Rick Smith: How Securus Technologies’ CEO Reinvented the Company to Cement its Dominance in the Inmate Communications Industry

Rick Smith is undoubtedly an accomplished entrepreneur. As the CEO and President of Securus Technologies, Mr. Smith has painstakingly upped his work ethic and remains committed to steering the company to astronomic success. In essence, Securus Technologies is widely considered to be a leading tech company specializing as a communications service provider for North American prisons.Since its formation, Securus has become synonymous with catering for the needs of the criminal and civil justice departments by providing unrivaled technology, which protects the society as well. In other words, Securus is adept at providing communication services while also preventing crimes within prisons.

Professional Background of Rick Smith

Before taking the mantle at Securus in 2008, Rick Smith had previously worked at various reputable institutions such as Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he held several positions between 1998 and 2008. At Eschelon, Smith gained immense recognition when he took over the chief financial officer’s position until March 2000. Afterward, the chief operating officer’s position emerged as too crucial to pass on and successfully held this position for the next three years. Before making a name for himself at Eschelon, Smith had served as Frontier Corp’s vice president for financial management, a position that immensely shaped his two-decade experience in the industry.It’s crystal clear that Rick Smith’s stellar career stems from determination and commitment to succeed. His breakthrough emerged after his appointed as the vice president for Midwest Telephone Operations. It is through this position that Rick Smith gained the attention of Securus Technologies and subsequently served as a Board member in 2008.

Educational Background

Rick Smith’s meteoric rise to prominence is widely credited to his associate degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering – issued by Rochester Institute of Technology. Smith deemed it necessary to pursue higher education with an MBA from Rochester University.Rick Smith’s dalliance with Securus Technologies has undoubtedly been a match made in heaven. Through his expertise, Securus has progressively made significant strides by providing unique technology that meets the ever-changing needs of the prison industry. For instance, the company has enforced stringent measures aimed at curbing the entry of contraband while also ensuring that inmates communicate with their loved ones through modern visual and voice recognition software. Through these gadgets, the inmates obtain a picture of current developments beyond the prison walls, which positively contributes to their stay in prison.Feedback Regarding Positive Emails from Service Delivery Based on verified reports from the company’s emails, Securus is pleased to have made a positive contribution to curbing crime and fostering communication with inmates. Such sentiments have been echoed by the positive emails submitted by prisoner’s loved ones. Such emails act as a beacon of hope for a better and safer society.

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