Lori Senecal — Marauder for Women

While some consider her management style debatable, others have revered her as emplerary. Lori Senecal has a record in the advertising business that most others can only dream of. After all, how many senior executives can boast the accomplishments she has achieved? Not many.

Lori Senecal has been proactively helping Crispin turn its operations around. They experienced a serious bout of cooling operations and mongering failures. Lori came in and changed all of that. Five years before her arrival, Crispin had been rapidly losing interest from quality clients. They were struggling to maintain relevance in an evolving market. Lori introduced the firm to new and innovative ideas that forced a new brand of progressivism to emerge from the company. Now, they face improving business prospects and evolving clientele.

Lori has also been a staunch promoter of women in industry. She fights for equal rights and relevance in a culture that historically caters to men. While at Crispin, she promoted four new female creatives to higher positions. She has also spoken at the 3% Conference about opening doors for women. A noble cause close to her heart, she wishes to see more women excel in the corporate world. Through her efforts, she has cultivated a small group of women bent on improving the bleak statistics of corporate America. The group of female marketing executives assembles in Los Angeles and decides upon different ways they can all bolster each other’s careers.

In a time when women are underrepresented in society, Lori provides a much-needed voice. Some have said that her leadership tactics are controversial. Some say she can be singularly focused on profits and productivity. But, it is these very traits which have been the catalyst for opening doors that were once closed. She has turned the industry on its ear and blown a new hole in the dark cave for women to enter.

According to Campaignlive, Lori Senecal can be called nothing less than a humanitarian. She goes above and beyond traditional CEOs who resort to simple tactics of token rewards and high fives. Lori Senecal actively looks for ways to effect real change. You can visit their Twitter page to see more.

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Alexandre Gama

As the founder of Neogama, which is one of the top advertising agencies in Brazil, Alexandre Gama has proven to be quite a successful businessman. His journey began when he obtained a degree in Advertising and Communications from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. In the early 80’s, Alexandre Gama jumped into the advertising field working as a copywriter at Standard Ogilvy & Mather. Nearly a decade later while working for DM9 as a Copywriter and Creative Director, Gama was the most awarded copywriter of his generation in Brazil for four years.

Alexandre Gama worked for two other agencies before starting Neogama in 1999.