Providing a Voice for the Voiceless Through the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Founded in 2013, by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, The Frontera Fund is a unique organization that fights fir the civil, human and migrant rights of the people. The Frontera Fund specifically targets to help the Hispanic Community in Arizona.

This is because for so many years they have persevered racial discrimination and civil rights abuses. The idea and funding to start this organization cane from settlement money Lacey and Larkin were offered after being arrested wrongfully.

The incident took place in the evening of October 18, 2007 where armed officers from Maricopa County stormed into Lacey’ and Larkin’s houses. The officers were from the Selective Enforcement Unit under the then Sherriff Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were wrongfully handcuffed and arrested. The reason for their arrest was soon found out to be because the two had been exposing Arpaio’s misdeeds.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the Founders and Executives of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times newspapers. Using these newspapers particularly Phoenix New Times, Lacey and Larkin brought out a number of misdeeds done by Joe.

Joe Arpaio is the former Sheriff of Maricopa County having served at that capacity for 24 years. Arpaio was born on June 14, 1932 in Springfield, U.S.A. He portrayed himself as a very tough Sheriff.

This is so since he always took a brave stand on things that were against the law.. From 2005, for example, Joe Arpaio always took an outspoken stance on illegal immigration. Joe Arpaio was also seen to play a key role in the opposing Arizona’s SB1070 anti-illegal immigrant law.

Joe Arpaio’s career, however, was characterised by a lot of controversies. Apart from being highlighted in the Phoenix New Times his deed were also criticised by a number of United states Agencies. United States District Courts and the Arizona Ecumenical Council are examples of these agencies.

Maricopa jails were said to be overcrowded and the inmates were denied access to good health care and food which was totally against the constitution. Joe Arpaio was said to have failed in investigating sex cases and putting offenders to justice.. In fact by the end of the year 2007, it is said that close to 400 sex cases were inadequately investigated or not investigated at all.

Additionally, Lacey and Larkin were arrested for writing a story about a wrongfully issued subpoenas. Joe’s allies at the Maricopa County Attorney’s office had issued a subpoenas seeking the newspaper’s details including their writers, readers and everything around that.

It was after a long outcry by the public that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were later released. The two set off for a court battle and in the end the two were paid a sum of $3.7 million after it was ruled that they were wrongfully arrested and jailed.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin then decided to open the Frontera Fund. This because the two had had experience of what discrimination of the Hispanic people felt like especially Larkin. The Frontera Fund is one of the groups whose core objectives is to safeguard the people’s civil, human and migrant rights. Apart from that, Frontera Fund also supports other groups who have the same goals in mind.

The Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights is a good example of these groups. Based in California, the group was started to fight for the rights of immigrant families and individuals. In simple terms it wants to create a society that appreciates everyone whether a citizen or immigrant.

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Human Rights: The Fight Against Oppression

A lot of people in the free world of developed countries are unaware of all of the horrors that are going on in some other countries. For one thing, there are horrors in different countries that one would have thought was just a relic of something 500 years past. However, there are some countries that are involved in tyranny and dictatorships. However, these countries are being exposed for what is happening. This is only the first step to fighting the battle for human rights. The next step is coming up with a plan in order to make some changes in the world.

As of right now, the people that are coming up with plans to take on the tyranny in certain countries is Thor Halvorssen. Thor is someone who is willing to take the fight to where it needs to go in order to be effective. As a human rights activist, he takes the time to differentiate himself from the others. One of the ways he differentiates himself from other activists is that he actually gets involved in the fight. He does not just sit there and talk about the issues of human rights. He has also been beaten up for the cause.

Another thing that makes him effective as a human rights activist is that he is very intense and proceeds with a lot of energy. He truly is passionate about what he does and he makes sure that he keeps up a good image. While human rights activists have been stereotyped as miserable people who are a little less than clean shaven, Thor Halvorssen is someone that makes sure that he pursues his goals with a lot of positive energy and a joy. He is also serious about being proactive with a solution to each different threat to human rights and read full article.

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Thor Halvorssen Looks To Change The Perception Of Global Activists

The perception of activists in the human rights community is often of people who are so completely focused on putting right the wrongs in the world that they do not open up to the public about the campaigns they are undertaking. This is not a charge that can be leveled at the founder of the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen who is always looking for new ways of bringing attention to the problem of human rights; Halvorssen does not class himself as a regular activist, but instead hopes to bring an entirely new generation of people into the activism community in a mainstream way.

