Choosing A Proven Online Reputation Management Service

Having a proven reputation monitoring system in place is indispensable in today’s business environment, and every business owner or professional must absolutely consider it. Anyone can use the Internet to post a negative remark or damaging content about another person or organization. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know what information is being shared or published about you unless have a reputation monitoring or management system.

The Internet provides people with powerful resources that enable them to research companies and products before deciding to patronize their business. Before purchasing a product or service, one of the first things that many people now do is to conduct a search online to find out what others may be saying about the product or business they are considering. If a person sees anything negative about a company or business person, he or she may not want to deal with that company.

This means, online reputation has become an important factor in the decision-making when it comes to making a purchase. If your company or organization has a poor or bad online reputation, you will certainly lose customers and revenue. Your online reputation is extremely important and can have a huge impact on the level of success you attain. Some people nowadays may exclusively rely on online research to decide if a company or product meets their quality requirement or is reliable.

There are many companies that provide reputation management and it’s important to go with a team that comes highly recommended in the industry. If you want a great team of reputation management professionals on your side, Better Reputation can help you.

Better Reputation has the knowledge and experience to monitor, restore and maintain your online reputation. It doesn’t matter how challenging your reputation issue, these professionals handle all projects with aggressive strategies and proven techniques to suppress and overwhelm the malicious attacks, revenge postings or negative content. They provide services to many lawyers, corporate executives, PR Agencies, high net worth individuals, big companies, small business owners and entrepreneurs and Brands all over the world. Get in touch with Better Reputation to learn more about their services and get started protecting your online reputation.

Doe Deere of Lime Crime: How a Love For Color Turned into a Movement.

In a world where women are often expected to wear the judgement of others rather than playful colors, Lime Crime Makeup creator Doe Deere is inspiring millions to shuck that standard and unapologetically embrace the fun – and top-business players are taking notice.

Recently named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, where she graced Self-Made Magazine with the likes of Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington, Deere is now sharing the inspiration for her company, the savvy way she handles the trials and tribulations of living in an online world, and how she’s become the leader of a pack of fearless unicorns during her movement to empower women.

In a recent Galore Magazine interview, she shared her colorful cosmetic line is a nod to both her upbringing and who she is as a person. Doe Deere describes herself as an artistic and imaginative child who has always been “hard core into color”, finding that makeup allowed her to make experiences more memorable and authentic. However, she admits her status as a beauty maven started off a little different than those who came before her. Rather than trying to look perfect, Deere enjoyed experimenting with bright, unique, and fun colors and looks.

The internet loved it.

She started to post experimental makeup looks – with out-of-the-box touches like rhinestones and color glitter – with the sole intention of having fun. It showed. Her following exploded overnight with website traffic skyrocketing as girls logged on to see what she’d create next. That momentum pushed her to launch her own makeup company in 2008. Just like that, Lime Crime was born.

The name itself invokes a sense of electric energy. With the internet in a different place than it is today, filled with silly handles that were less brand-centric and more amusing, Doe Deere says Lime Crime just popped in her head. It was cute, included her favorite color, and unique. Even now, eight years later, it represents color revolution, breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines.

Lime Crime is still primarily web based, which comes with its advantages as well as its challenges. On one hand, Deere says it’s great to get instant feedback and have the ability to connect with her fans. However the anonymous nature of the internet means she also has to deal with a slew of commenters who feel they can say whatever they like without any credentials or credibility. How does such a positive, upbeat character like herself handle it? She says the best thing to do is ignore the haters and focus on those who support you.

And Doe Deere has plenty of supporters.

In fact, her fans have earned a fun nickname of their own: Unicorns. Deere says unicorns are people who were born different and are proud, noting that it takes a special kind of person – someone brave, colorful, and who defies expectations – to rock the colors she creates. She says she’s honored to be a role-model for women who aren’t afraid to not only be themselves, but celebrate it as well.

To those looking to join the unicorn pack – keep an eye out. Doe Deere says makeup is only a small part of her colorful world and she’ll have more to share when the time is right.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Thoughts On How People Should Manage Their Portfolio

Investing in any asset or property is a long-term game plan. To this end, there is the need to make sound judgment given the market trends on In addition, people should consider the risks involved in investing in a given portfolio.

According to Igor Cornelsen, if an individual is looking to play the markets and he or she is not committed to the long-term strategies, then such an individual is bound to fail. Igor contends that most investments are meant to payoff in the long term. He finds the argument that people should view investing in stocks as playing the lottery to be ridiculous. As an investor, Igor invests with the objective of making profits that stretches to the unforeseen future.

Igor argues that investing is a career move. This way, one should be prepared to investment for many years in order to realize legitimate returns. If an investor would like to see returns of 500% or more, he or she should be committed to play the markets for their many years. Igor Cornelsen urges investors to change how they view the stock market. He goes on to say that, the stock market is not a place to make quick cash. However, this is a place where one invests his or her money in an intelligent manner so that down the line, he or she can make major returns on the investments.

