Mr. Sanjay Shah’s Great Cause

Autism Rocks is a unique charitable organization that features live concerts as its sole funding strategy. Not only do the concerts provide a fun way to donate money, as they generate a significant sum to fund autism research. The organization was founded in 2014, just three years after Mr. Sanjay Shah’s son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism.
Mr. Will and Pete Best have recently been elected to Autism Rocks’ Board of Trustees. Pete is a longtime friend of founder Sanjay Shah, but is more than qualified for the position. Pete’s last job was serving as Chief Operating Officer for Icap, one of the largest financial servicers in London. Will has extensive experience in performing music, marking the duo as a perfect fit for Autism Rocks.

Solo Capital Markets according to its companycheck profile was founded in 2011 by Mr. Sanjay Shah. The firm is a significant player in London’s financial scene, and is currently valued at more than 15.45 million Euros. Sanjay Shah was able to bring the firm to success through his well-developed financial senses. Mr. Shah is currently worth more than $250 million dollars, proving his potential for growing Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah now the CEO of Solo Capital almost went down the medical path as a student, but decided to opt for the financial sector. Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Credit Suisse have employed Mr. Shah as an accountant in his younger years. In 2009, Mr. Sanjay Shah decided to found his own financial firm, now but a distant ancestor of the ever-blossoming Solo Capital.

Some of the world’s most popular music artists have performed at the event, including Lenny Kravitz, Drake, and Prince. Only those with autism and their caregivers are able to attend the event, although there are some seats reserved for thoroughly involved investors and financiers. In 2015, the price was $130 for a child with autism and $30 per caregiver, paid for completely by donations.

Mr. Sanjay Shah is also involved with autism as a trustee of the Autism Research Trust, which primarily finances autism research at Cambridge University. Mr. Shah has held the position of trust director since 2013.

This article’s contents were derived from an outstanding article on Sunday Times.