Scott Rocklage and His Life Sciences Businesses

Scott Rocklage is a managing partner of 5AM Ventures, and he is one of the most-dedicated people in all of the life sciences community. This article explains how Scott Rocklage has come to create a better place to work, a better place to learn and a better place to manage the sciences. There are many businesses that benefit from what Scott has done, and he continues to be involved in the science community on a daily basis.

#1: Building Better Companies

The life science companies that are working with Scott and 5AM Ventures were learning how to build their brands, and they are given opportunities to build their ideas into profitable ventures. His company works alongside a firm to show them how to make better use of their resources, and he remains a partner while that company navigates the tricky world of medical and life sciences.

#2: High Business IQ

Scott has a high business IQ that he uses to ensure all his clients are given the best services possible, and he will offer personal service to everyone who calls on him. It is far easier for companies to grow when they have a partner that is willing to do much of the legwork, and Scott steps up to ensure his partners know how to make their companies better and learn more about Scott.

#3: Committed To The Cause

Scott Rocklage is committed to the cause of life science companies. They make some of the most-important technology in the world, and they are building brands that will save lives for many years to come. Someone who is not familiar with he life sciences must remember that all their medical treatments and medications come from companies such as this, and they will benefit greatly when these companies are improved.

The work that is done by Scott Rocklage and his team at 5AM Ventures ensures that many more treatments reach the market every year. He has made a lasting commitment to all those who wish to bring new products to the market, and he is willing to partner with these companies when they are ready to go live with their ideas and more information click here.

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David Giertz Talks About Social Security

In a recent interview, David Giertz talks about one of the most important financial topics for many retirees. He has discussed the subject of social security and its importance. During the interview, David has suggested that financial advisers need to inform their clients about social security so that they can get a better understanding of one of their retirement options. Social Security can be a complicated matter and therefore a lot of retirees may not know about all of the details pertaining to this form of retirement compensation on As a result, financial advisers need to provide them with information so that they will know what to expect. With detailed information about social security, a number of retirees will be in better position to easily finance their retirements.

David Giertz is a financial services professional with over 30 years of experience. During his career, he has provided leadership and expertise for various organizations in the financial services industry. What has made David one of the more successful professionals in the industry has been his ability to develop leveraged strategies for innovations an growth. He has used his expertise to help financial services organizations and investors develop ways to consistently make high profits on With his strategy of using innovation and growth, David has been able to allow organizations to reach their full potential.

His most recent position was President of Nationwide Financial at At this company, David helped the company experience great results as it grew from $11 billion to $17.8 billion in annual revenue. As a result, the firm would exceed its expectations in terms reaching its revenue goals. Along with helping the company generate high revenues, Giertz also helped Nationwide distribute private sector retirement plans, life insurance policies, annuities and mutual funds. He would help the company offer these investment options through banks, independent brokers and regional investment firms.

Desiree Perez’s Contribution at Tidal

It is now official that Tidal has started streaming content. It is known that music streaming is the golden goose of the entertainment industry. Though Tidal appears to be at the tail end of things in the industry, its executive, Desiree Perez is determined to improve its fortunes.

That many of the executives have left, has not deterred Jay-Z from trying to make things right. Together with Desiree, Jay-Z is serious about seeing Tidal do well. Perez is determined to attract customers, but has to first capture their attention.

Jay-Z has tried many approaches, but the most promising is the securing of multi-million dollar contracts. This is Desiree’s specialty. She has had Roc Nation contracts and is going to help Jay-Z transition from Rap to music streaming.  Check on

Co-Owners Contribution

With the co-owners like Rihana, Beyonce, Kanye West and T.I allowing Tidal their album exclusives, the company is now a news event. The company’s app is now more popular especially due to Kanye’s new song release. Since February more than a million people are trial users.

Desiree Perez is reputed for her negotiation skills being credited for the Rihanna deal with Samsung and Beyonce’s Formation tour. Perez, her husband, Chaka Pilgrim, TyTy Smith, Jay Brown and Jana Fleischman are members of the powerful Hova Circle.

Tidal app is said to be fighting its way in spite of the fierce competition in the industry. Tidal is unlikely to reject purchase offers from corporate for their app. The app has broadened to focus on the latest music as opposed to just focusing on its selected few. The categories they are promoting include: Tidal Discovery- for new releases, Tidal X for exclusive live presentations and Tidal Rising for upcoming artists.

Desiree Perez

Perez’s husband is Juan Perez and he is the head of Roc Nation Sports. Disiree is an established producer known for her work on the ‘Change: The Life Particle Effect’ of 2013. She has also produced ‘On the Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay Z’ done in 2014.  Head over to this newsworthy article

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How Securus Technologies Keeps Corrections Officers Safe

I work as a corrections officer, and without a doubt this is the most dangerous job that I have ever had. There is not a day that goes by without the inmates trying to hurt one another, visitors, or fellow corrections officers. The fact the inmates have us outnumbered adds another element of danger to the mix, but we have some resources we use to help keep us safer each day.


First, we have a very strong police presence in the visitors center. Each person that enters the jail is informed that if they have anything illegal on them that they will be arrested on the spot. That does not deter certain gang members who feel they could earn some credibility in the gang by taking such a risk.


Secondly, we are always performing surprise cell inspections on the inmates. While we have limited success in finding cellphones, drugs, and weapons, it still has to be some sort of deterrent. Inmates who are serving lengthy prison sentences tend to ignore the risks, so we still have one more resource at our disposal.


