the housing market crash and the unfortunate bankruptcies of many companies. Their expert analysts and executives have enabled Agora and their investors to flourish through the troublesome money related circumstances while many others lost their investments and more information click here.

Mount Vernon is currently the home to the headquarters of Agora Financial. Throughout the years, they have had the opportunity to open about a dozen other offices in the surrounding areas. Bill Bonner is the founder of Agora Financial and has set quite a bit of his work and commitment into the monetary profitability of the business along with the location of each business. Agora Financial and their exceptionally experienced investigators are prepared to guarantee that you get the proper training that pertains to your area of investments. They are committed to working with every customer to guarantee that they comprehend the systems, exchanges and all of the transactions that take place. Some of the topics that they cover are learning the value of precious metals, beneficial stocks and assessing the necessary investments in a protective process and their Facebook.

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The Immigrants and their Rights

Deciding to move away from your country to stay in another country is not always an easy thing. It is even more difficult to decide to move into the other country and stay there for good. This is because immigrants do not know about the traditions and the cultures of the country to which they intend to move.

To have someone to defend them in case of any attempt to deny them the rights of protected and welcome immigration is very important. In countries that have a continuous flow of immigrants, there are established groups that mandate themselves with ensuring that the rights of the immigrants are protected and respected.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is one such organization that has stayed instrumental in ensuring that the rights of immigrants are observed and their dignity preserved. The organization is a brainchild of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The main role of the organization is to provide financial support to groups that help in advocating for the rights of immigrants.

This is how Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund came to be: Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin ran a story that featured Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They were arrested and later released. After their release, the two went to court and sued the county. The court ruled in their favor and they were awarded 3.75 million dollars. They decided to channel these funds into supporting groups that champion for the rights of immigrants.

To help in organizing lawyers as well as law students succeed in fighting for the human and legal rights of refugees through legal aid and policy advocacy, the International Refugee Assistance Project was born. This project empowers its members with legal knowledge and expertise on how to articulate the rights of refugees through legal means.

Another organization that works similar to International Refugee Assistance Project is the Immigration Legal Resource Center. This is a national resource center that helps in training lawyers and advocates, as well as communities to advocate for the rights and well-being of immigrants. The group also participates in local, state and federal advocacy work and has been key in calling for the rights of immigrants and minorities.

Albert Einstein helped in setting up the International Rescue Committee whose work is to provide aid and support to people affected by humanitarian crises. The organization provided medical supplies, food, water and other social services to people befallen by a calamity. The organization is non-profit and thrives on donations from well-wishers. Read more:  Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Other groups include the Florence Immigration and Refugees Rights Projects that provide key services to immigrants who are detained in Arizona and the Immigrant Defense Project that uses impact litigation, advocacy, and public education to help put a stop to deportations and unjust immigration systems.

The two have been vocal in condemning the immigration policies President Donald Trump has been trying to put in place in an effort to either deport some immigrants from the United States of America or stop others from accessing the United States from certain countries.

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How Desiree Perez is Transforming the Music Industry

The music industry in the United States has not been left behind in generating huge incomes as well as keeping people entertained. The industry has over the past years brought a major revolution to the way of life of most individuals, and reduced the level of boredom in their lives. Besides, the industry has also been growing tremendously in the past years and its growth since the twentieth century is evident from the huge profits it has made. Since 1998, the music industry in the country has been bringing huge revenues to the country with the artists reaping big out of their hard work. The revenue generated from the music industry rose from 11.4 to 7.65 billion in the past years, thanks to the highly skilled entrepreneurs and managers involved in making the venture successful.

Among the major contributors include the billboards digital power players who have ensured that artists, music is well marketed and exclusively streamed to all platforms for people to view. Besides, they also ensure that the musicians get a good pay for their innovative creations and this has seen a fair share of the revenues generated from the ventures. Stefam Blom, the chief executive officer of Spotify, is one of the major contributors to the success of the music industry through his platform which has attracted a significant number of subscribers to view music from prestigious artists. Among the other contributors include Steve Boom of Amazon, Lindsey Pearl of Amazon music and now the renowned entrepreneur Desiree Perez of COO TIDAL and read full article.

Desiree Perez has brought a major revolution in the music industry through her impeccable entrepreneurial skills and lucrative business deals with known artists. Through her company, she has effectively given music subscribers a reason to listen to music from various artists through her admirable deals. The firm has attracted over forty million customers who have exclusively viewed the products and as a result generated a huge revenue for the industry. Desiree is never turning back and looks towards offering the best and what Desiree Perez knows.

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Anthony Petrello: Remaining Humble at the Top

Nabors Industries Ltd. is set to acquire Tesco Corp., both companies based out of Houston, Texas. The transaction for acquiring Tesco Corp. will be an all stock transaction. This all stock deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2017. This deal values the common stock for Tesco at $4.62 per share. Each of these common stock shares will be exchanged for 0.68 common shares of Nabor, as per the agreement. Once this deal closes, Tesco shareholders will own on average about 10% of Nabors shares. There is a deadline for this deal to close. If for any reason this deal does not close by February 14, 2018, then Tesco will be ordered to pay Nabors $8 million dollars according to paperwork filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Tesco is a company that develops, creates, and fixes technologies for the energy industry. Nabors is owner of the largest drilling rig fleet on land in the world. They also provide off shore drilling services, platforms for rigs, and tools to maintain the performance of these off shorerigs. Together, Tesco and Nabors will manufacture and provide these services for the oil industry. With both Tesco and Nabors combined efforts, they will successfully profit from it up to $35 million dollars.

Anthony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd., comes from a humble background despite his success as one of the top paid CEOs in the country. Anthony Petrello is from Newark, New Jersey. He is the son of hardworking parents who worked diligently to make ends meet when he was a young boy. Petrello knew at an early age he needed to work hard to help his family financially succeed. Anthony studied hard, especially math which was his passion. This lead him to gain a full scholarship to Yale University. He continued his passion of math for many years, and ended up at Harvard Law School a few years later. Once he completed a number of years in college, he worked his way up for thirty years to the position he holds today. He donates to many charities every year.

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