What Makes OSI Group Top 100 Food And Beverage Companies In The US?

Serving as the parent company for different meat and vegetable production brands. OSI Group recently appeared among the largest private businesses in America by Forbes. The recognition came shortly after the company featured in the FoodProcessing.com list of top 100 food companies in Canada and the United States.

Interestingly, these aren’t the only recognitions and honors the food and beverage company has gained in the recent past. So what sets the company apart from its competitors? How does it remain relevant in the face of its product consumers across different parts of the world?

By remaining efficient and reliable

The company is widely known for their ability to provide their consumers with custom food options time and again. Additionally, each of the OSI Group products holds excellent touch of culinary expertise that goes into their production and packaging. They are also made available in different global flavors thereby appealing to various members of the community regardless of their cultural grounding.

By adhering to safety in its food production

In 2015, the OSI Group England branch received both the sword of honor and Globe of honor by the British safety council. The two awards were in recognition of the group’s adherence to quality health standards in the production of food products.

Through innovativeness

While awarding the food company these awards, the council mentioned that they were also in appreciation of the company’s efforts in embracing innovative production technology. Notably, OSI is continually exploring and trying out policies, procedures, and systems aimed at improving mode of food production and packaging.

Rooting for sustainability

Apart from providing reliable services to their consumers and adhering to safety standards in their food production and delivery, OSI group also has solid sustainability goals. This target both their food industry and international supply chain sustainability.

Bottom line

There is a reason the OSI Company continually tops the national food industry through commanding a significant market share as well as scoping an excellence award after another. It has summoned the art of remaining innovative in its production and delivery of healthy consumables as well as consistently rooting for its sustainability.

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Providing a Voice for the Voiceless Through the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Founded in 2013, by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, The Frontera Fund is a unique organization that fights fir the civil, human and migrant rights of the people. The Frontera Fund specifically targets to help the Hispanic Community in Arizona.

This is because for so many years they have persevered racial discrimination and civil rights abuses. The idea and funding to start this organization cane from settlement money Lacey and Larkin were offered after being arrested wrongfully.

The incident took place in the evening of October 18, 2007 where armed officers from Maricopa County stormed into Lacey’ and Larkin’s houses. The officers were from the Selective Enforcement Unit under the then Sherriff Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were wrongfully handcuffed and arrested. The reason for their arrest was soon found out to be because the two had been exposing Arpaio’s misdeeds.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the Founders and Executives of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times newspapers. Using these newspapers particularly Phoenix New Times, Lacey and Larkin brought out a number of misdeeds done by Joe.

Joe Arpaio is the former Sheriff of Maricopa County having served at that capacity for 24 years. Arpaio was born on June 14, 1932 in Springfield, U.S.A. He portrayed himself as a very tough Sheriff.

This is so since he always took a brave stand on things that were against the law.. From 2005, for example, Joe Arpaio always took an outspoken stance on illegal immigration. Joe Arpaio was also seen to play a key role in the opposing Arizona’s SB1070 anti-illegal immigrant law.

Joe Arpaio’s career, however, was characterised by a lot of controversies. Apart from being highlighted in the Phoenix New Times his deed were also criticised by a number of United states Agencies. United States District Courts and the Arizona Ecumenical Council are examples of these agencies.

Maricopa jails were said to be overcrowded and the inmates were denied access to good health care and food which was totally against the constitution. Joe Arpaio was said to have failed in investigating sex cases and putting offenders to justice.. In fact by the end of the year 2007, it is said that close to 400 sex cases were inadequately investigated or not investigated at all.

Additionally, Lacey and Larkin were arrested for writing a story about a wrongfully issued subpoenas. Joe’s allies at the Maricopa County Attorney’s office had issued a subpoenas seeking the newspaper’s details including their writers, readers and everything around that.

It was after a long outcry by the public that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were later released. The two set off for a court battle and in the end the two were paid a sum of $3.7 million after it was ruled that they were wrongfully arrested and jailed.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin then decided to open the Frontera Fund. This because the two had had experience of what discrimination of the Hispanic people felt like especially Larkin. The Frontera Fund is one of the groups whose core objectives is to safeguard the people’s civil, human and migrant rights. Apart from that, Frontera Fund also supports other groups who have the same goals in mind.

The Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights is a good example of these groups. Based in California, the group was started to fight for the rights of immigrant families and individuals. In simple terms it wants to create a society that appreciates everyone whether a citizen or immigrant.