Lastly, we have been monitoring the calls inmates make using a dated system that does yield some results. Recently, Securus Technologies updates our inmate call system and trained us how to use the software. Now when inmates talk on the phone, the software can alert us to chatter that the inmates are trying to disguise. Each day, we are able to hear conversations about inmates directing others to bring in weapons or drugs, hide contraband in the yard, or unique places to hide things inside the cells.


Although the inmates know we are listening, they do not realize how Securus Technologies has changed what we hear now when they are speaking to one another. Our crime rate has dropped significantly as a result.


Anthony Petrello: One of the Specialists in oil and Boring Industry

When people are oil and drilling industry, they think of Anthony (Tony) Petrello. That’s an achievement which is very to come. But he has made it due to his expertise, dedication, and devotion and turned his into a reliable, trustworthy individual who can be a trusted one when it is about oil and drilling management. Anthony (Tony) Petrello is currently working as CEO and president for one of the most renowned and leading companies in oil and drilling sector.

He has an outgoing establishment in oil and drilling industry especially in neighboring countries to the US. Nabors Industries is one of the best oil & boring contractual companies that are working these days globally. Following being chosen as President and CEO, Anthony serving this company as a member of Executive Committee of the company since 1991. And made due to skills and imposing little innovative and modern system, he took Nabors to a new height, a height that many of its rival companies are only dreaming and more information click here.

By his devotion, not just his company is soaring high in the sky but also leading the oil and drilling sector since decades and that’s all is becoming possible due to his hard work, his expertise and leadership skills that he earned through extensive vigorous working experience and education in a similar category. He and his team believe that a satisfied customer is worth a lot that’s why even though they are working on the oil rig and that’s a challenge, but still they care for their customer and help them to achieve their goals and learn more about Anthony.

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Desiree Perez Is The Undoubted Executive Who Can Push Tidal To Greater Heights

Music streaming has been with us and is bound to stay with us for quite some time, Millions of dollars exchange hands between advertisers and music streaming service providers. One businessman whose keen on tapping into the revenue streams from this field is Shawn Carter Jay-z. With his groundbreaking idea Tidal, Jay-z is keen on providing subscription music content to millions of music fans across the world.  More of this on

In as much as Tidal started on a slow note, Jay-z is optimistic that subscription content is going to shape the way in which people access music content across the world. Tidal’s executive Desiree Perez is the right person to push the company to success.

What makes Desiree Perez the right person for the job at Tidal? Well let’s get the obvious out of the way, Perez is known to be hands-on with profound experience in the entertainment industry. Desiree Perez has been a close business associate of Shawn Carter and possesses the technical know-how on what Tidal needs to do to achieve a re-birth.  Check this on

Desiree has hit the road running at Tidal with reports indicating that the music subscription application had recorded over one million new trial members since the entry of Desiree. Through Perez’s stewardship, the Tidal has also been able to enlist elite artists such as Beyonce. Rihanna and Kanye West.  Additional article here

Her experience in cutting deals in the music industry gives her an advantage in running the ever-demanding duties at Tidal. She played a huge role in negotiating the Beyonce Formation stadium and was also part of Rihanna’s super deal with Samsung. Des Perez is one of the wheels that are responsible for the running of operations at Roc Nation. She oversees the management, labeling and publishing operations at Roc Nation

Desiree Perez has proved her mettle in pushing businesses to success given her track record of successful business she has created. She is the person that Tidal needs for it to achieve its goals.

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Jim Tananbaum and a Warm Welcome

Last month, Foresite Capital’s CEO – Jim Tananbaum – had the unique privilege of welcoming Dr. Molly He onboard as a venture partner to Foresight Capital and a potentially invaluable new member. Dr. He formerly directed Illumina and shows much capability in her field of pharmaceutical genomic research. According to Ideamensch, Mr. Tananbaum praises Dr. He as a respected scientific researcher in next-generation sequencing and speaks greatly of his thrill in personally welcoming her on board and of the unspoken possibilities that will commence as a result of the new addition. He claims that she has a proven track record of genomic expertise, drug development research and overall leadership skills and that she’ll serve as a valued resource to Foresight Capital in continuing to expand its portfolio of working partnerships. You can visit his Crunchbase profile for details.

When Dr. He served as senior director of Illumina’s scientific research division, she was responsible for global protein innovation and improvements as well as personally leading the proteins sciences sectors within Pacific Bio-sciences. There, she was specifically responsible for developing the protein regions for single-molecular sequencing chemistry. Prior to that life-changing experience, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the last decade and focused on structural-based designs for antibodies and small molecular drugs that target cancer or immune disorders.

Dr. He obtained her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry out of Nankai University as well as her Ph. D. in protein biophysics out of the UCLA. She has authored more than 20 research papers and holds more than 20 patent applications and has even issued patents in next-generation sequencing with personalized medicine. Dr. He later praised Foresight Capital in return, making note of its unparalleled commitment to invest in exciting healthcare opportunities and is thus honored to join the team in moving forward with the best in next-generation research and portfolio initiatives to offer breakthroughs in clinical research as well as drug discovery.

The Skilled Man Behind the Warm Welcome

Mr. Tananbaum has nearly done it all in his many years within the field.

His top achievements include:


Venture Capital

Private Equity



Corporate Development




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