Eric Pulier Ranks High In IT Innovators Of The Last Decade

Eric Pulier is exceptional at designing software and now working with mobile apps to design systems that deliver quality products with human interaction. Pulier is currently working as an investor in IT startup companies and is the founder of vAtomic Systems. This company researches gaming apps and figures out how they can be used in real life. Pulier is also on the board of innovation at XPrize.

Eric Pulier’s hometown is Teaneck, NJ and he was already gifted programmer by the time he reached high school. He also loves writing so he became a literature major while he attended Harvard and wrote different columns about a variety of subjects with the Harvard Crimson. Pulier graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and earned a computer science degree at the same time from MIT, and not long after he moved out to Los Angeles to start his IT career. He met other technology specialists out there and in three years had his own company named Digital Evolution built.

In 1998 Digital Evolution joined US Interactive and in the coming years became an incubator for service-oriented architecture (SOA) software. Pulier started his first big SOA-based company known as Akana, and from there he built Desktone, a virtual desktop system that VMware now owns, and ServiceMesh which was bought out by the Computer Sciences Corp. Just this last year Pulier laid the groundwork for vAtomic Systems.

Pulier was named in VAR Business’s Top 30 eVisionaries list in 1998, and he also was selected to head President Clinton’s Presidential Technology Exhibition just the year before. He was also among the team of engineers that helped bring Starbright World to reality at many children’s hospitals across the nation. His expertise in cloud computing led him to found the Enterprise Leadership Council a few years ago, and during his spare time he serves as a technology advisor to the Painted Turtle summer camp. He’s also a father of several children.

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