Beneful for Life

As a dog owner of 20 years or more, I have tried multiple brands of dog foods to make sure my family pets had a diet that suited them perfectly. For years I have used Beneful which has more than satisfied my needs financially and every bit of my dogs nutritional needs. From the moment I brought them home when they were small puppies to my very old but spontaneous dog Elly, Beneful has given me a product to suit every stage of their life. As we all know puppies and adults have different nutritional needs and Beneful has a product for ever situation of a dogs life.

Lately I have just stuck to using the normal dry food and the occasional can of wet food, but I have been thinking about switching it up. As much as I love Beneful, I figured maybe me and my dogs could use a small change in their lives. That change is just going to be with their foods for the time being. Maybe after awhile I will switch up their routine or buy them new toys and treats, but I decided I would start with something small for the time being. The dog food brand that I have chosen to do the switch up with is Freshpet.

Freshpet is owned by a man named Richard Thompson who thought it would be a grand idea for a pet to eat just as healthy as their owner. Why I chose this particular dog food is because of that exact reason. I want my three pups to start eating refrigerated meals like I do and fresh products as well. All meats and vegetables used in Freshpet’s products are 100% fresh. This means that there is less additives in the food that could possibly harm a dog. I am beyond excited to try this food out with my dogs, but saddened to stop shopping for Beneful. Knowing me I will probably still pick up their dry food and treats for them through Beneful.



The Changing Dog Food Industry

There have been a ton of changes in the dog food industry, and many people are discovering that the premium food market is growing. I have several dogs, and I have seen some food for dogs that I have never seen before.

I have found that Beneful has been one of the most successful of all the brands that are on the market. This company has been producing dog food for years, and it has become one of the most exciting dog food companies around. I think that the success of Beneful hinges on the large amount of dog food that this company produces. There are a lot of dog food companies that are trying to copy the Beneful formula by Purina for success. This organization, after all, has managed to produce dog food that is nutritional, and that is the main element of premium dog food.

I see that some companies are using chicken while others are boosting customer demand with things like lamb. The expensive meats are considered premium cuts that most people would use for special occasions. For me, I use the dog food for the lambs for special occasions. I know that my dog doesn’t know Thanksgiving from the 4th of July, but I do. I try to make sure that my dog eats a special meal when the rest of the family is eating a special holiday meal.

There are some great meal choices out there that are still affordable, and I believe that Beneful is at the front line of affordability and high quality. It is hard to find both of these concepts combined, but Beneful has managed to do a good job with this. It is a company that has continued to build a line of meals and dog food snacks that are design to promote better health.



Jon Urbana Remembers Tommy Kelly

On February 9th, 2016, the son of former child actor Tommy Kelly reported to a newspaper that his father had passed away at the age of 90 in Greensboro, North Carolina from congestive heart failure on January 25, 2016. Tommy Kelly acted from the age of 12 until the age of 25.

When asked to tell a story,?Jon Urbana remembers that Tommy Kelly’s father worked as a fireman. The Kelly household resided in the Bronx, when United Artists selected Tommy Kelly during auditions of thousands of boys to play the lead character in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He relocated with his family to the Los Angeles area in 1936 and worked on the film, a 1938 release. He appeared in several other films during the late 1930s and early 1940s, including Gone With The Wind(1939) and Life Begins For Andy Hardy (1941).

Tommy Kelly interrupted his film career to enlist for military service in Europe during World War II. After the conflict ended, he appeared in The Beginning of the End (1947), The West Point Story (1950) and The Magnificent Yankee (1950).

After ending his acting career, he married and raised six children. He earned a PhD degree in Michigan and worked in the school system in California for many years. He also assisted the Peace Corps in Liberia as an administrator and advised the Department of Agriculture.

Coriant Is Pushing Forward in Some Powerful New Ways

The tech industry is one of the most dynamic and exciting fields. Many industries don’t change very much even over decades. But the tech industry can undergo huge changes within a very short timeframe. But it’s often difficult to know exactly which companies are likely to be leading the rest, and which are also going to be able to adapt to new conditions. But one can understand the industry by looking at some of the more successful companies which are making big changes to their operations. One such company is Coriant.

Those familiar with Coriant know that the company focuses on a set of related technologies. These include voice, mobile data, and general networking. This is one of the key features which make Coriant such a successful company. The technologies Coriant focuses on are similar enough that innovations can be spread between them. But at the same time the technologies are diverse enough that they constantly offer new possibilities to mix and match findings to create something amazing. This technique is known as synergy, the ability for two items to create something drastically greater than the sum of the parts.

But synergy doesn’t just happen with technology. The other feature which makes Coriant such a notable company is its leadership. The new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir has brought an extensive and impressive portfolio with him to the company. He’s been working in the industry for over 28 years. And during that time he’s had a chance to learn about how successful tech companies operate. To return to an earlier point, it’s important to remember that tech companies are often very different than any other industry. One needs extensive experience in the field in order to properly integrate oneself into that system. This is what makes Kheradpir’s appointment as CEO such a big win for Coriant.

Kheradpir is coming into the position with a fully developed understanding of the tech culture. This means that he can easily coordinate the people working under him in order to maximize productivity. Engineers often look at issues in a very different way than other professionals. When a CEO fully understands that, he’s able to easily work within that system rather than trying to force different and less effective methodologies into the workplace. Kheradpir’s experience also means that he’s more easily able to respond to competition than other people might be. He understands how all of the pieces of the tech world fit together because he has personal experience with them. And as such he knows how to properly allocate resources in order to move with and react to changes in the technological landscape.

NFL Team Rolls Out New Merchandise Line For The Fashion Forward

The Pittsburgh Steelers rolled out a new line of fan merchandise that’s wearable on the couch, at the game, and even in the street when you’re going out for a cup of coffee. As the new director of strategical planning for the Steelers, Susan McGalla listened to what fans were saying and then created an entirely new line of merchandise to suit everyone’s needs. Instead of the traditional jerseys the new line of fan fashion offers up bold, bright colors including neon pinks and yellows for younger fans as well as jewelry and clothes for women that have a bit more of a feminine flare. They’ve also thrown in the merchandise players tend to wear on the sidelines like team sweatshirts and hoodies, and created an entire line for young kids and babies outside of the traditional black and gold onesie or small jersey. Popular fashion is no foreign subject to Susan McGalla who had spent fifteen years working for the American Eagle Outfitters brand. After working in various managerial and marketing positions at the Joseph Horne Company McGalla took the job at American Eagle as a divisional merchandise buyer women’s clothing. Like her previous job she was bounced around various management positions until she became the company’s flagship CMO. This promotion led her to becoming CMO and president of the entire company, and in her reign she developed brands like Aerie and Kids77. In 2009 McGalla left American Eagle and took the position of CEO for Wet Seal. After a year she left Wet Seal and opened up her own consulting firm P3 Consulting as well as taking up the job offer with the Steelers. Not only has McGalla made a name for herself in her field she also takes the time to speak out to young girls and women looking to enter a career in business. She speaks firmly about both her successes and failures, and she urges women to push hard for what they want and deserve. McGalla’s fan on oriented merchandise line proves her career is far from over and the Steelers are in good hands.