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Dr. Walden – Highly Regarded Plastic Surgeon Based in Austin, Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a well-known cosmetic surgeon in the United States, based in Austin, Texas. She is the founder of a surgery center that currently operates in Austin and also co-founded Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. It is a surgery center that is also famous among the many celebrities and high-profile clientele in the country. Dr. Jennifer Walden started her career at the reputed Manhattan ENT Hospital, where she interned under the famous Dr. Sherrell Aston. Over the years, Dr. Jennifer Walden has performed hundreds of plastic and cosmetic surgeries and was also listed in 2014 by Harper’s Bazaar as the 24th best Beauty Surgeons.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a well-known commentator on all things related to the plastic surgeries and cosmetic world. It is because of this she has featured on many popular news media, including VH1, Fox News, ABC News, E!, and Dr. 90210. She has even written a book named Aesthetic Plastic Surgery along with other noted plastic surgeon. Her father was a dentist and mother was a surgical nurse, and thus, the medical profession has always been in her mind from the very beginning. Dr. Jennifer Walden is known for performing breast implant surgery with acute precision. Over the years, she has done hundreds of breast implants surgeries. Instagram Photos.

Her career started when she was accepted for completing her fellowship at a Manhattan hospital. Dr. Jennifer Walden uses the modern techniques and advanced technological tools in her surgeries to provide patients with accurate results they are looking for. One of the reasons why Dr. Jennifer Walden is so famous in the cosmetic surgery world is because she is known to emphasize on noninvasive methods to get results and uses the advanced cosmetic surgical techniques that ensure minimal pain and faster recovery. She continues to create new benchmarks in the cosmetic surgery world and is one of the most successful female plastic surgeons in the country.


Desiree Perez: Roc Nation’s super girl

Desiree Perez, also known by her close as Dez Perez is one of the executive producers at Roc Nation, one of the Jay-Z’s mega-million music production company. She is also a leader of SC Enterprises and has been doing business with Jay-Z for over 20 years.

Dez has proved her executive prowess when it comes to closing business deals and running companies. She helped Rihanna win the Samsung deal. She is a member of Hova Circle of Influence, a management team that’s tasked with running Roc Nation’s entire business activities. See templeofthecave.com.

Dez experience with Hova Circle has shaped her believes in the music industry where she has worked for decades. She believes that music is a career that can only be successful through determination and willingness to wait. With her strategies, she helps musicians earn a living through album sales and tours. Dez advice upcoming artists to sign recording deals with music pioneers who have experience on how things are done.  For update of her recent timeline activities, hit on crunchbase.com.

Desiree Perez is helping her boss Jay-Z in selling a stake of Roc Nation to Universal Music Group. This move is speculated to have been made by Jay-Z with the aim of getting enough resources to nurture upcoming artists since Roc Nation ten year deal with Live Nation is coming to an end soon. UMG will be benefitting from the larger part of Roc Nation’s artist business if this deal goes through.   Related article on pagesix.com.

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A close associate of UMG company commented that their business relationship with Roc Nation would be significant since Jay-Z is an icon in the music industry. Live Nation’s $150 million deal with Roc Nation is coming to an end after it was signed in 2008. The company is reported to be relinquishing the copyright of all songs recorded by Roc Nation since they are moving away from purchasing already recorded music but hopes to enjoy still going to tours with Jay-Z.  Check for related article on runninglip.com

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Desiree Perez Helps Jay Z to Make New Partnership for his Roc Nation

Desiree Perez, the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, helped Jay Z to make new business partnerships for his entertainment management firm. It should be noted that the company’s contract with Live Nation is going to end by 2018, the rap mogul wanted industry bigwigs taking a stake in his firm. Interestingly, Jay signed the $150 million worth 10-year deal with Live Nation in the year 2008. Though the Live Nation wanted to continue the deal in the touring deal of Jay, it is not interested in the recorded music side. It should be noted that Roc has many well-known artists including Rihanna, Jay, Shakira, Fat Joe, and Meek Mill.  Check pagesix.com.

Interestingly, Desiree Perez found to be quickly responding to the need of the hour and helping Jay to collaborate with the music industry leaders. In the third week of April, she met with Universal Music Group Chairman and CEO, Sir Lucian Grainge, alongside Jay. Though the details of the meeting are not revealed, industry experts suggest that UMG could be planning to buy a stake in Roc. If the deal is fulfilled, it would give more resources to Jay for developing new artists and support Tidal, his streaming service. It is known that UMG has a distribution deal with Roc; however, it contributes only a fraction of its artist’s businesses. Interestingly, UMG can claim larger stake on Roc Nation artists, if it plans to go ahead with a significant investment. Related article on runninglip.com.

