Beneful for Life

As a dog owner of 20 years or more, I have tried multiple brands of dog foods to make sure my family pets had a diet that suited them perfectly. For years I have used Beneful which has more than satisfied my needs financially and every bit of my dogs nutritional needs. From the moment I brought them home when they were small puppies to my very old but spontaneous dog Elly, Beneful has given me a product to suit every stage of their life. As we all know puppies and adults have different nutritional needs and Beneful has a product for ever situation of a dogs life.

Lately I have just stuck to using the normal dry food and the occasional can of wet food, but I have been thinking about switching it up. As much as I love Beneful, I figured maybe me and my dogs could use a small change in their lives. That change is just going to be with their foods for the time being. Maybe after awhile I will switch up their routine or buy them new toys and treats, but I decided I would start with something small for the time being. The dog food brand that I have chosen to do the switch up with is Freshpet.

Freshpet is owned by a man named Richard Thompson who thought it would be a grand idea for a pet to eat just as healthy as their owner. Why I chose this particular dog food is because of that exact reason. I want my three pups to start eating refrigerated meals like I do and fresh products as well. All meats and vegetables used in Freshpet’s products are 100% fresh. This means that there is less additives in the food that could possibly harm a dog. I am beyond excited to try this food out with my dogs, but saddened to stop shopping for Beneful. Knowing me I will probably still pick up their dry food and treats for them through Beneful.