Martin Lustgarten: An Investment Banker Who has made a Name for Himself in United States

Investment banking is a crucial part of the banking industry that particularly deals with financing and capital. They are designed for financing and raising capital for business, governments, and hedge funds. Some of the services offered by investment banking are mergers and acquisition, trading of derivatives, FICC services. The services extend to underwriting and issuance of securities acting on behalf of the clients. One distinctive feature of investment banking that distinguishes it from local banking is that they do not take any form of deposit.


Typically, investment banking is concerned with two line of business; Buy-side and sell-side. The buy-side deals with investment advice to clients while the sell-side deals with market making and transactions. Besides, investment bank carries out relevant research concerning investment and securities through security research divisions.


Getting into investment banking is relatively easy. However, an in-depth knowledge of the basics of the game is highly required. Besides, to avoid getting lost in the field, you need to know the terms that are often used. The choices of company you pick are crucial in determining your success. Concerning analyzing markets and credit risk, you need the best advisory service, to manage the flow of financial needs.


Investment banker provides their clients with knowledge that save them many losses. One of the well-known investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. He is the founder and the CEO of Lustgarten Company. The company features a successful enterprise that has numerous satisfied customers all over the world, international business ventures, and actionable industry network and contact throughout Singapore, Panama, and Hong Kong.


With varieties of services that Martin offers, he has helped many clients with arrangements for financial transactions and financial deals. Both large and small client’s situation is treated as unique. Therefore, he takes the time to analyze and understand his client’s objectives and goals. As a result, he has emerged as a seasoned investment banker, who has managed to make a name for himself in global platforms, United State, and Florida. Other than his successes in investment banking industry, Martin has an active social media presence. Through his Twitter feed, he offers consistent insights and commentary on investment banking.

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Wen by Chaz Makes a Big Difference

Almost anyone who uses Wen by Chaz Dean ( hair care products will tell you that its cleansing conditioner is not like other shampoos or conditioners on the market today. It is one of the only products out there that packs the punch of five hair care products all in one. This was part of the appeal of the Wen cleansing conditioner for an editor of Bustle. The editor wanted to try Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioner for herself to see what could be done about her fine hair. She was really hoping for a miracle in a bottle, and from her results at the end of the week, that is just what she got. Without having to pile on product after product on her hair and weigh it down needlessly, she was able to use the recommended number of pumps of the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner product to achieve a fabulous result. She even used the week-long experiment to perfect her typical washing and styling routine. Instead of showering at night and sleeping on un-styled hair, she switched it up to showering and using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner on her hair in the morning each day. Her analysis was that this is what gave her maximum results in terms of volume and not making the hair appear way too greasy or bogged down. She recommends that her readers do the same if they opt to try out Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner for themselves.
Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner was first designed in 1993 by Los Angeles hair stylist Chaz Dean. Given that Dean is a huge proponent of all things natural, it should come as no surprise that he developed a natural, sulfate-free formula that actually makes hair healthier with each application. Wen by Chaz can be bought online thru

The Fashion Revolutionary| Doe Deere

Doe Deere has been hailed as the new fashion, style and makeup revolutionary. In plain English, this girl loves to break the rules. Every year the magazines publish rules for ladies all over the world that some fashion guru decided was the right thing to do. But then there’s Doe Deere. The firebrand who started her brain child Lime Crime. That’s just the basis for the makeup line– “Makeup for Unicorns”. Her persona is that of a style rebel. There have been a few others here and there but the difference Doe has to them is they are reckless and she is focused.

Doe Deere’s Style

Having a method to her madness which in-turn is her rebellion–is what sets Doe apart from the rest of the fashionista nation. There is no chance that you’ll get away with following any amount of style dogma with Doe.

She has a strong drive and entrepreneurial spirit which allows her to come up with the colors and cruelty-free makeup line that she has. She is earth and wildlife conscious and it shows.

Rules to Break According to Doe

Here are some of the rules you may have heard about fashion and makeup that Doe obliterates just so her following can be free!

Don’t wear two bolds No bold lips and eyes gets thrown out the window with Doe. Accent your eyes and lips!

Don’t Mix Patterns Are you kidding! As long as the colors are coordinated mix it up baby!