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Apart from being the COO of Roc Nation, Desiree Perez is considered to be a close associate of Jay for almost twenty years. She is a fierce negotiator and known for crunching numbers, and her negotiating skills are utilized by many artists. Perez played an active role in negotiating Rihanna’s Samsung deal. She also oversees various verticals of the firm including its operations, sections of management, labeling and publishing, and more.  More to read on hitsdilydouble.com.

Learn more about Dez on http://prettymanprettyman.com/desiree-perez-the-woman-behind-the-scenes-of-roc-nation/

Jose Auriemo Neto – Implementing Strategic Business Reforms for JHSF’s Continuous Growth

The field of real estate in Brazil is fast growing, and many new companies are emerging as a result. However, one of the real estate firms that were established in the country in 1972 continues to lead the housing market scene of Brazil from the front, the JHSF Development Inc. It is a company that is considered to be synonymous with quality and reliability in the real estate market of Brazil. In the last few years, the company has expanded its operations beyond the borders as well in Uruguay and the United States. The company has separate departments, which includes hotel construction, in corporations, commercial airport, residential and business development.

Jose AuriemoNeto is the Chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF Development firm at the moment and is the third generation of Neto family to head the company. Under his leadership, JHSF Development has been growing steadily in the past few years. He has taken many decisive steps to ensure that the company continues to rise even after massive competition in the sector. One of the most vital steps that he has taken is to go for rapid development in the overseas market. Jose Auriemo Neto is highly interested in developing new projects in the overseas market as he believes that it is where big money comes from. Looking at the profitability provided from the foreign markets, such as in the United States and Uruguay, Jose Auriemo Neto is looking for making significant investments in the overseas market at the moment. To know more about him click here.

Jose Auriemo Neto is also responsible for managing the retail branch of JHSF, and it is under his watch that JHSF developed the first shopping mall, Cidade Jardim, in Brazil. Jose Auriemo Neto was able to rope in companies like Valentino, Hermes, Ji8mmy Choo, and other leading brands to open their store in the shopping mall. Jose Auriemo Neto has currently shifted his base to the city of New York, where JHSF is developing a residential high-rise apartment in the fifth avenue. The company plans to give the property out for rent upon completion rather than selling it outright to ensure steady revenue generation.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Have Helped Make InnovaCare Health One Of The Leaders In The Healthcare Industry

InnovaCare Health is based in North America and has become one of the leading companies in the healthcare field. Their specialty areas include Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and physician services. InnovaCare is dedicated to the quality of health care and their services and their models are sustainable, profitable, and technologically advanced. They offer MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice in Puerto Rico with a membership consisting of 200,000 individuals. InnovaCare Health has additionally established a partnership with the government pf Puerto Rico’s Medicaid plans.The position of CEO of InnovaCare Health is filled by Richard Shinto. He worked for AVETA Incorporated for four years as the CEO before he came to InnovaCare Health.He left AVETA when the company was sold in 2012.

Dr. Rick Shinto has been building his experience in healthcare for twenty years and has also served NAMM in California as the CMO. He has been published in numerous articles for clinical medicine and healthcare. He was educated at California University-Irvine where he was rewarded with his BS. He also achieved an MBA from Redlands University and a degree in medicine when he attended the State University of New York-Stony Brook. Rick Shinto’s efforts have earned him the Access to Caring Award during the annual Tribute of the University of Health Sciences. His achievements in helping the poor obtain healthcare services also made him the deserving winner.InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administrative Officer is Penelope Kokkinides. She had previously served InnovaCare Health and the company was delighted to see her return in June of 2015.

Her experience working with government health care including Medicare and Medicaid is extensive. She is additionally experienced in developing clinical programs and in all facets of healthcare operations management. Her expertise is in the organizational infrastructure in relation to the improvement of healthcare. Part of Penelope Kokkinides experience came from her work with Centerlight Healthcare. As the COO and Executive Vice President she was responsible for the direction and strategic operations of the company. She additionally served as the CEO for Touchstone Health and handled the services for care management and disease management. Penelope Kokkinides received her education from Binghamton University where she graduated with honors and studied biological sciences and classical languages. She also studied at the University of New York where she received her post master’s advanced degree in substance abuse and alcohol. Her education was concluded upon receipt of her public health master’s degree from The University of Columbia.