Thor Halvorssen is always looking for new ways of bringing success to the area of human rights activism as he seeks new ways of bringing people to the world of activism. Halvorssen himself is not the usual human rights activist as he comes from a long line of government officials in Norway and Venezuela; the history of the Halvorssen family may not lend itself to creating an important human rights activist, but Halvorssen has established a long line of activism success stories stretching from northern Europe, to the U.S. and beyond.

Alongside his work as a human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen also follows his dream of creating movies that both entertain and inform; as a well known Hollywood based film producer Halvorssen has created a series of documentary and fiction movies that have become some of the most popular in the world. The University of Pennsylvania alum has looked to publicize the fight of communities against closed societies in his documentary work, which has featured a number of stories based in the Communist ruled Europe of the mid 20th century.

There have been many areas of his work Thor Halvorssen has become famous for, including his establishment of the Moving Picture Institute. This charitable organization was founded in 2005 to help publicize major issues and change the way these are viewed by members of the public.

Thor Halvorsen Dedicates His Life To The Fight For Equality

President of the New York based Human Rights Foundation is a die hard fighter for true democracy and equality. Thor Halvorssen launched the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 in efforts to fight against government corruption and inequality. Halvorssen was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and when he was just a teen, moved to London in 1989 to begin his career advocating for human rights. His motivation behind the fight came from his father, who was a political prisoner in Venezuela, and his mother who was shot during a political protest in 2004. Since its launch in 2004, the human rights foundation has secured the release of seven prisoners, published two books and founded the Oslo Freedom Forum.

The Oslo Freedom Forum was intended to be a one time gathering in celebration of human rights, but because of its success and popularity it has been held annually since its launch. Participants come from all around to be a part of the festival, and celebrate and discuss human rights and the importance of equality. mentions that Halvorssen has suffered from physical abuse as well as verbal, because of his opposition against government corruption. He has made countless contributions to the improvement of public policy and public interest, and is an advocate for civil liberties. He is heavily involved in matters related to sex trafficking, slavery and threats to the existence of democracy and has conducted several lectures on the topic at Harvard Law School,the New York City Junto, the United Nations Association in New York, and the American Enterprise Institute.

In 2009, Thor Halvorssen was listed as a Patron of the Children’s Peace Movement and the Centipede movement. This Czech-based organization helps foster relationships between children and their peer in war torn countries, bridging the gap between communities, and helping children understand that they are not alone. His selfless contributions and unwavering determination in the fight for equality for all has earned Halvorssen a significant amount of respect for those who believe the same.

Nicki Minaj Departs For Angola Trip After Human Rights Foundation Intervention

Anaconda star Nicki Minaj has recently become the focus of the Human Rights Foundation after she agreed to appear at a Christmas Festival in Angola. The festival is sponsored by Unitel, a telecommunications induistry company thought to be part of the business empire of President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos; the Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has written an open letter to Minaj and fellow performer Gilbert Arenas calling upon them to pull out of the concert.

Halvorssen has recently been looking to highlight the trips and performances of many of the top stars of Hollywood and the wider entertainment industry paid for by tyrants from around the world. Halvorssen has been involved in the publication and highlighting of the human rights abuses of people from around the world in his bid to assist those who are abused by government officials. The Human Rights Foundation has been at the forefront of bringing noteriety to those who support regimes from around the world, with Minaj and Arenas the latest to feel the wrath of Halvorssen as he looks to explain why they should not follow through with their planned performances.

Thor Halvorssen is a well known Hollywood film producer who has worked in the genres of documentary and science fiction. The work in Hollywood is coupled with the human rights advocacy Halvorssen has undertaken in recent years in his bid to create a fairer world for all. The personal nature of the work of Halvorssen comes after members of his own family were subjected to various abuses of their rights throughout their life in Venezuela.

One of the major problems the Human Rights Foundation founder has with the planned performance of NIcki Minaj and Gilbert Arenas is the sponsorship of the performance by a President Dos Santos owned company. The President is accused by Thor Halvorssen of growing rich off the diamond and oil industries of Angola as his own people starve; coupled with accussations of human rights abuses by the President, Halvorssen has called upon Nicki Minaj to give up her performance to support the human rights of the people of Angola.