How Fabletics has capitalized on Client Reviews to Penetrate the Online Fashion Industry

The behavior consumers across the globe is shifting, and customer reviews currently have a significant impact on the success of businesses. The power of the crowd influences products that a specific brand can sell. Most people rely on crowd-sourced online reviews whenever they need to purchase any commodity. These consumers believe in the opinions of other clients as much as they would trust recommendations that are offered by people they know. Many leading brands have decided to develop marketing strategies that are based on this new client behavior. Fabletics is one of the successful enterprises that use reviews to attract customers. The company was formed in 2013 and has an annual growth of approximately 200 percent. It currently serves over one million active subscribers and has made total profits of approximately $235 million. Techstyle’s marking officer, Shawn Gold, said that the business had attained success in the e-commerce sector because it considers the reviews that are offered by the customers.

Kate Hudson understands the power of client reviews and has been using this to ensure that Fabletics takes over the United States’ sports fashion industry. According to the company, consumer loyalty, sells, and retentions are significantly influenced reviews of the previous customers. Many people use the internet often, and therefore, their purchase decision is greatly manipulated by the information that read online. Consumers also research about a particular company or brand before they decide to acquire its commodities. Results from a study that was done by BrightLocal showed that 84 percent of people believe in the reviews that are offered by other customers. Traditional advertisement methods are not trusted by most individuals.

According to L2, a renowned market research firm, approximately 76 percent of the most profitable businesses feature review on their online platforms. Reviews build the trust of clients, and therefore, facilitate the growth of a company. Vibe, a market research firm, did a holiday shopping study, which indicated that 33 percent of the internet users who visit online shops focus on comparing prices while 65 percent read reviews about the stores.

Enterprises that are evaluated positively by people who have used their products are likely to build healthy relationships with customers. These companies are also rated well by clients, attract more consumers, and have high returns. Firms have been considering reviews when creating marketing strategies to have high customer return ratios and loyalty. Websites that have positive reviews appear on the top when searched on engines such as Google. Trustpilot, which is among the leading evaluation firms, has collaborated with Google to ensure that brands get genuine Google Seller Ratings. Online advertisements that comprise of Google Seller Ratings are viewed more by clients compared to those that have not been rated.

BrightLocal conducted a study, which revealed that over 74 percent of consumers are motivated to buy a product after reading opinions from other users. According to Fabletics, the real image of a brand is shown by the reviews that it receives from its clients. The company uses approaches that are based on reviews when producing and marketing products.

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