Life Line Screening Company Provides Services For Prevention And Wellness

Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening Company provides services for prevention and wellness. They have been privately owned and were begun in 1993 and can now be found in Austin, Texas. They facilitate health screening services that are community based for many adults around the United States.

General Information

This company first began in 1993 around Florida. They have expanded greatly since then. They had expanded across America offering some screenings to over 500,000 people. They added blood testing by finger sticking to screen for over a half million people. Cholesterol counts, diabetes, and inflammation is screened for during this test.

Services Added

Preventative health screening was added to Life Line Screening’s services that launched in the UK. Atrial fibrillation screenings were part of the next expansion. In 2012 the organization started to offer their services in Australia.

What They Do

This company has completed more than 8 million screenings all over the world since it began and has conducted more than a million screenings each year including ultrasounds, blood screens, and electrocardiographs. Some diseases that are detected by these screenings are atrial fibrillation, abdominal aortic aneurysms, and peripheral arterial diseases.

They total more than 16,000 local events in communities that provide these services. They have earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. They got such a high rating because of how long it’s been in operation, how few complaints they have received, for how big it is, how they have handled past complaints, and by the amount of background information that’s provided to BBB.

Life Line Screenings is an innovative and successful company providing many types of tests to help stop the spread of or eliminate many diseases. Check them out at a local event and maybe you will receive a screening free of charge.

To know more visit @: www.afa.org/memberbenefits/health/health-lifeline

Jennifer Walden, Bringing Dream into Reality.

In the field of plastic surgery, Jennifer Walden is a magician, helping patients regain their beauty and vanishing the marks left by time from their bodies. Jennifer Walden is a remarkable well-reputed doctor practicing for over eight years currently living in Austin. She has specialized in cosmetic surgery, for bringing people dreams into reality. She started practicing at Manhattan Eye, Ear cosmetic surgery and then soon shifted to New York after. In 2011, she moved back to Austin bringing her practice and experience along with her. She is one of the prominent members of the American Board of Plastic surgery.

Stats show that cosmetic surgery field has more male doctors as compared to female doctors, while the patients seeking plastic surgeries are more women as compare to men. So, finding an experienced female cosmetic surgeon is rare. Which also makes Jennifer Walden so prominent and famous in the field, resulting her getting more patients because all the female patients get comfortable and deeply connected with the doctor of the same gender, as showing insecurities can be a bit harder. Being a female, she easily connects with other female patients and she is also well aware of all process a female human body has to go through which makes her more trustworthy among the clients. Her empathy and ability to develop a strong relationship with her clients are what has led her to become a really prominent member and well reputed in this field. Click here to know more.

Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews and her team of expert medical practitioners in Texas, preform cosmetic surgeries like laser removals and surgical enhancement. She helps her patient to get a new young body which takes them back to their youth. She is of the opinion that plastic surgery not only changes the outer body but also helps to regain the confidence and better satisfied inner self.

Boraie Development Made it Easy for People to Enjoy New Brunswick

Since Omar Boraie has lived in New Brunswick, he has always had the idea that he can make the city better. He is an immigrant and he came from something that was hard for people to live in. Because of this, he was somewhat of a visionary and he tried to make sure that he could help people with all of the options that they had for improvement in the city. He also wanted to be sure that people would be able to take advantage of all of the options that they had so that they could make things easier on themselves and on the way that things were done in New Brunswick. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more info.

As someone who knew what he wanted and was not afraid to take every step that he could to get there, Omar Boraie tried to make things better for the city. One of the first things that he did was create the development company. He was a real estate developer and knew that he could take something horrible and make it much better. There were many points that he covered with the development company and that was something that made it easy for him to make everything better for his community.

With the help of people who were supportive of his plan, Omar Boriae brought major changes to New Brunswick. The city used to be filled with crime and abandoned buildings but is now vibrant and, according to The Philly Purge, has one of the most popular destinations for residents who want to live there and who want to be able to live in a luxury high rise. All of this has contributed to the changes that Omar Boraie created and has made New Brunswick better than what it was like when Omar Boraie first moved there. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

As Omar Boraie knew that things would get better, he wanted to show people what they would be able to do once the city was larger and more vibrant. He wanted them to feel like they were part of something and that their community was among the best in the world. Thanks to the things that Sam Boraie did for the development and for the people who were a part of the city, he knew that he was going to be able to try new things and get more out of the way that he had developed the city to make it better.