Arthur Becker: A Tech and Real Estate Mogul

Arthur Becker is known across the globe as a tech guru because of his different technology investments. It is, however, his recent projects in the real estate that has put him at the same level with other real estate investors. Arthur is listed by NY Mag as one of the ten real estate investors in New York.

In 2016, Arthur made a deal that saw him became the owner of 3 different adjacent townhouses on Sullivan Street. These townhouses are part of the 4 townhouses that are owned by the Madison Equities and the Property Markets Group.

Even though he declined to share information on the amount of money he invested, it has been rumored that he provided $15 million equity. It was also reported that he gave up his stake in the Soho Project. The Madison Equities and Property Market Group have partnered in a condominium project.

He is expecting to get a high cash flow from these townhouses considering that they are located in a good neighborhood and also have large backyards. He reported that he would be living in one of the townhouses and lease the other two.

Most of the real estate investments that Arthur has been involved in are done through the Atlantic investors. He is the managing member of the company a position he has served in for 15 years.

In addition to being the managing member of Atlantic, Arthur also manages two other companies. He is the managing director of the Madison Technology Group. He has served in the position since 2001. Since 2012 he has been operating as the chairman and CEO of the Zinio LLC. Zinio is a distribution company for the digital magazines including

For 8 years, Arthur was the CEO and the board member of Navisite. It is his work with the company that first put him in the limelight. Navisite is a Time Warner Cable company that provides cloud hosting services for different enterprises.

Arthur holds a BA from the Bennington College. He also attended the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth from 1973 to 1974 where he studied business.


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