Igor posits that investors should be ready to make numerous small investments, instead of one lump sum amount. Another common mistake made by new investors is that they would like to make huge returns on their dollars by focusing much on one particular stock. Igor Cornelsen argues that when an investor makes a series of investments, he or she limits his or her losses. In addition, an investor enhances his or her chances of making more returns through diversification of investments.

Igor says that individuals should be prepared to engage in the long game in order to make meaningful returns. He continues to assert that companies that are productive and consistent make the most returns besides operating as going concerns for years on end. It is also advisable that people consider investing in companies that have a proven history of availing some sort of return.

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned Brazilian banker. He is also a successful investment expert. Igor has been providing investors with crucial advice on what to consider prior to investing in Brazil. He is excited about the country’s growth. Igor is the owner of Bainbridge Investment Company. Over the years, he has held different high-ranking positions in some of the leading banks in Brazil until his retirement in 2010. Igor contends that investing is his hobby. The champion investor has been guiding investors to make successful investments in the long-term. In one of his articles, Igor posits that people should invest in damaged companies but not on damaged stocks.

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Doe Deere Inspires other Women to Use Their Talents and Gifts to become Successful in Business

Makeup is often considered to be nothing more than a creative mechanism to reveal women’s’ inner identity. For most women that is a correct assumption. For women like Doe Deere, makeup is even more. While she has used it herself as a way to express herself, is is first and foremost an avenue of prosperity for her and women she works to inspire. Deere has used her success with her cosmetic brand, Lime Crime, to serve as an example to be viewed by other women as a way to be successful in business while following their passions and not limiting their imagination.

Doe Deere is no stranger to business. She started her first business and much of the same way that she started lime crime. When she was a middle school she wanted to start her journey to entrepreneurship by selling temporary tattoos. At the time, temporary tattoos were not popular and were considered simply a novelty but nothing you will consider wearing in public. In order to cultivate interest in the temporary tattoos so that she can make sales, Doe Deere begin wearing the tattoos. Once the other students saw how cool she was by wearing the temporary tattoos, they began to purchase them from her and wear them like she did. It was not long before her tattoo business became established and she was officially a business owner. Read more:

Lime Crime was birth through dears curiosity of the abnormalities as well as her eagerness to be entrepreneur. At a time when cosmetic brands were producing neutral tone to make up, dear got the idea to create eye shadows, lipsticks and other forms of makeup and bold and vibrant colors. Even though she claimed to be horrible at applying makeup at that time, dear begin making YouTube videos that displayed her creating different looks and styles using her homemade makeup products. Needless to say, her audience fell in love with her products immediately. In what seems like an overnight experience, Lime Crime experience a high volume of sales and a strong attraction of Internet traffic. from there the business entity became solidified and things keep getting better for Deere from there.

With more business women engaging in the creation of cosmetic lines, Doe Deere works to inspire and motivate other businesswomen to continuously pursue their dreams and while doing so, tap into their gifts and talents. Deeres’ skill and talents was in taking something that is restricted or not widely available and creating a way to deliver that missing elements in a way that positions her as a businesswoman, earning her profits. Even though makeup was not her specialty it did not stop her from utilizing it to complement her ambitions. She encourages women to think out-of-the-box in regards to their capabilities in order to find the most successful path to entrepreneurship.

Doe Deere is more than a brand owner. Lime Crime is more than a cosmetic line. the courage and motivation that was required out of deer in order for her to succeed in launching Lime Crime is a testament of what talents and innovation can do for a woman who was properly inspired. That is why she worked so diligently to be the inspiration for other women, hoping to mobilize them into greatness.

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Thor Halvorsen Dedicates His Life To The Fight For Equality

President of the New York based Human Rights Foundation is a die hard fighter for true democracy and equality. Thor Halvorssen launched the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 in efforts to fight against government corruption and inequality. Halvorssen was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and when he was just a teen, moved to London in 1989 to begin his career advocating for human rights. His motivation behind the fight came from his father, who was a political prisoner in Venezuela, and his mother who was shot during a political protest in 2004. Since its launch in 2004, the human rights foundation has secured the release of seven prisoners, published two books and founded the Oslo Freedom Forum.

The Oslo Freedom Forum was intended to be a one time gathering in celebration of human rights, but because of its success and popularity it has been held annually since its launch. Participants come from all around to be a part of the festival, and celebrate and discuss human rights and the importance of equality. mentions that Halvorssen has suffered from physical abuse as well as verbal, because of his opposition against government corruption. He has made countless contributions to the improvement of public policy and public interest, and is an advocate for civil liberties. He is heavily involved in matters related to sex trafficking, slavery and threats to the existence of democracy and has conducted several lectures on the topic at Harvard Law School,the New York City Junto, the United Nations Association in New York, and the American Enterprise Institute.

In 2009, Thor Halvorssen was listed as a Patron of the Children’s Peace Movement and the Centipede movement. This Czech-based organization helps foster relationships between children and their peer in war torn countries, bridging the gap between communities, and helping children understand that they are not alone. His selfless contributions and unwavering determination in the fight for equality for all has earned Halvorssen a significant amount of respect for those who believe the same.

