Mary Pirrello SSB Joins Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

NexBank SSB is one of the powerful regional banks in Dallas. Just recently, the company announced that one of their own, Mary Pirrello, who works as the Senior Vice President of the National Warehouse Lending had been appointed to become the president of Texas Mortgage Bankers Association. Mary is expected to remain in the position for the next one year.

According to the regional bank, Mary started her term in May 2016. She has a lot of expertise in the industry, having been working as a leader in several organizations in the last twenty years. At NexBank SSB, Pierro is in charge of business development activities. She is also responsible for managing relationships in the national warehouse lending department.

Mary has also been working as an active member of TMBA for several years. The successful banker is also believed to be actively involved in the famous National Mortgage Bankers Association. Mary is expected to bring significant changes in her current position.
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