Don’t Mix too many Colors Again, as long as they all go together you are in like flint!

No Open Toes with Sox Hmm then how do you show off the great sock patterns? Go for it! And show who you are! You have a ticket to ride!

Learn more about Doe Deere here

Halvorssen Breaks Down Socialism

In an interview for Fox Business Network’s show “The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan,” Human Rights Foundations (HRF) founder and president, Thor Halvorssen explained his take on the democratic socialist principles that have been the central points of the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen said that countries can have socialist governments without violating human rights, such as in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. However, Halvorssen warns that it is far more likely that socialist policies will allow a government to take far more control than what it should be allowed to wield over its citizens.

Halvorssen explains that his real sticking point with socialism and how it is typically implemented around the world is that it allows the government to control the price of certain goods and resources. Of course, this is in the name of making sure that the lowest classes in society have access to what they need, but it can turn the government into a looter of goods and resources in reality. Halvorssen says that the government can set prices at whatever number suits it and then manipulate the market through price controls and resource management. Thor Halvorssen explains that it then follows that there is a real humanitarian crisis at the hands of the socialist government because people do not have access to things that they need to survive. Halvorssen thinks that this is the basis of massive human rights violations at the hands of socialist and authoritarian governments around the world.

Halvorssen also made clear that even though he has general concerns regarding many socialist policies promoted by Senator Sanders, he still made the largest individual campaign contribution allowable by U.S. law to Senator Sanders’ campaign. Halvorssen explains that he did that because he thinks that even with his differences in policy opinions from Senator Sanders, the alternative Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton, poses a greater threat to the protection of human rights around the world because of her known ties to various dictators and historical support of several authoritarian regimes. Halvorssen holds the protection of human rights as his core goal and value.

William Skelley is Named as Leader of Next Generation

An annual dinner is held on January 27 2016 which is organized by Michael Stoler. During this dinner, William Skelley was named as the next generation of Real Estate Leaders. William Skelley has earned the title with his innovations that have helped made certain aspects of the real estate market more accessible, namely the real estate investment market. He has adopted the real estate crowdfunding concept as a means to make it so that people who are not as financially well off are able to access the market so that they can make some profits from their investments. This has brought William Skelley much deserved recognition.

One particular innovation that stands out is iFunding. iFunding is a platform that allows people to invest in real estate. One advantage that this platform has over other real estate investing platforms is that it allows for people who have less money to sign up and make investments. While the average platform requires people to have $50,000 in their account, users of iFunding can sign up with just $5,000 and start investing. iFunding connects tons of real estate operators and retail investors together. It only makes the market much easier to access. People can invest in commercial real estate such as office, multifamily, land, and plenty of other pieces of property.

William Skelley makes it so that all of the advantages that come with real estate investing is a lot easier to access for people. Among the advantages that come with real estate investing is high tangible asset value, inflation hedging, diversification of portfolio and plenty of other advantages that promise a lot of profit for real estate investors. All of the innovations that William Skelley has provided has really opened up the market to people who would otherwise have no chance of entering.

Among other achievements that Skelley has experienced is an invitation by Michael Stoler to participate in the Stoler report for one episode. The episode is set to air in 2016 in the Spring season. William Skelley and Michael Stoler will talk about how commercial real estate has evolved over the years.? Check out when Skelley spoke to RealHeartland about his career, and his accomplishments thus far.

Venezuelans suffering from droughts

Since January, Venezuela has been suffering from a severe drought that is causing serious problems in the country. In many major cities like Caracas and Maracaibo, people have been cutting back on the consumption of water in order to conserve the water supply

The drought is becoming so severe that the area near the famous Guri dam has become dry, turning into almost a desert. Also, many of the country’s reservoirs are hitting record low water levels. For instance, the reservoir in southern Bolivar state has hit a level of 243 meters, a historic low in recent years.

Many of the country’s major water companies are coordinating to budget the water supply until the summer season. They are hoping that when summer rolls around, there will be more rain in the forecast

Many families including Norka Luque‘s and individuals are suffering from this drought. However, this event may be a lesson for the country as the climate is becoming more unpredictable and severe, countries need to look more deeply into the climate issue and understand the potential hazards that might be coming their way. How are we supposed to prepare for the unpredictable? Only future can tell.