Easy as Jailhouse Hooch

A vintner is a distributor of wine. The process of making wine has been done for thousands of years and can be easily handled in the privacy of your own home. Even prison inmates figure out ways to make hooch, low grade wine, while incarcerated in prison. Here are some basic instructions and a variety of ingredients you can use to see if you might be able to pull it off. If not, a UK vintner will be happy to sell you some of the finest wine in their collection.

While incarcerated there are a few options when it comes to brewing a stiff drink. Most supplies of sugar have been limited. The commissary carries only sweeteners, which will not help produce alcohol at all. Fruit, sugar that is stolen from the chow hall, and ketchup is collected by the men that make the hooch to complete a batch. Bread is used in the place of yeast. Water, any source of sugar that can be collected, and bread are all thrown in a garbage bag and hidden. When the reactions start to occur you have to let the air out of the bag occasionally to stop too much pressure from building up. After a few days, you are able to smell the alcohol and after a week it is some pretty strong stuff.

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What to Use?

A bottle of wine starts with its ingredients. Grapes are the most commonly used item to make wine, but you can use just about anything to add flavor and alcohol content. Carrots have a bit of natural sugar, but you will need to add more if you want your brew to be potent at all. Maple sap can be used to make a very smooth and sweet drink unlike any other. Sour apples have been used to make drink called applejack. Milk has been used to make different drinks. Potatoes, rice, beets, dandelions, and honey are all common ingredients that work. There is even beer that is made from coco pebbles.

UK vintners have the job of distributing alcoholic beverages. If you need to purchase some, contact one and they will be sure to be knowledgeable about every aspect of the wine’s creation. From where the ingredients came from, what they were, and when it all happened for that bottle, a UK vintner will know it by heart.

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