Coriant Is Pushing Forward in Some Powerful New Ways

The tech industry is one of the most dynamic and exciting fields. Many industries don’t change very much even over decades. But the tech industry can undergo huge changes within a very short timeframe. But it’s often difficult to know exactly which companies are likely to be leading the rest, and which are also going to be able to adapt to new conditions. But one can understand the industry by looking at some of the more successful companies which are making big changes to their operations. One such company is Coriant.

Those familiar with Coriant know that the company focuses on a set of related technologies. These include voice, mobile data, and general networking. This is one of the key features which make Coriant such a successful company. The technologies Coriant focuses on are similar enough that innovations can be spread between them. But at the same time the technologies are diverse enough that they constantly offer new possibilities to mix and match findings to create something amazing. This technique is known as synergy, the ability for two items to create something drastically greater than the sum of the parts.

But synergy doesn’t just happen with technology. The other feature which makes Coriant such a notable company is its leadership. The new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir has brought an extensive and impressive portfolio with him to the company. He’s been working in the industry for over 28 years. And during that time he’s had a chance to learn about how successful tech companies operate. To return to an earlier point, it’s important to remember that tech companies are often very different than any other industry. One needs extensive experience in the field in order to properly integrate oneself into that system. This is what makes Kheradpir’s appointment as CEO such a big win for Coriant.

Kheradpir is coming into the position with a fully developed understanding of the tech culture. This means that he can easily coordinate the people working under him in order to maximize productivity. Engineers often look at issues in a very different way than other professionals. When a CEO fully understands that, he’s able to easily work within that system rather than trying to force different and less effective methodologies into the workplace. Kheradpir’s experience also means that he’s more easily able to respond to competition than other people might be. He understands how all of the pieces of the tech world fit together because he has personal experience with them. And as such he knows how to properly allocate resources in order to move with and react to changes in the technological landscape.