End Citizens United Fight Against Citizens United

“End Citizens United”, is a political action Committee that was established March 1st, 2015 mainly to try and put a stop to filthy rich individuals influencing elections with their wallets, which, they have been doing legally since 2010 when The Supreme Court ruled in the favor of Citizens United thereby establishing that, “corporations are people” allowing billionaires to practically buy into political power while abolishing laws that had been employed for the past century which was aimed at decreasing fraud, bribery & corruption in our electoral system.

Another one of the committee’s goals is to reconstruct the finance system of our campaigns to higher standards as well as better quality.

The committee is mainly funded by grassroots donors and according to communications director, Richard Carbo, has raised more than $4 million so far from small donors and are set up for a total of $25 million to $30 million for the entire cycle.

Former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado are just two of the eleven democratic candidates that End Citizens United will endorse, they recently announced .

Sometime early next year, the group plans to back the candidates financially, while advertising and promoting on television, through direct mail, and polling.

Already, End Citizens United have gotten more than 325,000 signatures demanding that Congress pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Courts Citizens United decision and that number is expected to rise drastically as they reach out to more than 4 million people linked to, “Ready for Hilary” a group they will soon be partnering with.

Still, the last time America even passed a Constitutional amendment was in 1992 and since then Washington has gotten much more partisan. A professor of law, “Rick Hasen”, who is also a campaign finance regulation expert, claims the chances are a pipe dream to think that electing some members of Congress who are supportive will get an amendment like this passed even if the group collected $100 million dollars but that won’t stop the End Citizens United committee from pushing lawmakers into overturning Citizens United.

End Citizens United, will continue their mission and fight for what they believe in, to elect pro-reform candidates to pass pro-reform laws and will also work with ballot measure campaigns as well as expressing their concern nationwide about using money in politics.

For more infromation about End citizens United, just visit actionnetwork.org.

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