Cassio Audi’s Incredible Journey in the Music Life

Cassio Audi was helped in the commencement of his journey in music by his four friends. The four friends include Felipe, Pit, Yves and Machado Andre. When the friends came together, Cassio was in a position to commence his journey as a drummer. His first band was the Viper Rock Music Band. Being a drummer extricated him from the previous challenges that he faced. As such, he could easily progress in the musical journey without facing the struggles of marketing songs or even composing the songs.

The band that Cassio Audi played for drums faced immense airplay. Moreover, it was able to hit several stages where it gave numerous electric performances. The band became widely recognized across Brazil. Among some of the major hits by the band that made it famous include Nightmare, Killera, and Princess from Hell. With the good command that the band created in Brazil, it was now able to proceed into venturing other regions.

Cassio Audi and his band members explored other regions such as America and Europe. Although Cassio was actively involved in drumming and in the tours that the band was conducting across the continents, he still continued composing various songs for the band. The first album of the band which was launched in the year 1987 named the Soldiers of Sunset was as a result of the contributions of Cassio Audi.

The album produced by the band became a major hit within the rock music domain. This portrayed the immense contribution of Cassio to the band and the overall incredible teamwork portrayed by the band. The band received appraise from different regions partly because it sang very well and also because it sang in English which was not the native language of the Brazilians. In addition to being a significant person in the music domain, Cassio is also a renowned financial executive. He strives to impact a positive change in the industry.

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