Securus Upgrades System

A leader in producing products for public safety and corrections agencies just took it’s work to another level. Securus Technologies, a provider of criminal justice technology solutions headquartered in Dallas,Texas, recently upgraded an important tool. Securus released THREADS 3.1, to date their most sophisticated and the most advanced analytical tool in the U.S. corrections market.

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THREADS 3.1 is a significant upgrade to the companies previous tool. Securus has managed to redesign this tool giving it an incredible new look, without losing the powerful tools that their clients are used to. The tool has a new sleek interface that has eliminated some of the processes and actions that were not needed. THREADS 3.1 preforms much better that it’s predecessor and gives the user a much better overall experience.

Securus tool now uses HTML 5 which is great because it grants them the ability to connect with many of their other products. 3.1 provides tons of information and requires almost no prior training to operate. It is packed with several other key features including a new function that allows users to listen to SCP calls within the programs application. Furthermore the program allows for customized printing and precise reports.

Serving more than 1,200,000 inmates across North America, Securus Technologies is easily a leader in their field. The companies work is proof they are dedicated to providing the best in monitoring products and services. For years THREADS has been the model for others in this space. With THREADS 3.1, Securus has taken a good product and made it great!

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Skout Keeps the Dating Scene Exciting

The thing that makes my dating world exciting is Skout. I have never been so impressed with a website and app as I have with Skout. This has made my life so much easier. Dating has become a lot of fun over years, and I believe this app has totally transformed things for me.

In the world of dating there is the traditional dating, and then there is online dating. I have tried traditional dating for half of my life, and the results have never been that positive. On the other side of the fence there is online dating, and I have had great results with this. I meet people online and flirt. I chat and interact at long as I want to before I actually go out on a date. This is the great part. In the tradition dating scene you may meet someone new and there is already pressure to go out right away. I don’t like that. I am more interested in pacing myself. I like to spend a little bit of time getting to know someone first. I get a chance to see if this is someone that I really want to start something with. I don’t have to waste a lot of time out on a date with someone that isn’t really my type.

I would say that this is the most exciting thing about the app world. It allows me to get a very exciting dating experience for free. I have tried the other apps before. None of these apps have given me what Skout has given me. It is a free app – unlike eHarmony – so I can get connected with millions of people at no cost. That is the best possible reason for anyone to use it.

Skout can certainly become the ideal app for me because it is one of the best in the Apple store. It has a lot of potential to beat out other apps like Facebook even though this is where most people discovered it. I have been using Skout for many years, and it has become a staple because it has continued to be the best visual app. There are tons of pictures of people here. You can click on a profile and just start chatting right away.  On the other end of the scope there are also people that will be interested in the random “shake to chat” feature. This is something that people will be interested in if they don’t want to see photos first. You can shake your phone and start chatting with a random person. This can be a hit and miss situation. Sometimes the results are great. At other times it may be a little less than stellar.