White Shark Media is Helping Companies to Grow

White Shark Media is a Search Engine Optimization company that is based in Miami, Florida. The company’s current Chief Executive Officer is Gary Garth. He is in charge of a labor for of about 144 full-time employees. According to industry reviews and client testimonials, the company enjoys a high rating and is positively regarded due to its successful business strategies.

It has helped many companies to meet the business potential and is currently enjoying a client base of over 600 entities. The main hallmark of its performance and success lies with its client retention rate which lies at between 8-10% which is well within the industry’s standards.

The company is involved in many activities on behalf of its ever expanding client base. Among its primary business activities include

● Pay Per Click Management
● Mobile Marketing
● Search Engine Optimization
● Web Development
● Web Design
● Web Analytical Tools

On Pay Per Click Management, White Shark Media Review team compares favorably with other leading companies in the industry. It offers free evaluation on AdWords Evaluation Risk, in addition to offering low monthly cost to new websites when it comes to Local Website and Adwords. Its Local AdWords Management incorporates click to call and call tracking features.

On eCommerce AdWords Management, White Shark Media is actively involved in Google Analytics and Google Shopping campaigns. Other business activities involve Bing Ads Management, where its presence in the US is estimated to reach 29% of the population. It also uses Display AdWords Management to target users on relevant websites.

As a Local SEO Evaluation and Local SEO Management company, White Shark Media is also involved in responsive designing on the Local Business Website, doing hand-drawn logos and Webmaster Service. The company is known for offering free resources and events in terms of its evaluation and scanner services. These free resources include
● Free Local Listing Scanner
● Free AdWords Evaluation
● Free AdWord Book
● Free SEM Evaluation

White Shark Media has helped many companies to carry out effective marketing campaigns and this has increased its positive reviews according to the testimonies of its satisfied clients. Many testimonials from its clients highly recommend the company. This is why White Shark Media is associated with reputable and successful companies. These companies have not only been able to increase their presence and value to their customers but have also increased their conversion rates in addition to improving their Return On Investments.

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The World of Investment Banking and a Look At Madison Street Capital

Investment banking is the process by which investment banks raise capital for companies, individuals and also the government through underwriting of new debts and equity securities. Investment banks or institutions take up the responsibility of selling securities on behalf of their clients. In addition to these services that they provide, investment banks play a major role mergers and acquisitions transactions. Investment banks are preferred for the provision of issuance and placement of stock and broker trades.

To understand investment banking, one has to appreciate the fact that investment banks are considered sub-division or branches of large banks. Despite their close connection with other banking institutions, investment banks have successfully managed to create a name for themselves as independent banks. Some of the well-known investment banks are Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley.

Investment banks ordinarily engage themselves in complex financial transactions. To ensure that they offer their clients the very best, investment banks seek to hire the best investment bankers. These investment bankers are skilled with the necessary skills required to provide the best investment banking solutions. Investment bankers are considered the backbone of any successful investment bank or institution. They critically analyze the investment market to deliver its clients with reasonable and the best recommendations for investment.

When companies are seeking to issue stocks or bonds, investment banks step in to act as middlemen between a particular company and interested investors. The investment banking business is quite competitive, and investment banks are ever competing with one another to secure the most lucrative investment projects. Investment banks use Initial Public Offering to offer their services by ensuring they get any deals no matter the cost. Through this, an investment bank is in a position to make money for itself and earn profits. One can learn more about investment banking through that offers a comprehensive look at the role of an investment bank and what it takes to run a successful one.

Madison Street Capital is described as one of the top global investment banking firm founded in the year 2005. Madison has offices spread out in Africa, Asia and North America to provide its exemplary services to its clients. The firm provides financial advisory opinions and services, expertise in mergers and acquisitions and valuation services. Madison is a broker-dealer and has been fully registered.

The company has spread its wings to many economy sectors such as restructuring, mergers and acquisitions dealings, private debt placements and raising of capital. The firm has partnered with middle-sized companies to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives. Madison has the necessary skill and expertise needed to connect investors and businesses. To learn more about the company visit

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Company Uses Their Own Reputation Problem to Better Serve Their Clients

Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, located in Austin, Texas, has had their own reputation management problems. The company suffered some reputation problems when a former executive caused some problems at the company. The issue went from being a local story to a national story and the company’s reputation was damaged. They needed to do a lot to repair their reputation.

Status Labs has helped over 1000 businesses and individuals repair damaged online reputations since they started in 2012. A company’s online reputation is an important issue these days when everyone looks for products and services online before they even go out to a brick and mortar location. As more and more information is available online, the role of managing a business’s reputation has become an essential part of the business plan. People surfing the Internet for products will pass a company by if there are negative issues posted about them.

Status Labs, started their own steady rebuilding process by changing its leadership. The executive that caused the problem was terminated. The public relations department took the information to the media. They included photos of the employees. With faces to go with the names, it helped people understand that their anger was directed at the wrong people. Status Labs is involved with some local charities in an effort to give back to the community.

The company started a stock option plan, allowing employees develop equity in the business. They now have scheduled outings for employees as well. They started a company newsletter to keep everyone informed about what was happening in the company. Status Labs has taken their own experience and is using it to help other companies correct reputation damage.

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