Andy Wirth- Cliffhanger CEO

Starting his career as CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, Andy Wirth oversaw a $70 million renovation and succeeded in shaping the resort to become one of the top 20% highly-regarded skiing resorts and facilities in the world. A passionate man, Andy has always enjoyed participating in outdoor sports like biking, rock climbing and has a reputation as a bit of then adrenaline junky that enjoys the rush he gets from actively participating in extreme sports such as swimming with sharks and skydiving.

With his deep and profound desire for extreme sports, he decidedly took up skydiving as a hobby. He had dived dozens of times before he eventually encountered a parachute mishap which caused him to land in a barbed-wire secured vineyard. The fall from the airplane, which almost killed him caused massive amounts of blood to gush from his nearly detached arm.

After the paramedics discovering his body soon after his skydiving mishap, he was bedridden in the hospital for three months before he was finally well enough to leave. Upon his release, he met a Navy Seal who shared a lot of the same life philosophies as him and they became fast friends. He eventually began a foundation designed to help injured Navy seal veterans who have no support system when they are released into the civilian world.

Andy Wirth knows how it feels to come out alive in a life or death situation. His slow recovery caused him to reevaluate his entire life, eventually making him a sharper and more astute businessman.

Despite having his arm almost completely severed from the rest of his body, he continued to work tirelessly achieving enormous success in business while simultaneously healing very quickly. As evident in his appearance in Undercover Boss, the highly-rated reality television show, his confidence, resilience and dedication to what he loves help drive him to achieve the greatness that so many recognize him for today.

Not only because he saved his own life by being strong, resourceful and dedicated, or because he is the CEO of Squad Valley Holdings or is the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board, he is known as a God in Squaw Valley because his attitude and determination inspires all that come around him, somehow, like a magnet. He has the uncanny ability to able to draw out the best in every situation and magnify it until it is the only thing that exists, a similar process to the one that saved his life.

Human Rights Foundation Looks To Protect The Rights Of Gorki Aguila

Human rights activist Gorki Aguila, who is also the lead singer with Cuban rock band Porno para Ricardo was recently the subject of an interesting article from the Fox News Latino Website. Aguila is well known to human rights activists around the world for his work with Porno para Rocardo, who have been very public in their opposition to the Communist Cuban regime. The Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has revealed to the media the recent problems Halvorssen has had with the Cuban authorities over his support of other human rights campaigners in Cuba.

Thor Halvorssen has been leading the fight against human rights atrocities around the world since forming the Human Rights Foundation in 2005. He and a board filled with those have been subjected to human rights violations and former politicians have been looking to highlight the issues with human rights problems across the world. Human Rights Foundation has been particularly involved with making sure violation of human rights in communities closed off from the outside world, such as Cuba, are reported in the press of developed countries.

Details of the arrest of Gorki Aguila by Cuban authorities have been released by Thor Halvorssen, which included his arrest and the suggestion the singer may not be permitted to travel in the future if he continued to support anti government groups. Aguila has supported a number of groups and individual artists who have been arrested for their beliefs and actions aimed at opposing the rule of Fidel and Raul Castro. As Porno para Ricardo have seen their popularity rise since their formation in 1998, the band has performed around the world and would not be able to fulfill their commitments if their lead singer was unable to travel.