Popular YouTubers You Should Learn About

The online world has opened up many opportunities, both for social groups as well as for economic-focused individuals. YouTube is one of the online platforms where one can easily get all the information that can help to make life better. From fun videos to tutorials that offer education, YouTube has been credited for allowing people to interact at a deeper level. This platform also offers a great marketing tool for companies and different brands. Many people have capitalized on the art of creating unique videos, which they post on the platform so their followers can watch and subscribe to watch more in future. Those with hither numbers of subscribers are regarded among the most successful YouTubers and below are just a few who have excelled quite well in the field.

With a total of 1.9 billion views, KSI is among few YouTubers who have made a milestone on the platform. He is mainly loved for the fanaticism he displays for video games, particularly FIFA games. KSI also boasts of more than 10 million subscribers. He mainly offers videos with footage where he commentates FIFA video games. This has drawn massive admiration and love all over the world, something that has qualified him to rank among top YouTubers.

Ray William Johnson
Ray William Johnson is also a well known YouYuber, who specializes in offering comic video commentaries. His fan base has risen to the tune of 10.7 million subscribers from all over the world. He is also happy to have reached a total of three billion views, something thats not easy to achieve for any ordinary person. Ray William Johnson also invites top celebrities and personalities who help to make his videos more interesting during the interviews.

Wengie is an Australian based beauty blogger, who has been crowned for offering content that is useful and colorful for all classes of viewers. He is credited for maintaining top standards in the field and helping to offer new solutions for problems that have engulfed the world of fashion beauty.

It is also necessary to note that Wengie has taken some campaign to YouTube, where she creates different useful videos that are meant to offer information that can help people improve on their beauty skills. This has earned Wengie many subscribers, who are eager to learn about beauty and to explore more. His videos are based on the need to offer beauty solutions that are reliable and lasting while at the same time maintaining uniqueness.